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Emei producing Coptis trace elements_100

Emei producing Coptis trace elements

     Abstract Objective To Emei producing Coptis primary form of trace elements and heavy metals analysis. Methods using flame atomic absorption spectrometry determination of berberine in the Cu, Fe, Cr, Mn, Zn, Pb, Ca, Mg content, and its in the water decoction of the dissolution rate was studied. Results Coptis Ca, Mg content of the highest, while rich in Fe, Mn, and Zn, and Mg, Zn, Mn has a high dissolution rate; although higher concentrations of heavy metals Pb, but

    the content is soluble in rarely. Conclusions for further research on trace elements and the relationship between the efficacy of Chinese medicine to provide a reference.

     Key words berberine; trace elements; speciation analysis

     Study on the Trace Elements of Emei Coptis chinensis

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo analyse the primary speciation of trace elements and heavy metals in Emei Coptis chinensis. MethodsAtomic absorption spectrophotometry was used to determine the contents of Cu, Fe, Cr, Mn, Zn, Pb, Ca, Mg in Coptis chinensis, and their solution rates in decoction were also studied. ResultsCa, Mg had the highest contents in Emei Coptis chinensis, Fe, Mn and Zn were rich and the dissolution rates of Mg, Zn and Mn were higher than the other elements.

    Although contents of the heavy metal Pb was high, the dissolvable state was poor. ConclusionThe reference information for further study the relationship between the trace element and the efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine has been provided.

     Key words: Coptis chinensis; Trace element; Analysis of primary speciation

     For the Ranunculaceae Coptis Coptis plant Coptis chinensis Franch, Coptis deltoides Coptis deltoidea CY Cheng et Hsiao, Coptis Coptis teetoides CY Cheng, Yunnan Emei wild,

    or even Coptis omeiensis (Chen) CY Cheng roots. Xi, respectively referred to as "flavor with" "Yaren" "Cloud connected" and "Pteris company." Coptis produced in Sichuan are collectively referred to as River berberine, for authentic

    herbs, which taste even better quality and elegance even better, Pteris even the best cloud even less than the quality of Coptis River.

     Coptis is a heat dampness medicine. Modern

    pharmacological studies have shown that berberine on bacteria, fungi and virus are better antagonism. In recent years, Coptis anticancer, hypoglycemic, regulate immune function, improve cardiovascular function, lowering blood pressure, anti-

    platelet aggregation and other effects are uncovered [1].

     Coptis the main chemical ingredient of the original

    berberine-type alkaloids have been isolated alkaloids are berberine, palmatine, coptisine, methyl coptisine, jatrorrhizine, wood and other blue-alkali, acid ingredient A

    Wei acid, chlorogenic acid and so on.

     In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients in the inorganic trace elements are more and more attention. FANG Qing-mao et al [2] The AAS determination of the soil and the cultivation of Coptis As, Pb, Cr, Hg and other elements of content relations. Wang Xiaoyi, etc. [3] The HR ICP MS Determination of the Coptis detoxifying with heat-related Mg, Zn, Mn, Ca content, simultaneous

    determination of 16 kinds of rare earth elements in health medicine. Rui Tang et al [4] The ICP AES Determination of

    berberine in the six kinds of heat-clearing and detoxifying

    effects are considered to be relevant to the content of trace elements.

     In this study, the main origin Emei use Coptis Coptis produced as the research object, using flame atomic absorption

    spectrometry determination of some trace elements and heavy metals and study of the trace elements and heavy metals in

    primary form, for further study of trace elements and traditional Chinese medicine the relationship between the efficacy of reference.

     An apparatus and materials

     1.1 Instrument

     361MC-type atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Shanghai

    Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.); DHG 9240A blast

    electric oven thermostat (Shanghai Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. Jing Wang); DL 1-purpose furnace (Beijing Zhongxing Albert Instrument Co., Ltd.); Electronic Analytical Balance.

     1.2 Materials

     Deionized water (18.2 MΩ * cm-1); hydrogen peroxide

    (excellent grade pure Tianjin Dongfang Chemical Plant); perchlorate (excellent grade pure Chengdu Chemical Reagent Factory); nitric acid (excellent grade pure Chengdu Chemical

    Reagent Factory); Cu, Fe, Cr, Mn, Zn, Pb, Ca, Mg standard stock solution (1000 μg / ml, preparation of the required use concentration).

     Coptis (produced in Sichuan Emei Sichuan Lord, an associate professor from the SONG Liang-identified as 4-year-

    flavored with Coptis chinensis Franch.); 0.45 μm membrane.

     2 Methods

     2.1 Sample Preparation Rinse after berberine herbs, and then deionized water, washed three times, placed in drying oven, 65 ? drying 6 h, cooled grinding, over 40 mesh sieve,

    was the original drug sample A.

     Weigh accurately 25 g of the original drug sample A, with 250ml deionized water, soaked 1 h, boiling 40 min, four-layer

    gauze filtration, were first boiled liquid residue B and C; coupled with de-ionized water to boiling residue B 20 min,

    filtered after that residue D and 2 decoction E; to C & E mix, with 0.45 μm membrane filter, to isolate soluble F,

    particulate matter G. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     , heated to dissolve residue, after cooling constant

    volume to 25 ml, prepare inspection. And then take samples of 40ml soluble F, concentrated to about 20 ml, add 20 ml HNO3-

    HClO4 mixed acid (1:5) according to the aforementioned method of digestion and is scheduled to allow to 25 ml, prepare


     2.2 The analysis of samples by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, working conditions in Table 1. Detection of trace elements in Table 1 conditions (abbreviated)

     DUT eight kinds of trace elements to take the standard stock solution, prepared a standard series of solutions to measure the absorbance of standard solution, to be working curve. The regression equation of each element and the correlation coefficient in Table 2. Table 2 The regression equation and correlation coefficient (abbreviated)

     According to working conditions, using atomic absorption spectrophotometry inspection of all prepared solution of trace elements at the same time make a blank correction.

     3 Results

     3.1 Determination of trace elements in the form of the

    results in Table 3. Table 3 Determination of trace elements in the results (omitted)

     3.2 decoction of the dissolution rate based on the determination of the results in Table 3 to calculate the dissolution rates of various trace elements. The results in

    Table 4. Table 4 trace elements in water decoction of the dissolution rate (abbreviated)

     4 Discussion

     From the measurement results can be seen, the original of the eight kinds of trace elements in herbs, Ca, Mg content of

    the highest, while rich in Fe, Mn, and Zn. These types of elements in Chinese herbal medicine in general have a higher heat-clearing and detoxifying the content of [5].

     Mg, Zn, Mn has a high dissolution rate, often taking medicinal Coptis decoction method, water-soluble component is

    the component that can be absorbed by the body. A higher extraction rate (41% -74%) Tip: Mg, Zn, Mn may be in Coptis a simple form of salts or complexes of the existence, or other components in Coptis relatively loose way of combination are

    more vulnerable to heat damage, and thus easy to dissolution. It is reported in the literature, diabetes prevention and treatment with trace elements is closely related to diabetes and trace elements in recent years, Zn, Cr and mechanism of

    the metabolic changes in the relationship between the received attention [6], while in Coptis, Zn, Cr content and the dissolution rate of are high. Therefore, the role of these trace elements and their organic components and Coptis synergy, combined with the form of further research is necessary.

     As can be seen from Table 3, trace elements in the original herbs, soluble, particulate matter and debris quite different in content. Concern is that the Pb content in Coptis high, Pb affecting the export of an important factor in

    Coptis, but the Pb content in the soluble state in the small, indicating that Pb is difficult for some sort of water-soluble

    state of existence, it mainly present in particulate matter and residue, Fe, Cu element is also the case, speculated that

    one of Pb, Fe, Cu generates a kind of insoluble salts present in the residue or in some form (such as oxides, colloidal) adsorption or harbor in the Particulate Matter.

     The study of Coptis chinensis for further study of efficacy and other pharmacological active ingredients and provide a reference.


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