comprehensive grammatical test

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comprehensive grammatical test

    望子成龙学校;寒假班;语法综合测试 Practice makes perfect!!

    Comprehensive grammar test

    Name _____________ score _____________

    Choose the best answers from the following answers. (2 X 50) ( ) 1. I’ve _______ the window. Now the window ________ .

    A. open, open B. opened, opened

    C. opened, is open D. open, is open

    ( ) 2. I will tell him the news as soon as he___ back.

    A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

    ( ) 3.How long have you studied English?

     —I’ve studied it ______ three years.

     A. before B. ago C. since D. for

    ( ) 4. Have you _____ any net friends? Yes, but not many.

     A. go B. talked C. written D. have

    ( ) 5. When he got to the station, the train ___.

    A. left B. had left C. leaves D. has left

    ( ) 6. We ___ need fifteen more people besides our team to do the job.

     A. still B. already C. yet D. else

    ( ) 7.Did you know _______?

     A. when the train will leave B. when did the train leave

    when the train left D. when would the train leave C.

    ( ) 8. Are you ______for Korea tomorrow?

     —Yes, I’m going to watch the World Cup.

     A. going B. moving C. traveling D. leaving ( ) 9.______of the shoes in the shops are the right size. They are either too big or too small.

     A. All B. Both C. Neither D. None ( ) 10. We ___ TV when the telephone ____.

    A. watched; was ringing B. were watching; rang

    C. watch; rings D. are watching; rang

    ( ) 11. Do you know ____ the Olympics are held?

    Every four years.

    A. how soon B. how long C. how often D. how far ( ) 12. The is the way _______ he speak.

    A. in which B. which C. what D. for which

    ( ) 13. How long have you been here in Hawaii? _________.

    A. For Monday B. In three days

    C. Since last Monday D. Last Monday ( ) 14.I know you’ve come to see your wife, ______?

     A. do you B. don’t you C. haven’t you D. have you

    ( ) 15.I’m a new surfer. Would you please show me _______?

     A. how to do B. how to do it C. what to do it D. to do what ( ) 16. Is this the factory __________ you visited the other day?

     A. that B. where C. in which D. the one

    望子成龙学校;寒假班;语法综合测试 1 3

    望子成龙学校;寒假班;语法综合测试 Practice makes perfect!!

    ( ) 17. Hawaii is famous __ its fine surfing conditions.

     A. because B. for C. as D. since ( ) 18. No matter _____ the weather is like, you can always find the

     football players out playing football.

    A. how B. when C. what D. where ( ) 19.He can speak _____English _____ French. He is poor in language learning.

     A. both, and B. either, or C. neither, nor D. not, but ( ) 20.The boy got a vacation job and didn’t have a day ______ for two months.

    A. of B. off C. away D. on ( ) 21. Where are the students, Miss Wang?

    I think they__ home.

    A. have been to B. have gone to C. have been D. have gone ( ) 22.How many English words have you remembered ________?

    A. since you came here B. since tow years

    C. since 2001 to 2002 D. since I am young

    ( ) 23. The girl ________ an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister.

     A. who is singing B. is singing

    C. sang D. was singing

    ( ) 24. We have worked here ________.

    A. three weeks ago B. since three weeks

    C. since three weeks ago D. for three weeks ago

    ( ) 25. We’re talking about the piano and the pianist _______ were in the concert we attended

    last night.

     A. which B. whom C. who D. that

    ( ) 26. The teacher said that he ______ to see me.

    A. want B. wanted C. wants D. is want ( ) 27. It is _____ to go there by train than by plane.

     A. less cheaper B. much cheaper C. the cheapest D. very cheap ( ) 28. Jim thought the woman in the picture _____ his mother.

     A. was like B. liked C. was liked D. like ( ) 29. You___ ask that man over there. Maybe he knows the way.

    A. had better not to B. had not better

    C. had better D. had better not

    ( ) 30. Neither he nor I ____ from Canada. We are from Australia.

    A. is B. are C. am D. be

    ( ) 31.What are you going to talk ______?

    A. with B. about C. to D. \

    ( ) 32. What did Mike say? He said ____________________.

    A. if you are free the next week B. what colour was it

    C. the weather is fine D. the sun is bigger than the earth ( ) 33. Do you know ______ on the island?

     A. where can we stay B. we can stay where

    C. where we can stay D. can we stay where

    ( ) 34. Have you _____ who took my dictionary away?

     A. found B. looked for C. found out D. founded

    望子成龙学校;寒假班;语法综合测试 2 3

    望子成龙学校;寒假班;语法综合测试 Practice makes perfect!!

    ( ) 35.Which place is famous ______ a touring city?

     A. for B. as C. in D. to ( ) 36.It ______ 850 yuan to fly to Hangzhou from here.

     A. takes B. spends C. costs D. pays ( ) 37.Could you please tell me _______ to the plane?

     A. how to get B. how can we get

    C. we can how get D. how could we get

    ( ) 38. The manager came up to see __________.

     A. what was the matter B. what the matter was

    C. what the matter is D. what's the matter ( ) 39.______ a child, Edison liked to find out how things works.

     A. When he B. Be C. As D. To be ( ) 40. We ___ TV when the telephone ____.

     A. watched; was ringing B. were watching; rang

     C. watch; rings D. are watching; rang

    ( ) 41. 18. Can you lend me the novel ______ the other day?

     A. that you talked B. you talked about it

     C. which you talked with D. you talked about ( ) 42. -___ I take the newspaper away?

     -No, you mustn't. You ____ read it only here.

     A. Must; can B. May; can C. Need; must D. Must; must ( ) 43. I really don't know if she _______ it when she ________.

     A. finds/ arrives B. finds/ will arrive

     C. will find/ will arrive D. will find/ arrives ( ) 44. Alice has to finish her work now. _______ ?

     A. has she B. hasn’t she C. does she D. doesn’t she

    ( )45. He asked me _______.

     A. who will kick the first goal in the World Cup

     B. when was the APEC meeting held

     C. when China became a member of the WTO

     D. where the 2008 Olympics will be held

    ( )46. The news____ exciting. We got excited at it.

     A. is B. was C. were D. are

    ( )47. You arent hungry, are you?

     -- ______ . I have just had my lunch.

     A. Yes, I am B. Yes, I do C. No, I’m not D. No, I don’t

    ( )48. You are sure to pass the exam ___ you study hard.

     A. if B. though C. that D. since

    ( )49. Is this the oldest computer _______ your father bought you as the birthday present?

     A. that B. which C. the one D. what

    ( )50. --- I think the man who came to the party yesterday _______ be Bob. I cant remember


     --- No. that man ______ be him. He has gone to Hawaii.

     A. can, must B. may, mustnt C. must, cant D. may, cant

    望子成龙学校;寒假班;语法综合测试 3 3

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