Soul Providers (DJ Ian Carey)

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Soul Providers (DJ Ian Carey) ...

Ian Carey (Soul Providers, Saturated Soul)

    Defected, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, GFAB Records etc.

    Short bio…

    Ian Carey. He has sold well over 1 million records across all formats. He has DJed on all

    continents of the world from Thailand to Canada to Russia to the Ukraine, to Japan, Australia,

    South Africa, South America and of course all over Europe and North America. He has been a

    regular on the Defected in the House parties and Hed Kandi Clubnights in different locations

    around the world. His discography, label associations and partners read off like a VIP guest list

    for a Miami Winter Music Conference Industry Party. But…he didn’t reach this status by just

    slappin’ records on the decks. For those not in the know, Ian Carey is and has been over the past

    couple years a key player in the house scene in the USA, Europe and Beyond. He is a DJ at

    heart with a rich musical history passed down through bloodlines. He has produced hits such as

    Soul Providers “Rise”, Soul Providers “I Don’t Know” and the current anthems Saturated Soul

    “Got To Release” and Ian Carey “The Power” both on Defected Records and “Say What You

    Want” on Nero Records Sweden. He is remixing constantly for labels such as Defected, Stealth Records, Fluential Records, Manifesto Records, Eye Industries, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi,

    Universal, EMI and others and of course his very own imprints GFAB Records and Ëlan

    Recordings. Keep your eye on Ian as he Rise, Rise, Rises to the top.

    Full bio…

    For those not in the know, Ian "45" Carey is and has been over the past couple years a key

    player in the house scene in the USA and Europe. His recordings and remixes have been

    released on labels such as Élan, Defected, Universal UK, AM:PM, Ministry of Sound, Warner Brothers Germany, Hed Kandi, Azuli, Tommy Boy Records, East West Germany,

    Houseworks Switzerland, Oxyd Records Italy, Slip N Slide Records UK and countless

    others… His first vocal production, with Jason Papillon as Soul Providers, "Rise" was a crossover

    hit around the world. When asked, Ian and Jason both say they had no intention of making a

    mainstream record; it just worked out that way. Since then Ian and Jason have made many

    underground anthems (such as "Try My Love", "I Don't Know", and "Let The Sunshine In") staying

    true to their soulful sound and not compromising their music to fit the mold of current radio trends.

    Ian grew up in a small town in Maryland, USA about 2 hours from Washington DC. He had been

    exposed to music at a young age, as his father (RIP) was a live sound engineer and ran a sound

    reinforcement company and had engineered for such groups as Kool and The Gang and The

    Duke Ellington Orchestra and his mother played guitar and sang as a hobby. By the time he was

    7 or 8 years old he was able to mic a stage for a concert and when possible, Ian would travel

    along with his father during the summer vacation making tour stops and seeing America from

    east to west. Throughout grade school Ian never got very good grades, but when he reached high

    school he realized the only way to get out of the small town he lived in was to go to college, he

    decided to put a little more time into school and at graduation he got many scholarships and went

    on to “study” at University of Maryland in Baltimore. This is where he discovered dance music.

    Ian had already been apart of the graffiti-writing scene in Baltimore, Maryland, and through that

    he met hip-hop DJs throughout the city. This was Ian’s next passion; he put down the spray can

    and bought some turntables. For the first few years of Djing he was playing mostly hip-hop and

    went on to do a Tuesday night hip-hop party in Baltimore’s Club Midnight. At this point he started

    working in Music Liberated record store as a buyer and sales rep. This is where he was properly

    introduced to house music. At the same time hip-hop was coming out of the underground and

    becoming more materialistic and more poppy, so Ian needed to find something else to give him

    that underground feeling. He started fingering through the house music bins in the store and he

    was hooked, a new passion! Soon after, he met Jason Papillon, Ian’s partner in the project Soul

    Providers. Jason and Ian would go every Saturday to Paradox in Baltimore to hear DJs such as

    Teddy Douglas, DJ Spen, DJ Karizma, Tony Humphries and Joe Clausell. At this point Ian knew

    that house music would become his life, and decided to put his audio knowledge to a use and

    start producing records. At a certain point in 2003 Ian got really fed up with the house music

    scene in America and decided if he were to continue on his journey it need to be in Europe where

    the house music scene still thrives. So after some convincing, his wife quit her day job, and they

    went all in, sold their house and moved to The Netherlands, where Ian now resides. Since then

    he has been busy producing under different projects and names including his lates project

    Saturated Soul, a collaboration with Eddie Amador. Ian now has some solo productions under

    his belt including "The Power" on Defected/Fluential Records. He has also been very busy with

    remixes. With Jason as Soul Providers they have remixed records by King Britt/Ursula Rucker, Silverstone, Hardsoul and E-Smoove (AKA Thick Dick). On the solo tip, Ian has remixed records by Kid Crème, Danny Marquez and Ferry B., Dina Vass, Stonebridge, Cindi Lauper and Blue Chakra, for labels such as Defected, Élan, Hed Kandi, Soulfuric and Houseworks. DJ wise, Ian is very busy in The Netherlands and abroad, he has played in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Poland, The Ukraine, Austria, England, Spain, Canada, and the USA.. Currently very busy DJing in The Netherlands and all around Europe, Ian is available for DJ dates and bookings worldwide. Ian continues to pay his dues and give whatever it takes to help the house music scene make its way out of the dark...Stay tuned for new productions, remixes and dj gigs, and be a witness to Ian's magic as he rise, rise, rises to the top!


    Defected Records

    Fluential Records

    Soul Providers

    Saturated Soul

    Élan Records

    GFAB Records

    Defected In The House (club concept)

    Charlie Spirit (club concept)

    Ministry of Sound Records

    Hed Kandi Records

    Houseworks Records


    Ian has Djed at the following events and clubnights (partial list):

    InnerCity, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (festival for 30,000 people)

    Bed Suppperclub, Bangkok, Thailand

    Njoy Festival,Six Flags, Holland, The Netherlands

    Sensation Festival, The Netherlands

    Bed, Sheffield, England (House club of Gatecrasher)

    El Divino, Ibiza

    Goliath 9, Winterthur, Switzerland (festival for 12,000 people)

    Heineken Dance Parade, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (mainstage, 250,000 people) Opium Garden, Miami, USA

    INVITED by Tiësto, Panama, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Andalu, Washington, DC, USA

    Utopia, Warsaw, Poland

    Nautilus, Riga, Latvia

    Chaikovsky Club, Kiev, The Ukraine

    Kinyobi, Helsinki, Finland

    Café Ursula, Helsinki, Finland

    Ra, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Club Oxa, Zürich, Switzerland

    Club Miami, Ancona, Italy

    Player, Northampton, UK

    Pascia, Rimini, Italy

    Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    T Dansant, The Netherlands

    Sinners in Heaven, The Netherlands

    To See Club, Fribourg, Switzerland

    Amsterdam Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Hotel Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Sol Pro Sessions at Club Five, Washington DC, USA (residency 2002-2003)

    Good Love Bar, Baltimore, MD, USA

    De Waakzaamheid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Club Stalker, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Bar None, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Queensday Open Air Festival, Amstelveld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Bloomingdale, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

    Republique, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

    Club XS2, Den Haag, The Netherlands

    Garden Club at Voksgarten, Vienna, Austria

    Lipton Ice Beach Lounge, Scheveningen, The Netherlands

    Bamboo, Birmingham, UK

    Angel Deelite, Manchester, UK

    Off Corso, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Offset Club, St. Gallen, Switzerland

    Sonar, Baltimore, MD, USA

    P1 Club, Vienna, Austria

    LOS, Den Haag, The Netherlands

    Vakzuid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Seabreeze Outdoor Festival, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands

    Mazzo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Red Maple, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Orpheus, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Club Midnight, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Paradox, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Unit Club, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

    Pravda, Luzern, Switzerland

    Manhattan, Arnhem, The Netherlands

    Jam Disclub, Valencia, Spain

    And countless others…

    CURRENT ARTIST PROJECTS The Visionaries - Ian's more experimental electro side of production is showcased in this project. Teaming up with DC's Mike Fiorita, they have released "Find Another Way" on Spinnin' Records.

    An album is due out early next year under this name!!

    Soul Providers - Ian's original project! With partner Jason Papillon they have made and are making some of the most well produced soulful house in the market today.

    Players Inc. - Players Inc. is a colaboration of Amsterdam's DJ Jani, Jason (Soul Providers) and

    Ian. These releases tend to be in the clubby raw disco/funk vein. So far they have one record

    released ("Feelin' Alright") and 2 more in the works!

    Ian Carey - With the name Ian Carey, he releases raw, funky essential type house music.

    Ranging from soulful to electro, deephouse to techhouse, Ian sees no genre boundaries when he

    is creating a new project.

    Saturated Soul - A project together with Eddie Amador, signed to Defected Records UK, the first single features Ms. Bunty from The Netherlands. As Saturated Soul the guys have also

    completed a remix of Bobby Blanco and Mikki Moto “3AM” for Defected.



    Soul Providers present “Work That Body Vol. 1”

    CD/DVD compilation mixed live from Hotel Arena Amsterdam, Élan Records


    Ian “45” Carey – “Mobtown Sound” Elan US/Houseworks CH

    Ian “45” Carey – “It’s Alright”/”Party Time” FC/Elan Records US

Saturated Soul “Got To Release” Defected Records UK

    The Visionaries –“Find Another Way” Spinnin’ Records NL Ian Carey “Nonstop” Houseworks Records CH

    Ian Carey presents Illicit Funk “The Power” Defected/Fluential UK Ian Carey presents The Good Guys “Give Up The Funk” Elan/El Dance/Stereo Seven Records Ian Carey and Mochico - “Say What You Want” Nero Records Sweden

Soul Providers "Tango" Basement Boys Records

    Soul Providers feat. Michelle Shellers "Rise" Azuli/Look At You/Universal/OceanTrax/Legato

    Soul Providers-"Montebello Groove" K2/Vinylicious Records

    Soul Providers- "The Hand that I've Been Dealt"Look At You Records

    Soul Providers- "I don't know" POJI Records US

    Soul Providers feat. Carolyn Victorian- "Try My Love" Élan Records/Caus n ff ct GER

    Soul Providers feat. Shellers- "Movin' On"Élan Records/Oxyd Italy

    Soul Providers-"The Spaghetti Disco EP" Élan Records

    Soul Providers - "Hold On" Look At You Records

    L'enfant D'amour - "Deep Inside Your Love" Élan Records

    Robin Rush - "After The Storm"

    Soul Providers feat. Robin Rush - "Let The Sunshine In" Élan

    Soul Providers “After Dark” EP Jamayka Records

    Yug and Soul Providers “Nobody Knows” Élan

    Soul Providers “No Pressure” Élan

    The Sunday Morning Breakfast Club “So Confused” Élan Bleu IAN “45” CAREY REMIXES

    Devoted-"Gotta Have" Houseworks CH

    Stonebridge-"Put em High" Hed Kandi UK

    Dina Vass- "Now I'm Free" Egoiste CH

    Soul Providers- "Set Me Free" Élan Records

    Soul Providers- "Let The Sunshine In" Élan Records

    Blue Chakra - "Free From You" Houseworks CH

    Bonanza Brothers - "Why" Egoiste CH

    Cindi Lauper “Inferno” Houseworks CH

    Bobby Blanco and Mikki Moto “3AM” Defected Records (w/ Eddie Amador) Kid Crème –“Doing My Own Thing” Sureplayer Records

    Golf Club “Spandex” Spinnin Records

    Danny Marquez and Ferry B “Afrocatalans” Defected Records

    Praful “Inspiracao” Élan Rouge Records

    Mediterranean Vibes “Beso” Élan Bleu Records

    Soulsearcher “Feelin’ Love” Ian Carey Mix (Soulfuric Records) DJ Disciple “Yes” Ian Carey Mix (Catch 22 Recordings) First Choice “Love and Happiness” Ian Carey Mix (Élan Rouge Recordings) Mencha “Play Me With Your Sounds” Ian Carey Mix (Stealth Records) Michael Grey “The Weekend” Ian Carey Mix (Eye Industries/Spinnin Records) Thomas Falke “High On Emotion” Ian Carey Mix (Manifesto/Universal UK) Ian Carey presents Illicit Funk - “The Power” (Fluential/Defected Records Ian Carey presents The Good Guys “Give Up The Funk” (Élan/StereoSeven/El Dance)

    Rockefeller “Do It Right” (Manifesto/Sipinnin)

    Dj Disciple “Yes” Hed Kandi Records UK

    Scape “I’ll be Your Friend” Ministry of Sound UK

    Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker “Most Precious Love” Defected Records UK


    Scottie B- "2000" Unruly Records 2000

    Dj Pope- "I Need You"Black Vinyl Records UK

    Devin Deveaux- "Burn it Up" Fermaldahyd Germany

    Mr. Mike- "House it Up" Stellar Italy

    D-Weed-"It's Gonna Be Alright" Caus n f ct Germany

    Silverstone-"If I Had A Choice"Spinnin Records NL

    Beat Freakz-"Get Out of My Life"Spinnin Records NL

    Yug-"You Don't Love Me" Ministry/YUG

    Lovesick-"Stay Together" Warner DE

Devin DeVeaux - "The Love Game" Élan

    King Britt - "Supernatural" Slip N Slide UK Nightgroovers - "All Night" Spinnin' Records NL Helen Garcia - "Soul Soothing Sunshine" Élan The Right On Brothers - "Soulis.." Élan Players Inc. - "Feelin' Alright" Élan

    Phillip Ramirez - "Happy People" Élan

    E-Smoove - "Something Special" SlipNSlide UK

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