Vocabulary and Structure

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Vocabulary and Structure

Vocabulary and Structure

    1. Large-scale studies are needed to ______ the encouraging results we have obtained so far. A. conduct B. confirm C. contract D. commit

    2. Dr. Smith is starting the first training program himself, and his methods of teaching will be used in all ______ training programs.

    A. subsequent B. temporary C. fruitful D. energetic

    3. Whoever disobeys the companys safety regulations shall be ________ on the spot.

    A. dismissed B. switched C. interrupted D. revealed

    4. This is a very formal occasion. It is not appropriate to wear _______ pants or skirts.

     A. messy B. frantic C. casual D. jealous

    5. All the questions the police asked ________ what she had been doing on the night of the robbery.

     A. brought up B. revolved around C. built on D. singled out

    6. The noise ________ to be just the dogs fighting for a bone in the courtyard.

     A. made out B. worked out C. rang out D. turned out

    7. Our system has been designed to give the user quick and easy ________ to the required information.

     A. accent B. access C. response D. approach

    8. So far only a dozen people who had direct contact with live chickens have ________ the bird flu.

     A. distributed B. displayed C. contracted D. constituted

    9. Many young women do aerobics (增氧健美操) every day in their ________ to achieve the

    perfect body.

     A. quest B. strain C. temptation D. campaign

    10. The official _______ of events is that the police were attacked and were just trying to defend themselves.

     A. issue B. illusion C. version D. perspective

    11. _________ the warning that smoking kills, the number of smokers does not seem to drop in our country.

     A. With B. For C. As D. Despite

    12. Why did you have to ______ the subject of religion since you know the guests are sharply divided on it?

     A. bring up B. leave out C. turn against D. call up

    13. If schoolchildren are allowed to work at their own _______, their performance will generally improve.

     A. version B. pace C. evolution D. system

    14. Clara was _______ to sell her late husbands paintings to pay her debts.

     A. qualified B. assumed C. compelled D. racked

    15. To attract foreign investors, you have to _______ them that their investment will have profitable returns.

     A. confirm B. stimulate C. grab D. convince

    16. I dont think I can ever _______ my teachers for their devoted work, but I can in my turn do my best for my students.

     A. repay B. interrupt C. respond D. witness

    17. The conference was an attempt to _______ discussion of the problem of widening gaps between the rich and the poor.

     A. stimulate B. conduct C. intend D. uncover

    18. The lawyer outlined the case to him, being careful not to _______ anything important.

     A. save up B. cut through C. leave out D. take out

    19. The clerk held my passport for inches from his face and _______ to read it.

     A. affected B. flipped C. strained D. giggled

    20. The wounded woman got to her feet and made a _______ at the kitchen knife at the sink.

     A. grab B. click C. comment D. pat

    21. The designers made the most ______ water gardens to match the houses, with canals, fountains and cascades (小瀑布).

     A. casual B. elaborate C. fruitful D. frantic

    22. Suggesting something which he or she can do ______ the childs sense of achievement.

     A. makes up B. pass on C. brings up D. adds to

    23. If these problems are not _______ early in their training, they can be a real danger to

    themselves and to their instructors.

     A. skipped B. contracted C. spotted D. responded

    24. In order to reach ________ physical fitness for the coming match, he cut out all social

    activities and concentrated on his training.

     A. maximum B. temporary C. extensive D. detached

    25. We cant _______ the suspects to be guilty simply because theyve decided to remain


     A. interpret B. assume C. grant D. arrest

    26. The professor _______ the whole chapter, saying it was not difficult for us to study it by


     A. dismissed B. covered C. skipped D. explored

    27. Tourism authorities ______ quickly to reports of the attack, claiming that it was accidental

    and that crime against tourists was quite rare in the scenic areas.

     A. added B. fastened C. skipped D. responded

    28. It is rarely useful to try and adjust fully to the time-zone transition (转变) before the

    journey, since this will _______ your life-style too much.

     A. interrupt B. flip C. renovate D. decay

    29. To ______ for the position, applicants would need to have a PHD degree and 3 years

    working experience.

     A. strain B. qualify C. register D. campaign

    30. We must come to a decision and take action quickly, for time is _______ faster than we


     A. catching on B. running out C. stepping up D. revolving around

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