(new)Chinese Folk Culture In EXPO Garden

By Clara Holmes,2014-08-21 21:48
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(new)Chinese Folk Culture In EXPO Garden

Good morning, everyone,

    Welcome to China, welcome to Nanjing.

    It’s my honor to give my speech here! Yesterday evening, I caught this chance fortunately. For this speech, I have prepared some materials, but now, at this moment, I found its so hard to say any more words

    under your watchful eyes. So, I need all of your actively support and encourage. Thanks!

    As we all know, Shanghai Expo has lasted for 5 months since May this year, and about a month later, it will close. In the past 5 months , we have known about the grand meeting from newspapersmagazines

    internet and other medias, hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world have visited the Expo Garden. Lots of things in Expo Garden are worth to talk about, such as : buildingsscience and

    technologiesand delicious foods. Today, I’d like to talk about Chinese

    folk culture shown in Expo Garden.

    Folk culture is of the nation, of the world, and it is the root of the culture. China is very broad, and we have 56 nations. Varieties of folk culture unfold different feelings on the big stage before our eyes. Magnificent folk culture activities have conquered all the visitors in or abroad. Now, I’ll introduce some of them to you.

    First, Shoaling Kongfu and Taiji have become more and more popular in the world, and it originated in He’nan province, where the

    yellow river runs through. Enjoying the show, you can touch the simplicity and kindness of Central Plains.

    And more, watery region of south Yangtze River is famous for its beautiful scenery. Zhouzhuang, an ancient town, stands between Shanghai and Suzhou, which has a long history over 900 years, is the most typical one. Several days ago, a great show about watery region culture kicked off in Expo Garden. Hundreds of people were attracted and watched the performances. Beautiful dressingsfair-sounding

    musicdelicious dessert and graceful dance, all of these, displayed a frame of picturesque Yangtze. By the way, I come from Suzhou, a garden city and named oriental Venice, famous for its garden and watery regions, welcome to Suzhou, it’s my pleasure to be your guide.

    Finally, in a word, I believe, Shanghai will be one of those Expos that lives in the memories of those that visit them for decades.

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