Dealer Management Four big clients an effective way _12152

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Dealer Management Four big clients an effective way _12152

Dealer Management Four big clients an effective way

    Large customers are the source of dealer development, large account management which attracts a skill but it is also an art. In particular, a certain percentage of sales, dealer profits accounted for the largest

    customer relationship management can be said that success or failure of the enterprise, from the 20/80 rule, we can see that 20% of customers create 80% of the sales and profits. Customer relationship management for large to enterprise marketing From strategy for success or failure to grasp the good, dealers can be developed into the fast lane, or face development of the market at a standstill, or even eaten by other dealers level of risk.

     Key Account Management has a scientific and a set of process

    approach, how to manage large clients, four steps can be Gaoding:

     Screening large customer

     What kind of customer is that we need a big customer? Is a high sales? Is a high gross profit margin? Powerful forces of capital? Or a

    large area of the venue operator customers are our big clients? I think there is no standard to judge. Because although the sales high, while the gross profit margin is very low, this is not what we need big clients. We have to focus on their part, can only make modest profits, and even one day he fell out, to switch to competing products Office, the same is your strong competitors. Similarly, the gross profit margin high, but the low sales is not considered, then the area is large, financial strength, can

    not be completely my major clients. In practice, we are often several ways to identify the following major customers:

     1, with advanced management concepts

     2, has a good financial reputation

     3, selling most of the share of share of dealer customers.

     4, can provide a higher margin customers.

     These customers that we have to focus on the object also is that we should concentrate on to serve the customer better.

     In this I had to remind the big customers are not immutable. This year is our big clients do not next year, or on behalf of our large customers, small customers can support allowed to turn into our big clients.

     Major support

     Different customers have different needs differences, only by

    mastering these differences, can we achieve the right medicine after the service, providing personalized service. Generally the analysis of large customer analysis of three key indicators:

     1, the strength index. Strength indicators include the customer's

    financial strength, network resources, logistics capabilities, social relations, human resource development were measured.

     2, capacity indicators. Mainly refers to the operator's business

customers ideas, management, marketing approach.

     3, hard indicators. Including customer sales and margins. How the costs of operating the client? Management costs.

     Establish an efficient service team

     From the sale of the ordinary relations to customer service

    relationship, dealer support services at a later stage should be better on a higher level. Previously we have had a thought, sell the customer to do, he sold him on to generate profits, dealer sales team only services to goods Jincang, as to how to sell the basic matter.

     Customers became dealers for big clients, sales are not the client side of things, but to the sales team and distributors work closely tied together, distributors for the provision of quality and excellent sales of goods must also provide training support, end image display , personnel training, terminal management, and support. Only to build up a highly efficient team, a clear division of labor, and the customer is completely docking customers needs.

     Implementation of the plan

     Distribution is still under control, after the characteristics of large customers, it is necessary to carry out targeted services only to help customers solve real practical problems, large clients will be able to fight the world with you.

     The dealer, the key account management implementation plan can be implemented from the following aspects:

     An analysis which is the major clients big clients need it? What can be suspended for. According to the actual needs of major clients, to

    give professional guidance.

     2, program development, which is a prelude to help large customers to help clients analyze the market, analyze competitors, analysis of the customer himself. And then specify a practical scheme and divided into

    different stages of the goal to inspire a large customer super-goal.

     3, implementation of the plan. Plan worked out, team members how the division of labor (including large customers and distributors), how the implementation plan, clear objectives and responsibilities to all


     4, were analyzed. Implementation of the plan period of time, planning how the operation can be shared with the big clients to analyze lessons learned. Through group meetings, training, etc. manner.

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