Street Gangs

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Street Gangs

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    Street Gangs

    Fisher Zhang


    Jilin UniversityLambton College

    October 20, 2010


    Street Gangs

    Hugo wrote, “One of two ears, one to hear God’s voice, one heard the voice of the devil.” Les Misérables(1862, P. 233).

    For a long time, many different countries had different street gangs. For example: the US, Britain, China, Russia, Japan, Italy and so on. You can find them anywhere. Someone might think joining the street gang that is very “Cool” and awesome! We always see a scene about an

    awesome man wearing a suit and taking a shotgun in the movies, after we think that is a real man! Even the street gang members become heroes. If you think that is cool, you are going the wrong way. The street gangs like the marsh. If you tread into the marsh, you never put up your legs by yourself. Let me to show you what really street gangs are like.

    Street Gangs Are Not Movies! It Is Serious.

    The film Rebellious Youngster was filmmed in 1995. When I saw it, I just was 6 years old. I always thought that Chen Haonan was an awesome man! Thank God that it is not true. Why did I change my mind? If you research some information about street gangs, you will have your own idea about gangs. Let us look at China, because we live in here.

    Being a Chinese, Qing Bang is not strange for us. Qing Bang was created in the Qing dynasty. Qing Bang just was a small gang at that time. The members worked by water transport that like a logistics company. We know that China has very strong families. Family is very important in the Chinese mind. The gangs of China like a big family. The relationship between masters and the apprentices like fathers and sons. In this condition, people want to join the Qing Bang. It is very difficult, because they needed to wait for over 7 years. Since the Republic of China, some rules were changed. Qing Bang walked the dark way. They sold opium, forced girls into prostitution, racketeered and murdered communists. Today, the old Qing Bang has disappeared. However, their offspring built some new one that like Wah Ching in America.


    (The Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi is Japan’s largest and most infamous yakuza organization. Its

    origins can be traced back to a loose labor union for dockworkers in Kobe pre-WWII.) The Japanese government admits some activities of Yamaguchi-gumi.

    thThe Mafia is a criminal brotherhood that emerged in the mid-19 century Sicily. It is a loose

    association of criminal groups that share a common organizational structure and code of conduct. Each group is called family or clan. Many countries have the Mafia that like Russia, America, Japan and so on. Each group of the Mafia doesn’t have many members. One family just has 60 to

    150 members who are totally elites. Between the Qing Bang colluded with government of the Republic of China and the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi got the ID card from Japanese government.

    They totally stood on the other side of the government. Also, they assassinate government official, do illegal transaction and pervert the course of justice. The Mafia influences whole underworld.

    Street Gangs Have 3 Levels.

    We know many kinds of street gangs in this world. Generally speaking, we have 3 kinds of people that are the rich, the middle income of people and the poor. That is common levels. We can easy to know it. Similarly, street gangs also have the similar levels for different gangs. I give three levels for the street gangs.

    A little person stay in one or two streets, and they are king in the street. So they rob and collect protection money for some small businessperson. They are low-level. They are just like sand. If there is a strong wind, they will blow away.

    As if most people know that, some street gangs sell drug or do something of crime. They are med-level, and they have more members than low-level. They organize individuals’ people to be

    groups. In addition, they do more crimes.

    We talked about the Mafia. I said each clan or family of the Mafia just had 60 to 150 members. However, one clan has a lot of associates. I will give you some information.


    Table of Crime Family

    Bonanno crime family

    Famous Leader Member# Associate# Activities Time

    Joseph Bonanno 115+ 2500+ 1930 to now

    Gambino crime family

    Famous Leader Member# Associate# Activities Time

    Carlo Gambino 260+ 4000+ 1916 to now

    Chicago Outfit

    Famous Leader Member# Associate# Activities Time

    Al Capone 200-300 1000-1500 1910 to now

    (, 2010)

    This table just has three families’ information of the Mafia. Most the families of the Mafia

    are similar. This 3 crime families have about 8000 associates. That will be a huge number. What do associates do? They do normal businesses. Also, they make money for the Mafia. Paramount Pictures Corporation belongs to Joe Colombo who is leader of Colombo crime family and this company made the film Godfather in 1971. They are high-level.

    Why Person Want To Join The Street Gangs?

    Normal people never wanted to join the street gangs, when they were born. Nevertheless, someone born in special family of the underworld, they have no more choices. All right, let me give you some information. There were at least 30,000 gangs and about 800,000 gangs’ members

    active across the U.S. in 2007, up from 731,500 in 2002 and 750,000 in 2004. (, Gangs in the United States, 2010.) Wow. That must be huge number. OK. We have a question

    why America has too many people join the street gangs. We can find a great answer for this problem that is unemployment.


    For a long time, unemployment has haunted every American president. Please look at this picture.

    (; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010)

    Look at this picture we can know unemployment rate of U.S. is about 6% in 2008, about 9.8% or 9.9% in 2009, about 10% in Jan/2010.

    We know drug trafficking has high profit. If I have 100g of heroin, the cost of the heroin just have ;200 in Yunnan of China. If I sell 100g of heroin to different places, the price is ;7500 in

    Kunming, ;15,000 in Beijing, $10,000 in Hong Kong and $25,000 in U.S.

    High unemployment rate compel people have to find specific way for life, and high profit of drug trafficking give a hope to the unemployed and the poor. One people have not enough power for drug trafficking. In addition, they joined the street gangs.


    Street gangs are serous and dangerous. They are human. They still need money for life. Many kinds of problems make people who join the street gang. That is a big problem in the world. In addition, China has the same problem. We just change the living standards of the people to solve this problem. However, that needs a long time.



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