A successful college life

By Floyd Barnes,2014-01-05 18:07
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A successful college life

    A successful college life

    A:Mary ,what happened?you look not very good.

    BYeahMiss cao , I feel very confused , after these days I came to school , I dont know what to do , I always thought that college life is very enrich , and I can have a great time every day , but the facts are on the opposite , Can you give me some suggestions? A:OH maybe most of you think University is a place to play , sleep late , play games, watch movies, shop , etc. [etˈsetərə],It

    is not the case , the university also need to learn , but not as the same as high schooll , of course , universities have courses, but in the university ,there are only a few courses , you need to develop some other capacity , you can take part in more activities so that you can make your colleage life enrich. A:really

    B: Well, slowly, you will know , the University is a platform of knowledge into action , first Building up Self-Confidence, no matter what to do , confidence is very important, building self-confidence can help you gain the courage to try new things . Secondly, we must face the competition in college actively ,you will see a lot of outstanding fellows , They are capable in all aspects.but you are just yourself,everybody is special. B:Maybe you are right.Ill try it.thank you!

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