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    Programmes at the Concert Hall of

    Central Conservatory of Music2006(III)


     thHOPE CUPPiano Competition Presentation May 5 19:30 cum winners concert

    Saying Good-by to my th, Shi Hailing Suona RecitalMay 12 Concubine,

     19.30 Calling the Phoenix, etc

    The Ring of Bell in a Buddhist th,May 13Wu Yang Guozheng Rectail Temple, the Soul of the Light, 19.30 etc……

     th,May 14Liang zhu,etc…… Wang Yijing Erhu Recital 19.30

     th,May 15Xu Hui Erhu Recital Amazing girl,etc 19.30

     th,2 Sonatas/ D.ScarlattiFantasy in May 16You Xi Piano Recital C major/ R.Schumann etc…… 19.30

    Fantaisie pour violon et harpe, China and French international award-winning

    transcrite pour flûte et harpe/ young musicians music concert th,Camille Saint-Saëns violin :Julien Dieudegard May 17

    Trio avec piano, en la mineur/ Viola : Patrick Oriol 19.30

    Maurice Ravel Cello : Patrick Oriol

    Etc..... HarpSandrine Chatron

     th,May 20Yang Xue Erhu Recital 19.30

    thQuando le sere al placido (Luisa May 21, Tenor Cui jiegu RecitalMiller)Celeste Aida (Aida)19.30 Celeste Aida (Aida) etc...... thMay 23, Chen Yao GuZheng Recital 19.30

    Skip to My Lou Deep River thMay 25, Think of MeSeasons of LoveAmerican Texas A&M university female

    chorus concert O Lovely RoseHe’s Gone 19.30

    Away Cloudsetc.

    Sernade for Violin, Strings and

     Percussions/Bernstein thMay 26, EOS series concert (III)Chamber Symphony No. 1, 20.00 Yongyan HU, conductor Op.9/Schoenberg

    Cello Concerto/YE Xiaogang

     th 2006 Beijing Modern Music Festival-May 26, —— thMay 31

    ndSonato/Schubert, June 2, Zhao Ling Piano Recital 19:30 Carnival/Schumann etc. tdPiano Recital by Yuan Sheng Prelude in C-Sharp Minor, Op. June 5,

    19:30 45/ Chopin

     El Abaicin, from Suite Iberia/



     tdJune 7-- Student week concert Student art practice nd---June 8, td Concert to Mark the 90th Birthday of Prof. June 10 19:30Huang Feili

    Französische Ouverture/ J.S.Bach, td June 14Huang Ya Meng Piano solo concert Fantasie Op.77/ Beethoven 19:30 etc……

    td June 17Yuan Sha GuZheng concert 19:30 tdJune 19-- Student week concert Student art practice td---June 20,

    Fantasy in F Minor, D. 940/

     Schubert:td June 25Two Piano Concert by Tara Petite Suite/ Debussy 19:30 Hofmeister-Sheng and Yuan Sheng Etc..

    thtd Birthday of Celebrating the 100June 257 19:30Shostakovich concert

     Appalachian Spring/CoplandthJuly 7, Serenade/Bernstein EOS series concert (V) 20.00 ClarinetConcerto/Copland


    thSeptember13 French pianist SERGEI MARKAROV 19.30 Recital

    eptember th15 The Fifth Beijing International Chopin

     September For Young Planists

    th 16

     Fantasie c-Moll KV 475/Mozart

    Sonate d-Moll Op.31 Nr.2 September German Pianist"Tempest"/Beethoven, th22 Peter Waas Piano Recital Zwei Rhapsodien Op.79/


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