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    ………………….…AND ……………………

This agreement is made effective as of this 01 April 1999 between Guardian

    International Co.,Ltd. 89/776 Mu 2 BangnaTrad KM. 13.5 Rachathava,

    Bangplee Samutprakarn 10540 Tel. (02)750 - 0306 9 Fax.(02)316 6780

    hereinafter know as “G.I.S.” and …………….. and ……………………….

    hereinafter known as “hotel”

Witness: The parties hereto for the consideration hereinafter mentioned agree

    as follows:

1) Services:

G.I.S. undertakes to furnish hotels protection and security service such as

    keeping peace and order, providing physical security and service to hotels’

    guest, visitors, customers and personnel, protection of property, etc.,

    including security personnel and supervision at hotels premises located

    at …………….. and …………………….………………………… the service

    shall include the following, among others:

1.1 To see and ensure that no illegal, dangerous, harmful of objectionable

    materials, articles or goods, or the same which can otherwise cause

    annoyance or disturbance to hotels premises and to assist the hotels in

    removing the same, if any, from its premises:

1.2 To see and ensure that no persons who obviously have no business

    with the hotels or personnel, or who obviously are unwanted,

    undesirable, dangerous, or otherwise objectionable, enter the hotels

    and to assist the hotels in removing such person from its premise.

1.3 To see and ensure that the roads and pavements and parking areas

    within the hotels premises are at all time in good order and free from

    congestion of motor vehicles and other articles or materials not

    authorized by the hotels, to be left thereon, and to assist the hotels in

    removing the same from its premises

1.4 To see and ensure that the hotels be reported and alerted of any

    security problem or anything or any circumstance that is obviously

    unsafe or out of order and can cause damage of harm to its property,

    guests, customers, personnel and visitors.

    1.5 To recommend, where necessary of desirable in its opinion,

    improvement to safety or security measures and procedures to

    promote safety and security for hotels’ property, peace and order

    within the hotels premise.

    1.6 In order to ensure a consistent service quality G.I.S. must provide 30

    permanent security guards exclusively assigned to perform in the

    hotels …………….. and ………………… premise.

    G.I.S. will also provide sufficient addition security guards which

    should preferably be the same, to perform the duty during the

    permanent personal day off, vacation, etc….

    All permanent and regular replacement G.I.S. personnel will be

    subject to prior approval from the hotels management

    1.7 To assist the hotels and government authorities, where applicable, in

    restoring peace, law and order at the hotels premises in the event

    peace is breached and violence occurs, offence committed or disaster,

    loss or damage is incurred to the hotels premises or property, or to

    property or lift of guests, visitors, customers or hotels’ personnel.

    1.8 G.IS. Will provide overall security service management and

    supervision including inspection of not less than one per day, of hotels’

    property and G.I.S. personnel on duty at irregular intervals daily. G.I.S.

    security guard personnel assigned to duty will comply with all

    reasonable instructions pertinent to protection and security service at

    the hotel premises as may be issued by the hotel. G.I.S. agrees to

    immediately reassign and replace any, of its security personnel

    deemed incompetent, careless, insubordinate or otherwise

    objectionable, if requested by the hotels.

    1.9 personnel will be outfitted in uniform consisting of a

    regulation only G.I.S. personnel who are dressed and equipped

    properly will be admitted to duty at the hotels premises. G.I.S.

    provides all wages, training,uniform, supplies, food, transportation


    Relief personnel necessary for the implementation of this agreement,

    workmen’s compensation insurance and other such employer

    responsibilities required under Thai law will be assumed by G.I.S.

    1.10 G.I.S. shall have and provide the hotels in advance for approval, the

    duty roster of personnel during the forth coming weeks, giving their

    respective names, assignment duty periods, etc. each and every G.I.S.

    personnel who reports for duty must sign his name in the appropriate

    place provided in the form. This list must be signed in two copies, one

    of which must be given to the hotels not less than 24 hours everyday.

    There must be appointed and notified to the hotels. At all time one

    chief guard, and one deputy chief guard, who shall act as liaison

    official of G.I.S. vis-a’-vis hotels in all matters concerning the

    performance of duty at the hotels premises by G.I.S. personnel.

The hotels shall notify G.I.S. from time to time of the hotels officers who will

    receive report form G.I.S. personnel in all matters providing for in this


2) Liability:

    2.1 G.I.S. shall be liable only for losses or damage of the guards property

    owned by or under the care or custody or control of the hotels which

    loss or damage is caused by the negligent or intentional or fraudulent or

    dishonest act or omissions of employees assigned to guard such

    property, committed or omitted during the hours such employees are

    responsible for guarding such property, such loss must be reported by

    the hotels to appropriate law enforcement authorities and to G.I.S.

    within twenty four (24) hours of slush discovery

    2.2 G.I.S. shall not be liable for loss which the hotels cannot prove by

    reasonable evidence to have arisen from the negligent or intentional or

    fraudulent or dishonest acts or omissions, committed or omitted by G.I.S.

    personnel assigned to guard such property or for any shortage disclosed

    by inventory unless such shortage occurs from the negligent, fraudulent,

    intentional or dishonest acts of G.I.S. personnel.

3) Amount of Liability:

Liability of G.I.S. for any loss or damage arising from any negligent act or

    omission of any G.I.S. personnel shall be limited to a maximum of Baht

    400,000 per each occurrence (Baht Four Hundred Thousand Only) of loss or

    damage G.I.S. shall be relieved of and neither be liable for any or damage not

    reported or proven in the manner above stated nor for any loss or damage in

    excess of the above stated amount.

4) Hotel Responsibility:

Hotel agrees and undertakes to provide security lighting and fencing,

    buildings and grounding, in a reasonable state of maintenance and repair,

    and to comply in so far as possible with reasonable G.I.S. recommendation for

    improvement of physical security condition at the hotels premises. Security

telephone, fire fighting equipment, pass control document, etc. shall be

    maintained by the hotels

5) Meals:

Hotels agree to provide duty meals to the security guards at Staff Canteen

    and charge back to G.I.S. at cost Baht 10,500 per month effective as of 01 April


6) Payment:

Hotels agree, upon receipt of monthly invoices, that G.I.S. shall be paid the

    amount of Baht. 279,600. per month (Baht Two Hundred Seventy Nine

    Thousand Six Hundred Only) excluding VAT 7% for the service performed

    under this agreement. Services that are performed for a portion of a month

    shall be paid only for that part of the month that service were actually

    performed. Payment is requested to be made by crossed cheque made

    payable to Guardian International Service Co.,Ltd. And be available for

    receipt by G.I.S. not later than the twentieth (20th) of the following month.

7) Period of Agreement:

This agreement will commence on the date 01 April 1999 to 31 December 1999

    continue in effect until terminated by either party upon thirty (30) day prior

    written notice.

In witness where of the parties hereto have hereunto subscribed their names

    in the presence of witnesses.

Guardian International Service Co., Ltd. …………………………..


-------------------------- ---------------------------

    (Sathaporn Klintho)

     (………… …..)

     Managing Director Hotel Manager


     (……. ……….)

     Financial Controller

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