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American English American English American English

    American English

    1. The growth.

    a English was brought by the immigration

    from the United Kingdom to the Americas

    in 1607.

    b After the American War of Independence,

    the American English spelling formed. c During the 19th century and the 20th

    century, British English was in a dominant

    position all over the world

    d After two world wars, the impact of the

    United States greatly exceeded the United

    Kingdom in the political, economic, and

    cultural aspects, so a large number of

    American words were melt into British

    English, and some even replaced the

    traditional British English words. 2The characteristics

     a) .Though the British English develops, American English still retains some features of

    British English in early 17th century.

     Eg. old BE AE BE

     gotten gotten got

     rare(未煮熟的) rare underdone

    b).The United States experienced the War of Independence, the Civil War and other major historical events, so a unique political and social life forms

     Eg. assembly, assemblyman, president ,vice-president, Ku Klux Klan, telegram, telephone, reliable, influential cDuring three hundred years, American English absorbed a lot of words from all ethnic groups which do not exist in the original British English

    din American English, the earliest foreign language is from the American Indian languages which started in the late 16th century and early 17th century .

    Eg. chinquapin ,chipmunk, hickory ,hominy

    eAmerican English absorbed a lot of words from many Countries.

    Eg. French bureau cache prairie pumpkin

Spanish abode ,lasso ,ranch ,corral

    Dutch boss, scow

    Germany: noodle, poker, seminar ,semester

    3 The differences between BrE and AmE

    After all, American English and British English are English, so the pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary are about the same, The biggest difference is the vocabulary. Almost words are same, like man, woman, fish.The different words are minority A .The same word means different in British and American English.

     BE AE

    Vest 内衣、汗衫 西服背心

    Pants 短裤 裤子

    Publish school 私立学校 公立学校i

    B The same thought uses different words in the U.S. and British English


    1. BE AE

    残羹剩饭 rubbish garage 公寓套房 apartment flat 相貌平平 homely plain 铁路 railway railroad 火车司机 driver engineer 列车员 guard conductor 货车车厢 van luggage car 公寓 flat apartment 电梯 lift elevator 手电筒 torch flashlight 灯泡 bulb globe 2.他几年前在中学毕业了

    BE. He completed his secondary school course a few

    years ago.

    AE. He was graduated from high school a couple of

    years ago.


    AE. I guess youre right.

    BE. I suppose youre right.


    AE. I imagine I’ll do some work instead of going to the


    BE. I expect I’ll do some work instead of going to the cinema.


    AE. Its faster to go by plane than by boat. BE. Its quicker to go by air than by sea. C .the words only use in one country.

     AE. Everglades, bayou, canyon, caridou BE. Prince, duke, marquis, count

    4Some words spell different in British and American

    a). Some words are consistent with the spelling and pronunciation rules in American spelling.


    -re -er centre center

    -ise -ize (realise realize)

    -ce -se (defence defense)

    -our -or favour favor

    e- i- enquire inquire

    b).American spelling omits Consonants BE AE BE AE

    Traveller vraveler whizz whiz Programme program waggon wagon

    c).Pronunciation of the letter omitted BE AE BE AE

    Axe as plough plow

    Good-bye good-by



    Pedlar plddler storey story Sceptic skeptic tyre tire

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