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    IELTS Vocabulary雅思词汇教程9

    I am sorry that I have to decline your most 对词:

     generous offer.

    He fell in love with the very girl he snubbed in Intensive 深入

    high school. Extensive广泛

    She started an intensive study of the African He was so proud that he spurned all offers to

    tribe. help.

    An extensive researching covering 10,000 high

    schools found out that English was their 许可

    Permit/forbid sb. to do favorite subject.

    They did not greenlight the budget.

    Who gave the go-ahead? Specialist & Generalist

    I oked his application to be transferred.

    Her father gave the nod to her wedding plan. Adolescent青少年


    ; G:General大众 介词的力量

    ; PG-13:Parental Guide It is [ up ] to you to decide where to go.

    I went to May Day’s concert. I am [ into ] their ; R:restricted限制

    ; NC-17:No children under 17 music.

     I am already [ over ] you. I have a new beau

    now. Adulate谄媚

    Just [ between ] you and me, Jack is a jerk… Adultery通奸

     She is [ beside ] herself with joy.

    All jokes [ aside ] , do you love him? Translate笔译

    She considered it [ beneath ] her to live in the Interpret口译

    Literal slum.

    Liberal He was [ below ] her in intelligence.

     --We are having a party tonight, are you

    [ with ] us? Offend进攻

    --Yeah, great, I am [ in ]. Defend防守

     I quit. I am [ out ] of it, for good. Best defense is good offense. Either you are [ in ] for the full ride, or you are

     [out ].

     Are you [ for ] or [ against ] the plan? Accept She lost her job and her insurance. Now she is Reject [ down ] and out.

    1. Rejection letter She fell ill last month, but now she is up and 2. Opposite attracts [ about ] again?

    Agree/refuse to do I will not go away. I will always be [ around ].

     [Back] in college, I was the captain of the

    lacrosse team. 拒绝

    He refuse to identify himself. High school mischief is [behind] us now. We She turned down his invitation. are 23.

My grandpa died 6 years ago. But I know he is

    still watching over me from the [beyond]. Pan-

    Forget it. The deal is [off]. The panel of judges failed to reach an


    A panacea is a cure-all. Be-: 用…装饰

    The tower offers a panorama of the city. 1. becloud 遮蔽

    The year of 2009 saw a pandemic outbreak of 2. bejewel 饰以珠宝

    swine flu. 3. belaud 加以赞美

    4. bespectacled


    Make sure you drink plenty of water in Citius, Altius, Fortius

    summer. alt tall

    Altruism is all about self sacrifice. The process is completed. Vivid pictures can exalt children’s The ozone layer has been severely depleted. imagination. Sleep allows time for tissue to repair and

    The audience whooped exultantly. replenish.

    This is my third attempt towards the altar.


    That art school advocates a holistic approach Acro-

    to design. Acrobat杂技演员

    Acrophobia恐高症 Hologram 全息图像

     Holoplexia 全身瘫痪


    Her position was fortified by election success.

    Wooing women is his forte. 体育行话

    bear a calamity with fortitude. Below the belt This is an untouchable fortress. Down and out They made efforts to solve the conflict. Knock down I don’t know how to comfort a weeping Knock out widow. Fall guy


     Hit all the bases Paralympics残奥会

    1. Disabled Home run 2. Handicapped Carry the ball 3. Crippled Monday morning quarterback

    4. Physically challenged on par

     Until the fat lady sings


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