What would you do

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What would you do

    Unit 4 What would you do?教案

    I. Teaching Goals

    1. Knowledge Goals

    Words: research, medical, million

    Phrases: what if, give it to charity

    Sentence Structure: I would/ I’d do

    What would you do if you had a million dollars?

    I’d give it to medical research.

    2. Ability Goals

    Develop the students’ speaking and listening ability. Be able to talk about imaginary situations with target language..

    3.Moral Goals

    Train students’ ability of dealing with the things happening suddenly . Develop the students’ love to the poor by practicing target language.

    II. Teaching Key Points

    Teaching vocabulary

    Target language

    III Teaching Difficult Points

     The structure If I were…….,I would ……. If I did ……. I would ……

    IV Teaching Methods

    Teaching by illumination

    Teaching by asking questions

    Teaching by pair work

    VTeaching Aids

    A tape recorder some pictures a computer

    VITeaching Procedures

    Step I Greetings.

    Step II warm-up and lead in

    Show a picture in which a man won a lottery. Then ask students “What would you do

    if you had a lot of money?” First the teacher gives an example. “ I would give it to

    charity.” Let students work in pairs .After some minutes, ask several groups to say

    their ideas.

    Step III speaking practice

    Task1 After share the ideas, teacher will give the new grammar and write it on the



     If subject ……….. subject would/should/could/might/……


     Then show several pictures to practice target language. Students work in pairs . later

    the teacher checks.

    Task2 competition

    Then make sentences as many as possible with the target language. Check and see

    which one gets the most sentences , give a prize.

    Step IV listening practice 1a 2a 2b

    1a The teacher explain the difficult points.

    Play the recording the first time. Students only listen.

    Play the recording a second time. Students number the pictures…

    Check the answers.

    Answers: 2 1 4 3.

    2a Ask the students to look at the picture. Ask, what is happening? (The boy is getting ready to go somewhere and he if feeling a little nervous. His sister is helping him pick

    out what to wear.) explain the difficult points.

    They play the recording the first time. Students only listen. Play the recording a

    second time. Students circle the reasons.

    Check the answers.


    The following items should be circled: 2 3 5.

    Then play the recording again. Ask the students to check the four things Larry’s sister

    says to him.

    Check the answers.


    The following answers should be checked: 1 2 4 5.

    Step V exercises.

    Give limited time then check in class.

    Step ? Summary and Homework

    Summarize what the students have learnt and give them some homework.

    If you had a large amount of money, for ?100,000, example, what would you buy? Please write down each item

    and its cost to see when you will spend the full amount.

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