Wage Assistance Application and Agreement

By Denise Clark,2014-12-02 11:59
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Wage Assistance Application and Agreement

    Wage Assistance Application and Agreement

    This application must be lodged within 28 days of the job seeker commencing work

    with the employer.

1 Employer’s trading name

2 Employer’s full legal name (If different from Question 1)

    3 Your answers to questions 3 to 8 will determine whether you are eligible for Wage Assistance.

Is your organisation a CDEP?


    Yes ? Your application cannot be accepted

    4 Do you agree to abide by the Wage Assistance Agreement if your application is approved? No ? Your application cannot be accepted


    5 Do you understand that if you knowingly make any false or misleading statements, you may be liable for prosecution?

    No ? Your application cannot be accepted


6 Is the employee employed under an Award or Agreement?

    No ? Your application cannot be accepted


    7 Is the job likely to cease in the next 9 to 12 months barring unforeseen circumstances? No

    Yes ? Your application cannot be accepted

8 How many hours per week will the employee work?


    Full-time (35 or more hours per ? Go to next question

    week or as defined by an Award)

Part-time (minimum 15 hours ? Go to next question

    per week)

Less than 15 hours per week ? Your application cannot be accepted

9 Details of employee

    It is very important that the name is spelled correctly and that you enter the correct date of birth

Family name or surname

First given name

Other initial

Is the employee known by any other name(s)?


    Yes ? Write other names

Date of birth (DD / MM / YYYY)



10 Does the employee have a Centrelink Job Seeker ID?


    Yes ? Job Seeker ID

    11 Your contact details

Postal address


Telephone number

Mobile telephone number

Facsimile number

Email address

    12 Your ABN (must be supplied)

13 Is your business registered for GST purposes?



    14 Nature of your business

15 Which category best describes your business?

     Tick ONE only

    Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing - A

    Mining - B

    Manufacturing - C

    Electricity, Gas and Water Supply - D

    Construction - E

    Wholesale Trade - F

    Retail Trade - G Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants - H

    Transport and Storage - I

    Communication Services - J

    Finance and Insurance - K

    Property and Business Services - L Government Administration and Defence - M

    Education - N

    Health and Community Services - O

    Cultural and Recreational Services - P

    Personal and Other Services - Q

16 Is the business indigenous owned or managed?



    17 Is the business a Group Training Company? No


    18 How would you prefer to receive payment?

     2 payments made at the end of 13 and 26 weeks

     1 payment only after 26 weeks

    19 Bank details for direct credit payment. Assistance is paid only by DIRECT CREDIT. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you supply us with the

    correct details below. Payment to your account will be delayed if the details are incorrect.

Full name of the account

Bank name and branch

Bank/Branch (BSB) Code Number

Account Number

20 Was the job seeker referred to you by a Job Network member or an Indigenous Employment Centre?

    No ? Go to next question

    Yes ? Give the following details and then go to question 22

Name of Job Network member or Indigenous Employment Centre


State ? Go to question 22


    What method of recruitment did you use?

     Other recruitment agency

     Newspaper advertisement

     Word of mouth / referral

     Approached by job seeker




22 The Department may contact your business to monitor the progress of your Wage Assistance


    Who is the person the Department should contact?

     Mr Ms Mrs Miss



Telephone number

23 What are the main duties for the employee?

    24 Is this job an apprenticeship or traineeship?




25 What is the commencement date of the job?

26 Did the employee start work more than 28 days ago?

    No ? Go to next question

    Yes ? Give reason for the late application

27 Address of the workplace at which the employee will work


28 How many paid employees are at this workplace?

    Must be suppliedTable 1 of the Terms and Conditions shows the maximum number of employees that can be subsidised.

    29 For how many of these workers are you CURRENTLY receiving a Wage Assistance subsidy?

    30 What is the GROSS WEEKLY wage that you intend to pay this employee for ORDINARY TIME; that is, BEFORE overtime or other allowances?

    PLEASE NOTE: we cannot pay you more Wage Assistance than the total gross wage you pay the employee. This means that if the employee’s gross weekly wage, shown above is less than

    $169.23 for a full-time job or $84.61 for a part-time job, we will reduce the Wage Assistance payments made to you so that the subsidy paid is no more than the wage paid.

    31 Are you expecting to receive wage subsidy funding specifically for this employee from other Commonwealth or State government employment programmes?

    NOTE: Some STATE employment funding may make you ineligible for Wage Assistance.

     No ? Go to next question

     Yesfrom the New Apprenticeship Incentives Program ? Go to next question

     Yesfrom another programme ? Name of the programme providing the funding

32 Is the employee likely to be on unpaid leave for a period of more than 1 week and up to 8 weeks

    because of a scheduled shut down or holiday?

    No ? Go to question 35

    Yes ? Go to next question

33 If you answered YES to 32, the Wage Assistance payment period will be extended by the amount of

    unpaid leave. What is the total period of likely unpaid leave? weeks

34 What is the reason for the unpaid leave?

     Scheduled shutdown

     School holidays

     Other ? Give reason

    35 What was the employee doing before they started work with you?


     Participating in a CDEP

     Working for another employer

     Undertaking education/training

     Don’t know


36 How did you find out about Wage Assistance?

     Told by employee/job seeker

     Found out from Employer Card

     Rang Indigenous Employment Line

     Employment agency told you

     Already familiar with Wage Assistance

     Advertisement or brochure


     Don’t remember


    37 Did you find out this employee might be eligible for Wage Assistance before or after you hired them?



    38 Would you have filled the job with an indigenous person if the subsidy had not been available? No


    39 Did you fill the job sooner than you would have because of Wage Assistance? No


    40 Did you offer a permanent job rather than casual work because of Wage Assistance? No


    41 At the time you were recruiting did you have a preference or intention to hire an indigenous person? No


    Please make sure the information you have provided in this application are true and complete.

    Please save this document to your computer.

    Please then attach this document to an email and

    send the application to the following email address:

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