The correct use of the students have misinterpreted the wonderful geography classroom _9925

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The correct use of the students have misinterpreted the wonderful geography classroom _9925

    The correct use of the students have misinterpreted the wonderful geography classroom

     Papers Key words high school geography students in the classroom an error wonderful

     Abstract high school students in rural areas is relatively

    isolated learning environment, teaching resources and teaching techniques backward, teaching equipment and learning reference update is lagging behind, especially in some remote areas, or even a serious lack of curriculum resources. In such circumstances, teachers should take full

    advantage of the mistakes students in the classroom, their resources in order to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.

     High school stage is for students to acquire knowledge and seek truth, to mature stage. Geographical Studies in secondary target is

    characterized by large temporal and spatial nature of geographical environment, regional differences, multi-factor comprehensive. Students

    affected by physical, psychological characteristics and cognitive level of restrictions on the geographical classroom is prone to various types of errors. The new course requirements and geographic targeting in order to promote students to mobilize the students motivation to learn as the center and various means and methods for process combinations. In

    peacetime, we ignore all the mistakes contains a wealth of experience of students and teachers to educate a large number of opportunities and possibilities, the key is the development of teachers excavation. Recognizing the inevitability of error is very important attitude towards life; have the courage to recognize mistakes and correct mistakes will and perseverance is an important psychological qualities. We are in the teaching process in the classroom and application of error handling is to

    help students on the proper way to build an important meaning. Here's to talk about some of my practices:

     A capture error, to find the true starting point for teaching

     Learning from mistakes is a kind of learning activities themselves,

    have a special educational role of the learning materials, it comes from students, close to the students, teaching Shiyou back to the students in learning activities, to stimulate student interest in exploring, to arouse the students desire for knowledge has a special role. Learning to

    stimulate a tribute to the best interest of the learning materials to students the role of the error is a special education resources, because it comes from the students learning activities, close to the students learning experience. As long as teachers are good at use of the wrong into teaching resources, can effectively stimulate children's curiosity and stimulate their interest in learning. In teaching "the geographical significance of the earth's rotation", the teachers often is to introduce

    the world's total of 24 time zones, including East and West 12 area into one time zone, that zone the same, all with 1800 local time, but different dates. This is part of the abstract and hard to understand, according to the normal traditional methods of teaching, students are talking.


     (On the method of calculating the time zone I have made a brief introduction)

     Teachers: Students who ask you to calculate the eastern eight areas.

     Health: 112.5oE ~ 127.5oE.

     Division: Very good, its central meridian is 120oE, this is what we used in Beijing. The following Qingtongxuemen calculate the area and the East 12 West 12 areas.

     Health: 172.5oE ~ 187.5oE and 172.5oW ~ 187.5oW

     Teachers: Please open the atlas to find 187.5oE and 187.5oW

     Students: how to find could not find

     Teachers: how is this so? Shows the results of our students just what is the problem?

     Students: longitude degree is impossible to more than 180o.

     Errors for students in no hurry to open, but some suggestive so as to

    enable students to think for themselves, try and found the error lies. This error has exposed students to the basic knowledge of longitude and latitude has been forgotten, and this part is essential for students to

    learn geography, then I should be the starting point for this part of the teaching latitude and longitude from the review began. The use of error, so that students on the map to find 187.5oE and 187.5oW two warp, students there is no good, why? East longitude range of 12 zones in the end is it? "Error" led to the students to the above question think, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the students, the students in the "let them go" atmosphere began a new lesson to learn.

     2, excavation errors, to expand student thinking

     Use of learning errors, tap the innovative element of the error implied in a timely and appropriately to give Enlightenment from and encouragement to help students break through barriers in front of thinking

    into a new realm of innovative teaching reform to allow students to experience the value of thinking and enjoy the happiness of thinking. Thinking ability of students intellectual core. To develop students creative thinking quality, layman's terms, that is to guide and encourage

    children to want to get further afield, want faster and think with their own past, not the same; that is intended to train students to the breadth of thinking, thinking fluency and originality of thinking. Students in learning arising from errors, if used properly, it is in the development of student ideas, will have a very good effect. On "International Date Line," the teaching, because on the date and time line on both sides of the abstract hard to understand, easy to confuse the students the error is

    very large.


     Teacher: "Christmas Eve, a seagoing vessel, on pregnant women gave birth to a pair of twin sisters, the registration date of birth, they found more than his sister's older sister, a seagoing vessel through the day how the boundary?"

     (Students Chattering a very heated debate, there are two diametrically opposite answers, either eastward across the date line, or west)

     Division: Consent to the west of the hand.

     (Class 50 and 23 raised their hands, accounting for 46%)

     Teachers: We have just learned two knowledge points: east, west,

    earlier than the time and from west to east across the date line date by one day, then the line from east to west through the day, date, how they change?

     Students: plus one day

     Division: the line that day east of December 24, its west side is December 25. This date of birth of twins is like?

     Students: 12 sister 24, sister is December 25

     Teachers: It is now more than sister, sister of his life?

     (Students understood why.)

     Along the error on the students, teachers assumed that the line from east to west through the day, it changes the date should be added one day, which is sister is December 24, my sister was born December 25. If so, who should be big? Born in the big day? By the students of the trajectory error analysis, it would be wrong, layer upon layer tightly linked, analyze errors, students not only understand the wrong context, knowledge of the Japanese line also understand mastered . Through such analysis,

    further reflection on the students found the time to go from west to east can also be "back." Teachers in the classroom cleverly error as the intellectual development of students of educational resources, clever and flexible manner to guide students from the pros and cons of different

    angles to amend errors, training students the flexibility and creative thinking, using an error to give the students the creation of a good way of thinking space, guide students to multi-angle, comprehensive look at

    the conditions, problems, the intrinsic link between the conclusions, which is to deepen understanding, develop students creative thinking and effective way. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3, reflection errors, improve the cognitive structure