About breasthealth

By Ida Pierce,2014-07-14 12:30
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About breasthealth

About breasthealth

    Breast cancer can happen to any woman at any time. In September 1999 it happened to Margaret Wright, an Executive Director in Macquarie Bank’s Information Services Division. After recovering from an operation and treatment with a clear bill of health Margaret offered to make a donation to her surgeon, Dr Paul Crea. Dr Crea is a Breast Surgeon practicing at St Vincent's Clinic in Sydney whose work is largely dedicated to the treatment of breast problems.

    Dr Crea refused, saying he wanted something much more from Margaret…he wanted

    a website. Margaret and Dr Crea started thinking about how they could build a site which was easy to use and navigate and provided information to women as and when they needed it. Gradually they enlisted other patients and the site grew to about 400 pages. Because there are so many websites, it is often hard to work out where to go for what. So part of the vision was to link women directly to information and services available from other sites.

    Margaret corralled volunteers from Macquarie Bank, IBM, KPMG and Blanco e Negro to create the first website to combine medical and support aspects of breast cancer. The Macquarie Bank Foundation became involved, providing funding and introducing Margaret to the many organisations working in breast cancer research in Australia. With the support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and input from the Breast cancer Network the site was launched in November 2001.

    In October 2003 Margaret approached the National Breast Cancer Centre to review the website content in line with the latest evidence and thinking on the best practice approaches to breast cancer. At the time, the National Breast Cancer Centre was redesigning its own website and it was decided by both parties that the National Breast Cancer Centre would integrate BreastHealth into its own website as the consumer website of the National Breast Cancer Centre. The content was fully reviewed and ammended in time for the launch of the site under the new banner on October 26 2003.

    Margaret continues to oversee the website and is Chair of the BreastHealth Content Advisory committee. Other members of this committee include two breast cancer survivors and a member of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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