Dual Sim spray compound on guinea pig allergic rhinitis of_939

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Dual Sim spray compound on guinea pig allergic rhinitis of_939

Dual Sim spray compound on guinea pig allergic rhinitis of

     Abstract Objective To investigate the compound pairs Xin spray on guinea pig allergic rhinitis therapy. Methods 2,4 -

    toluene diisocyanate ester (TDI) for the allergens in guinea

    pig model of nasal allergy in order to rhinitis drops as the control, set the compound double-Xin spray high, medium and

    low 3 dose group, after treatment, concentration of each group of histamine content in nasal mucosa of guinea pig. The results of compound pairs Xin spray on experimental allergic rhinitis model in guinea pigs of various signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis have a significant improvement in role; with the model control group, drug-treated animals, the amount of

    nasal secretions, sneezing the number of significantly reduced the number of grasping the nose; compound pairs Sim spray can significantly reduce the histamine content in guinea pig nasal mucosa (P <0.01). Conclusion The compound pairs Xin spray on experimental allergic rhinitis, a significant improvement in the role, and has a convenient, safe, side effects and so on.

     Key words double-Sim spray compound histamine in guinea pig allergic rhinitis

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo evaluate the effects of Shuangxin Nasal Spray on hypersensitive rhinitis in guinea pigs. MethodsWith toluene-2 ,4-diisocyanate (TDI) as

    sensibilisinogen, the guinea pig nasal allergy model, using rhinitis drop as comparison, high, midest and low three doses of Shuangxin Nasal spray were set up. After treatment, the

    histamine content was determined.ResultsShuangxin Nasal Spray could obviously improve each kind of allergic rhinitis symptoms of guinea pig allergia models. Compared in medication administration groups with the control group, the nasal secretions, the frequency of sneezing and the times of griping

    nose are obviously reduced. And the Shuangxin Nasal spray also could significantly decrease histamine content in the nasal mucosa of guinea pigs (P <0.01). ConclusionShuangxin Nasal Spray can significantly improve the allergia rhinitis, and it has many advantages, such as convenience, safety and low side effects and so on.

     Key words: Shuangxin Nasal Spray; Guinea pig; Histamine; Allergic rhinitis

     Allergic rhinitis is IgE-mediated type I allergic

    reaction is occurring in the nasal mucosa of allergic disease by nasal itching, sneezing, nasal secretion of hyperactivity, nasal swelling as the main characteristics of the common diseases otorhinolaryngology frequently-occurring diseases,

    and the upward trend in incidence in recent years [1]. Histamine is the disease an important medium, antihistamines are still the main treatment of the disease and effective drugs. Dual Sim spray compound the main ingredient of Herba Asari and Magnolia's volatile oil, Asarum, and magnolia are

    commonly used in the treatment of rhinitis in traditional Chinese medicine and modern pharmacological studies have shown that its active ingredients are volatile oil, has anti-

    bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-group amine the role of

    Combined with a wind-dispersing, heat, the role of menthol

    research Tongqiao made. This experiment by observing the compound pairs Xin spray allergic rhinitis in guinea pig histamine content in nasal mucosa, and with rhinitis drops contrast, in order to reveal the mechanism of its efficacy.

     An apparatus and method

     1.1 Drugs and equipment

     Xin spray compound pairs (mainly from the Asarum, magnolia, menthol composition, from the development of Shihezi University School of Medicine Affiliated Hospital Pharmacy), rhinitis drops (Germany Public Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Foshan production, batch number 06052), is butanol and n-pentane as

    the AR, histamine standard (purchased from Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd.), o-phthalaldehyde (Sigma Corporation), FSH-

    2A adjustable high-speed homogenizer machines, optical

    microscopy (OLYMPUS).

     1.2 allergic rhinitis group and the model of guinea pig

     TDI is used at home and abroad recognized allergens of guinea pigs was established by intranasal administration of

    nasal hypersensitivity animal model [2]. Then according to the weight, sex will be guinea pigs were randomly divided into normal group, model group, Xin spray compound pairs of low, middle and high-dose group, rhinitis drops sections 6 groups

    of 8. In addition to the normal group simply using olive oil 10 μl (each side 5 μl) intranasally, the remaining guinea

    pigs were each olive oil with 10% TDI solution of 10 μl

    intranasally (each side 5 μl), 1 times / d. A record of each

    animal within 30 min after excitation of the nasal itching, sneezing, clear tears occurs, the number and severity, and

    scoring (nasal itch: mild 1 am, graze the nose several times; heavy 2 points, scratching the nose , face more than everywhere friction. sneezes: 1 ~ 3 to 1 am, 4 to 10 for the 2 points, 11 more than 3 points. Qing tears: flow to the nose

    before the hole is 1 point, more than the nose before the hole is 2 points, tears streaming sounded three minutes. recorded nasal itching, sneezing, clear tears, scoring with the superposition of dollars Total) [3]. Continuous stimulation 7

    d, the average symptom score more than 5 points, nasal discharge eosinophil smear-positive for modeling success. From

    the 8th day of modeling, TDI changed every other day until the end of the experiment to stimulate. According to Lorcn's method [4]. Self-made miniature small swab, stretching from nasal turbinate removed graze the surface of three times making smears, evenly apply on the slide on the wright stain, in the light microscope, looking for eosinophils. A large number of eosinophilic cells modeling success.

     1.3 Delivery Methods

     Each model from the perspective of making the 8th day after the start into the process, administered 2 times / d, a continuous 14 d. In addition to the normal group and model group, the corresponding volume of excipient spray every day,

    the rest of the group to give the corresponding day Nasal drug dose according to body surface area conversion Of Mice and Men. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     1.4 Determination of histamine content in turbinate

    mucosa [5,6]

     Observed 2 weeks after the experimental drug, taken 60 min before the nasal mucosa to give a second experimental drug, 30 min respectively after fluorescence method. Taking nasal approach: After exposure to the nasal septum and

    bilateral nasal cavity, from the cut on the base, middle and inferior turbinate, in the ice strip of cartilage, with normal saline wash Wu Xue, filter paper, after accurately weighing dry body weight by adding 3 ml 0.4 mol / L of perchlorate in the ice water bath and homogenized broken cells, speed of 20000 r / min, low-temperature centrifuge 15 min, rotation speed 10 000 r / min, the supernatant obtained histamine extract 1.6ml, will be supernatant was placed in Sierra Leone has been added 1gNaCl with 10 ml test tube, and coupled with 4.0 ml n-butanol and 2.5 mol / L NaOH 0.2 ml, an immediate mixing, and placing Trichoderma oscillator shock 5 min, put it aside was removed after 3.6 ml Butanol phase has been added plus 0.1 mol / L HCl1.5 ml and 2.0 ml of n-heptane 10 ml test

    tube with a plug, the shock 5min, discard the organic phase, taking 1.0 mlHCl phase into 10 ml test tube with a plug. 1.0 ml HCl compared with triple-distilled water, diluted 1-fold,

    add 2 ml 3% boric acid buffer solution (pH = 10) alkalinity,

    mixing and quickly by adding 0.1% OPT solution of methanol 0.1 ml, an immediate mixing, at room temperature for 5 min, plus 2 ml 2.5 mol / L of citric acid to terminate the condensation reaction, measured fluorescence values (excitation wavelength

    350 nm, emission wavelength 443 nm).

     1.4.1 Standard curve of histamine standard drawing accurately weighing 10 mg, with 0.1 mol / L of the diluted hydrochloric acid diluted to 2 μg / ml of histamine solution.

    With pipette shift, respectively to take 0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0

    ml in 10 ml test tube with a plug, less than 1 ml of the order to 0.1 mol / L of the diluted hydrochloric acid supplement, and then by the above-mentioned method of measuring

    fluorescence readings obtained with the group amine content of

    the linear equation:

     Y = 5.073 9X-37.779, r = 0.998 4 [Y for the amount of histamine (ng), X for the fluorescence readings]

     2 Results

     2.1 Statistical Methods

     All measurement data using (? s) that the mean

    difference was significant using SPSS statistical software t-


     2.2 Lorcn's method smear test results in guinea pigs with normal nasal secretions or seen in the light microscope, no small amount of eosinophilic cells, making the remaining modules will have seen a large number of guinea pig nasal secretions showed a red ball-type or ellipse-shaped

    eosinophilic cells, indicating the success of model making.

     2.3 Observation of nasal symptoms

     Sensitized guinea pigs 1 Dropping from the first beginning 10 min after the nasal cavity Dropping to varying degrees in both the emergence of symptoms of nasal itching and sneezing, but no significant clear tears. The symptoms with drugs increase the number gradually increased, and there Qing tears. The first 4 days the typical nasal itching, sneezing and clearing tears symptoms. 7 d after the modeling was successful in all. Normal group, occasional nasal itching, or sneezing, but no clear tears, and generally consistent with reported in the literature [1]. Table 1. Table 1 Comparison of

    symptom scores before and after administration (omitted)

     2.4 turbinate mucosa of histamine determination in Table 2. Table 2 on the turbinate mucosa histamine effects (abbreviated)

     3 Discussion

     Of histamine in allergic rhinitis in many areas play a leading role, is to produce the main symptoms of allergic rhinitis and inflammatory mediators can be excited on the nasal mucosa of the distribution of H1 receptors on the trigeminal nerve endings, causing the trigeminal nerve action

    potential, resulting in nasal itching and sneezing, while allowing expansion of capillaries, increased vascular permeability, tissue edema, eosinophilic cells increased and secretion of hyperactivity, etc..

     The experimental results show that two-Sim spray compound

    guinea pig nasal mucosa by inhibiting the release of

    histamine, blocking information on the role of histamine in the nasal mucosa, contraction mucosal blood vessels, reduce the inflammatory cell infiltration, reducing tissue reaction;

    relieve allergy symptoms of the sky therapeutic effect. Therefore, the compound double-Xin spray on guinea pig

    allergic rhinitis treatment is a positive, based traditional Chinese medicine treatment of disease provides a broad prospect.


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