Drugs targeting the label design and application of_3094

By Jose Murray,2014-10-30 15:38
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Drugs targeting the label design and application of_3094

Drugs targeting the label design and application of

     Abstract Objective: To improve drug targeting efficiency and the quality of labeling. Methods: Based on the hospital information system applications PowerBuild locate label

    printing software programming. Results: Drug simple label positioning, marking a clear, content specifications, improve production efficiency and the use of effects. Conclusion: As a new production model of the positioning of labels, the program

    achieved the desired goals, has good application prospects.

     Key words drug targeting tags; program design; application; Hospital Information System

     Drug targeting tag (hereinafter referred to as labels) is a pharmacy (library) standardization an important part of the

    management of demanding the name, specification marks clear, easy-to-find [1]. The earliest label with handwritten patterns, low efficiency, error number, writing not up to standard; later, as the popularity of computers and began

    production of documents, computer print, but the need to manually enter the tag content and layout, efficiency is still not ideal, error can not be avoided , are yet to see the label printing easy method of reporting. Labeling to improve drug targeting efficiency and quality, we use hospital information system (Hospital Information System, HIS) designed the drug dictionary, library label printing program, has received good results are presented below.

     1 System

     1.1 System Environment

     HIS used by the network based on the structure and the environment, the background for the Windows Advances Server 2000, SQL Server 2000 database, front to Windows 2000, using tools developed with PowerBuild 9.0. Hospital network using gigabit fiber optic network backbone network, 100 megabits to the desktop, server IBM X255.

     1.2 System Settings

     According to labeling requirements, to determine the content and information on the organizational structure of sub-blocks, using top-down design method. Relying on hospital network architecture, medicine dictionary, library HIS automatically import print module. Set print format, select the printer that function. Drug data import, data dictionaries for different drugs, such as Excel, DBF, TXT to import,

    thereby expanding the use of procedures.

     2 Print

     2.1 Printers and Labeling

     Program designed to use the printer you win real DS1000, Star AR 5400, Epson LQ 1600K, Epson LQ 300K, hospital

    commonly used type of printer for my models can be printed on a variety of models of 102,104,106 ordinary non - S Kam on dry

    rubber. Bar code label printers can also be used, such as hospital use Argox Refinee (Taiwan Argox) Series bar code printers, bar code label used for ribbon placed in our hospital drug labels [2] used in specifications, for the tag eye-catching, beautiful, program to set a strip bar code label

    on the border.

     2.2 Printing methods

     Can stand alone print, select the target drug name and double click the mouse, drug name and specifications into the area to be printed. Can also choose to batch print, if you

    want to select a few consecutive drugs, can be the first one mouse-click the selected drug name, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last one drug name; if we select a few discontinuous drugs, medicines can be mouse-click the selected

    name, hold down the Ctrl key, then select the required print of drug names, drug selected, click "onto a" button, enter the drug name and specifications to be printed zone. In the print area of medicine, click the "Print" button to start printing. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.3 Drug Dictionary Library

     Drug dictionary database can be updated in real time, and Drug Storehouse (room) data synchronization, and according to the standard encoding, phonetic encoding and medicines to sort

    numbers. Drug Dictionary database does not need to add the items or specifications, they can click the button to manually increase the input, or use the import feature, no layout.

     2.4 Application