Analytical-Instruments Firm Uses CRM Solution To Help Measure Up ---

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Analytical-Instruments Firm Uses CRM Solution To Help Measure Up ---

     Analytical-Instruments Firm Uses CRM

    Solution To Help Measure Up with Its


     Microsoft CRM has provided our service engineers Overview

    Country or Region: North America and with the ability to review case histories and more Latin America

    effectively manage their workloads.” Industry: Manufacturing

     Frank E. Mason, Chief Executive Officer, JASCO Customer Profile JASCO Inc. provides analytical instruments to biotech, scientific, and academic communities in North and Latin America. JASCO Inc. is a leading provider of analytical instruments to the biotech, scientific, and academic communities in North America Business Situation

    Differing and incompatible software and Latin America. JASCO needed a system that allowed its systems prevented JASCO’s sales force and employees to get an integrated and accurate view of its global customer service personnel from efficiently

    sharing key information relating to customer base across sales, service, and distribution. The company customer accounts. Manual entry also needed help automating many of the manual processes processes increased labor costs and errors. required to service customers optimally. With these requirements identified, JASCO turned to Avrio Group, a Microsoft? Certified Solution

    JASCO adopted Microsoft? solutions, Partner, for Microsoft CRM (now part of Microsoft Dynamics?) including Microsoft CRM and Microsoft solutions to manage its customer relationships throughout the Windows? Small Business Server 2003, to centrally manage its customer sales and customer service cycle. relationships.


    ; Lower costs

    ; Increased revenue opportunities

    ; Improved collaboration and

    communication among teams

    ; Significantly reduced data entry errors

    ; Increased revenue opportunities

    ; Improved tracking of customer sales and

    service cycle


    Keeping track of more than 13,000 accounts “Now that we have all the data in a single and 23,000 contacts is a daunting process place, we can focus on cross-selling and for any company. But for JASCO Inc., which upselling products to generate additional provides analytical instruments to the biotech, sales,” says Cathy McFadden, Office Manager

    scientific, and academic communities, the at JASCO. “Microsoft CRM gave all company’s biggest challenge was having departments within our organization the eight disparate databases track sales, ability to share customer information and customer service calls, sales forecasting, and manage accordingly with a 360-degree view shipping orders from around the globe. of our customer needs.”

    “To support our company’s expansion, both in JASCO’s management team is enthusiastic personneldispersed throughout the U.S. and about the improvements. To make the Latin Americaand in market focus, we system run even more efficiently, the required a system to support a rapidly company bought a new server. From a cost changing demand for efficient and integrated perspective, it made sense to adopt a workflow, real-time analysis of our sales and Microsoft server solutionthe Microsoft

    service activities, and access to critical up-to-? Small Business Server 2003 Windows

    date information as needed,” says Frank L. operating systeminstead of purchasing Gunsallus, Vice President of Operations at components separately. Small Business JASCO. “Our old system did not support this Server 2003 provides JASCO with a reliable requirement, and as we began growing, the and dependable software solution on which error rate within our inherent work processes to run their businesseliminating the

    increased. Clearly, we needed a system that frequent and costly work stoppages that we could trustboth short- and long-termto occurred when the old server crashed. support our growth.” Furthermore, Small Business Server 2003

     has helped save the company money, Solution because it doesn’t require an IT professional To help improve customer management, to keep the system running.

    JASCO chose to implement a new customer

    relationship management (CRM) solution for “The server system has been very stable its business. The company selected compared to the previous solution, and you Microsoft? CRM to give both the sales and don’t need to be an IT professional to customer service staffs a single, integrated manage the Small Business Server,” says tool to manage all customer activity. Gunsallus. “Before we had the SBS, our

     servers were going down every week, and By using the Microsoft CRM workflow feature, we’d lose valuable staff time while we waited

    JASCO’s sales department automated many for service calls. The SBS is already proving to tasks that were previously done manually. be a great value.”

    Order acknowledgement letters, for example,

    are now automatically generated. After an Benefits

    invoice is generated and the product ships, JASCO now provides its customers with Microsoft CRM automatically notifies sales improved and more responsive service, representatives, customer service employees, because the Microsoft CRM solution can now and customers. The new system also tracks store and manage all customer data in a warranty and service contracts for every central location.

    analytical instrument the company sells.

    Lower Costs, Increased Revenue Opportunities For Frank E. Mason, Chief Executive Officer of JASCO, the benefits of adopting Microsoft CRM are striking.

    “Microsoft CRM has provided our service engineers with the ability to review case histories and more effectively manage their workloads. The ability to review other engineers’ findings has decreased our onsite labor time,” says Mason. “We are also able to track service warranty periods more accurately, letting us communicate renewal and expiration dates to customers and more easily determine which service calls are covered under warranty and which are not.”

    Improved Collaboration and Communication Implementing Microsoft CRM has also prompted JASCO to document its business processes. This exercise has helped departments collaborate and communicate more closely with one another on customer orders and service requests.

    JASCO officials say that businesses need to think through their operating processes, find ways to streamline workflow, and take advantage of Microsoft CRM software.

    Jasco also recommends that other small businesses that are considering using Microsoft CRM take the time to define the types of reports and metrics they need to keep their operations running more profitably.

    Microsoft Dynamics For More Information

    For more information about Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, products and services, call the Microsoft adaptable business management solutions Sales Information Center at (800) 426-that enables you and your people to make 9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft business decisions with greater confidence. Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar 2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone which means less of a learning curve for your (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in people, so they can get up and running the United States or (905) 568-9641 in quickly and focus on what’s most important. Canada. Outside the 50 United States and And because it is from Microsoft, it easily Canada, please contact your local works with the systems your company already Microsoft subsidiary. To access information has implemented. By automating and using the World Wide Web, go to: streamlining financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes, Microsoft

     Dynamics brings together people, processes For more information about Avrio Group and technologies, increasing the productivity products and services, visit the Web site at: and effectiveness of your business, and helping you drive business success.

    For more information about JASCO For more information about Microsoft Inc.products and services, call (410) 822-Dynamics, go to:

    1220 or visit the Web site at:

     Software and Services Hardware

    ; Microsoft Dynamics ; 3 Dell Power Edge Servers; 2.8

    ? Microsoft CRM

    ; Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Partners

    2003 ; Avrio Group

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