yesterday, today and tomorrow

By Alfred James,2014-07-13 16:27
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yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

    My dear teacher and classmates,

    Good afternoon.

    Have you ever seen a short play named yesterday, today and tomorrow, which is directed

    by Zhao Benshan. It shows the great modernization achievements that China has gained. Today, my topic is still “yesterday, today and tomorrow, while I dont show my feeling about the

    changes made by time. Instead, I’d like to share my understanding of these three with you.

    Yesterday is history. It never exists in the moment. It only appears in your memory or your words. You can recall the unforgettable memories, and you can sing the song yester once more,

    but you can never go back to it. It has already gone with the wind.

    Today is everything. It’s the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. It’s the result of

    yesterday and the foundation of tomorrow. It’s the time we can control everything. It’s the most

    important day among them.

    What about tomorrow? Do you have any perspective about your tomorrow? Tomorrow is hope, is a change, is a revolution, and is a mystery. I still remember the words in Chicken Little, Tomorrow is another day! Yes, no matter what is like of your yesterday or today, good or bad, tomorrow is different. You can reform everything from the beginning.

    However, everything we can control is now; any decision we can make is now; any opportunity we can seize is now; any action we can take is still now. Yesterday is history; tomorrow is mystery; today is a gift. Thats why we call it the present.

    Thank you.

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