Psychological differences- the practice of new product development, marketing, psychology and differences in the cost of Psychology _10710

By Maria Henderson,2014-11-28 08:47
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Psychological differences- the practice of new product development, marketing, psychology and differences in the cost of Psychology _10710

    Psychological differences: the practice of new product development, marketing, psychology and differences in the cost of Psychology

    New product development (including the introduction of new products, agent) is the development process of many enterprises must face and solve

    practical problems. Many enterprises in the new product development or introduction of the process, met a lot of problems, but the lack of conclusion. Here I sum up under some actual work, to serve as a catalyst for readers reference.

     1, new product development success and failure of experimental data

     According to since 1940, a number of well-known enterprises in new

    product development (including the introduction of new products, agent) to incomplete statistics, new product development projects average success rate was 25%, developed the regional and national success rate is higher, at about 35%, backward regions and countries, some of the low success rate, in the 5-10% or so. This is a basic case.

     Meanwhile, the professional bodies for new product development (including the introduction of new products agency) reason for this failure was analyzed as follows:

     NO causes of the failure shows the proportion of the ratio%

     A market analysis before development less than 32% of two

    defective product itself (loss) 23% 3 non-economic behavior of four spent

    14% of operating incorrectly 10% of the five competitors, reflecting 8% 6 marketing efforts less than 7% 7 lack of time by 6% from a historical data

    can be seen that failure of new product development, there are two fatal points, one before the development of a detailed market analysis, one defective product itself, the two accounted for the failure of 55%. The third point is the non-economic conduct of operations, accounting for 14% of the probability, that is, market analysis can also be the product itself can, but run down and not making money, not economic behavior. The remaining four are not here to analyze.

     Above, we conducted seven reasons for the failure analysis, but on the successful development of new products the same point should also be analyzed are generally two things: First, differentiation is done well, two low-cost advantages do a good job. It simply is a differentiation and

    cost leadership.

     Once the loss of low-cost advantages, the products once the cost of our competitors to imitate, and others and your flat, you no advantage, at least there is no competitive advantage. Differentiation effect is good, but it is difficult to do a good job. We are an example. Shanghai has a beer, the brand name is Suntory, and many people are drunk, the beginning of product development and positioning when the ad that says:

'pure natural mineral water production', which is a no difference of

    position, That beer company is not such a blow? Whose beer companies will say that we beer is made with tap water? Later, Suntory Beer has carried out a targeted advertising that says 'Suntory beer advanced manufacturing equipment manufacturing', that there is little difference, Do people Budweiser and force wave is primitive equipment manufacturing This is a different issue? Still later, Suntory Beer has carried out a targeted advertising that their raw materials from Canada and Japan, and Germany,

    did you get in, which is considered a similar difference, not just any beer company can do, it was almost. In short, the differentiation is very important to differentiate their products and ultimately the customer have the final say, but the customer's perception is guided by advertising (see Shen south, Zhang Jing-hong 'the five elements of idealism Marketing From Advertising', Shanghai World The new, 2006 edition).

     Second, the market for new product development and market

    technology staff Inspiration

     First of all segments of customers should pay attention to the psychological research, especially in differentiation research. Ask clients how the new products they see the future, customers think that the products are differentiated, specific tools can take a quiz, sending small gifts, etc. The key point of the work is to identify the potential customer base, customer base and look for bias in words, research results are also a great discount.

     Second, we should attach great importance to the cost of

    assessment, measurement is economic behavior.

     The third is the product design itself should be qualified, not the product itself was defective.

     Fourth, advertising and marketing plan to highlight the

    differences and product features. Like KFC, in China and sold in the United States similar prices, but the spending power of the two different gap between income levels in China becomes expensive, however, KFC does not lower prices, why are so many kids and large my friends go?

    Differentiation ah, and cultural difference. Therefore, the market planners to find differentiation, changing customer awareness, allow customers to view product differentiation, it was useful.

     These are the specific work of a few core point is the master,

    Gangjumuzhang, each point can also be subdivided into a number of points. For example, cost estimates can be refined for the management costs, product costs, fees, and a number of projects, each project can also refine down, and so on, do not go into details here.

     III Summary

     Product is the foundation, but also the carrier of value and use value. The development of new products (including the introduction of new products, agent), developers want to get the value of the product in the

    residual value of the consumer to get the product value, and this access is not through the payment behavior of certain channels and venues obtained. Therefore, new product development and introduction time, in the analysis of market research time to consider the interests of customers and market segments (value), should also consider the economic behaviors (developer and marketer of interests), but also to product quality itself, has done Qualified . These three points is the basis, sales and marketing

    efforts together, the success or failure of the whole episode, the maximum weight of not more than 8%. From this perspective, the market is not

    biggest names, sell non-masters, to seize the value and use value of two points, and passed the industry and time selected products, processes and details of the elements of strict management and process things right, then generally speaking the success of chance is quite big.

     These are the author point of view, inappropriate, please

    criticize the correction.

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