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    Fill in the blanks with proper words according

    to the reading material.

    W: I’d like to know about reduce body pains and M: Penicillin was (7)

    the two medicines fever. In 1897, a by a Scottish scientist

    aspirin and penicillin. European chemist in 1928.He thought it

    Could you please tell might help in treating produced ASA from

    me something about wounds and illness (8) some chemicals to

    them? make a medicine for

     by bacteria. But it was his father. The first (4) M: I’ll be glad to. If you not until World War II of this medicine

    open up any medicine took place in 1899 that two other

    cupboard in the world, when the powder form scientists managed to

    it is (1) that you began to be used with use new chemical

    will find aspirin and (5) .In1900, it was techniques to (9) it

    penicillin. Both of sold in shops as a and then produced it

    them have saved many tablet which became in large (10) .

    people’s lives since Thanks to it, many the(6) medicine

    they were invented lives were saved in the world for pain

     during World War II. relief.

    It can also treat other W: When was aspirin W: Besides reducing fever

    illnesses including invented? and pain, what other

    pneumonia. functions does it have?

     M: I don’t know for sure,

    either. 3,500 years ago, M: It can also help reduce W: I’ve learned a lot

    people (2) on the risk of heart today .Thank

    leaves or drank a kind attacks and colon you.

    of tea made from cancer and so on.

    M: It is a pleasure leaves (3) a W: What about

    special chemical to penicillin?

     1 2

2 2

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