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    1319 josephine | berkeley, ca 94703 | t: 415.260.8269



Digital Youth Research Project | UC Berkeley | Berkeley, CA

    Graduate Student Researcher (September 2005 present)

    Working under Peter Lyman (UC Berkeley) and Mimi Ito (USC Annenberg Center) on a $3.3 Million MacArthur grant to study how youths informal use of digital media affects communication, learning, knowledge, and play.

     Conducted 12 week ethnographic eld study of 11-15 year old kids enrolled in an arts and technology program for children from the Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods of San Francisco. Design and perform interview and diary protocols to asses youths everyday uses of digital media.

     Draft analysis memos leading to a report to MacArthur this spring.

Yahoo! Research Berkeley | Berkeley, CA

    Research Intern (September 2005 March 2006)

    Working under Marc Davis Social Media group at the recently launched research collaborative between Yahoo! and UC Berkeley.

     Assess user needs, develop information architecture, and design user interface prototypes.

Garage Cinema Research | UC Berkeley | Berkeley, CA

    Designer, User Experience Group (May 2005 August 2005)

    Member of Marc Davis research group focused on enabling media consumers to become media


     Design information visualizations and user interface prototypes for desktop and mobile applications that leverage temporal, spatial and social metadata for multimedia capture, use, and reuse.

Jan Krukowski & Company | New York, NY

    Interactive Media Producer (January 2002 May 2005)

    Information Architect & Interaction Designer (June 2000 January 2002)

    Oversee information architecture, user interface design, multimedia content development, and programming of Web sites, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and interactive environments for marketing agency focused on the not-for prot sector.

     Conduct qualitative needs assessment through individual interviews with stakeholders and focused

    group and usability testing with users; help develop survey instruments for quantitative market research.

     Draft information architecture and user interface wireframes.

     Prototype user interfaces and story-board scenarios for interactive experiences. Contribute to, and manage, team of writers, animators, 3-D modelers, programmers, photographers, videographers, and editors for multimedia content creation.

     Act as primary interface with client.

     Work received numerous awards including: Macromedia Site of the Day; UCDA Gold, Silver and Judges Choice awards; CASE Gold.


    1319 josephine | berkeley, ca 94703 | t: 415.260.8269



UC Berkeley | School of Information (formerly SIMS) | Berkeley, CA

    Masters expected, May 2007

     Graduate fellowship.

     Noteworthy Courses: Ethnographic Practice (Jean Lave); Information Visualization (Marti Hearst); Industrial Design & Human Factors (Ken Goldberg).

Bowdoin College | Brunswick, ME

    Bachelor of Arts in Economics, June 2000

     Phi Beta Kappa; Summa Cum Laude; Writing Tutor; Economics Prize; Graduation Award. Computer Skills

     Design & Prototyping Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign; QuarkXPress; Macromedia Flash. Computer Languages: Java, XML, XSLT, XPATH, HTML, CSS, ActionScript.

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