MCCS 994 - Contemporary Topics in Missions

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MCCS 994 - Contemporary Topics in Missions ...


Contemporary Topics in Missions Liberty Theological Seminary

    MCCS 994 Dr. D. Jim O’Neill January 8-12, 2007 Ph: 610/667-7660

     Email: jim.o’

I. Course Description:

    What every pastor should know about world missions today. Special attention will be

    given to strategies and priorities for local church involvement in missions.

II. Course Rationale:

    The course is designed to help pastors think through how their local church can be

    involved in the task of world evangelization. The course will seek to ask and answer the

    following questions: How can the local church be faithful to both the local and global

    aspects of the task? What are the theological, contextual and strategic issues that confront

    the church today which impact the fulfillment of world evangelization?

III. Pre-requisite: none; part of the DMIN program

IV. Materials List

    A. Guthrie, Stan. Missions in the Third Millennium, Paternoster Press, 2000

    B. George Miley. Loving the ChurchBlessing the Nations, Gabriel Publishing, 2003

    C. David C. Forward. The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip, Moody

    Press, 1998

    D. Pirolo, Neal. Serving as Senders: How to care for your missionaries. Emmaus

     Road Intl, 1991. This resource can be ordered from

    Send the Light


    129 Mobilization Drive

    Waynesboro, GA 30830

    Phone: 1-8MORE-BOOKS (1-866-732-6657)

    Fax: 706-554-7444

    E. Prayer Cards from CrossWorld, available on the first day of class. stF. Johnstone, Patrick and Jason Mandryk, Operation World: 21 century edition, th6 edition, Waynesboro, GA.: Paternoster, USA, 2001

    G. Articles on file Blackboard.

    H. Video tapes on various mission issues.

V. General Course Aims

    A. To help the student become familiar with the issues confronting missions as it

    relates to the local church.

    B. To help the student think through how the local church can be motivated for

    missions from a theological perspective.

     O’Neill, DMin 994, LBTS, Jan. 8-12, 2007, 1

C. To help the student understand how the local church can be equipped for

    effective local and global missions.

    D. To help the student think through what the local church can do to effectively

    equip the laity toward involvement in world evangelization.

    VI. Product Elements


A. Read the articles listed below in preparation for class discussion. The articles

    are available on Blackboard.

    1. “Why don’t we have more church planting missionaries?” by Ron


    2. “The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches” by George Patterson in

    Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, A Reader.

    3. “Culture, Learning and Missionary Training” by James E. Plueddeman

    in Internationalizing Missionary Training.

    4. Beyond Windows and Walls: A guide to Planting Churches around the

    World, by Jim O’Neill. Read pages 3-4, 12-48 B. Memorize the five Great Commission passages: Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 16:15;

    Luke 24:44-49; John 20:21; Acts 1:8. No exams but quizzes on these passages

    will be given during the week long modular.

    C. Think through how you would integrate a theological understanding of

    missions in your preaching from the following books of the Bible. How do

    missions and mission appear in the following books? Write a half-page single

    spaced response to this question from the following books. Be concise and


    ? Isaiah

    ? Romans

    ? Philippians

    D. Read the following three books in preparation for class discussion. Provide a

    two page double spaced critique of each book addressing the strengths and

    weaknesses, what you agree with/disagree with and why, what you found

    helpful and could put into use in your current ministry.

    1. Guthrie, Stan. Missions in the Third Millennium, Paternoster Press,


    2. George Miley. Loving the Church…Blessing the Nations, Gabriel

    Publishing, 2003 [Read chapters 1-8, 15-20]

    3. Pirolo, Neal. Serving as Senders, UFM International, 1991 E. David C. Forward. The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip, Moody

    Press, 1998 [Read chapters 1-4, 12. No written response for this book]


     O’Neill, DMin 994, LBTS, Jan. 8-12, 2007, 2

    A. Establish a prayer team to be activated for prayer for missions based upon the

    model used in class during the week of the course. Details will be covered

    during the week of class.

    B. Develop three outlines for messages you would speak to your congregation or

    some ministry teaching forum that would allow the integration of mission into

    the flow of Bible book studies. Details will be covered in class.

    C. Select an issue discussed in class or from the course readings and develop a

    project around that particular issue. Special emphasis should be given to the

    relationship of the issue to the local church or your particular ministry. Details

    will be covered in class.

    VI. Grading Policies

    The professor reserves to himself a margin of 10% on the final grade to allow for

    class participation and evidence of creative thinking.

    Grading Scale:

    A = 100-93 10% Class participation, quizzes

    B = 92-85 20% Pre-course readings, book reviews

    C = 84-75 20% Pre-course Bible book integration reports

    D = 74-65 10% Prayer Journal

    F = 64-0 20% Sermon outlines

     20% Issues Project

    VII. Course Outline:


    1. Introduction to the course

    2. Developing an integrative theology

    3. Video: Ee-taow, how to evangelize cross-culturally. What lessons can we learn in

    North America?

    4. The Post-class sermon outlines project: How do we integrate our theology into

    our practice?

    5. Prayer cards, Operation World resource for prayer.


    1. How to think through issues of contextualization in missions: The Church Beyond

    Windows and Walls

    2. How to develop leaders for missions at the local church level

    3. “Why don’t we have more church planting missionaries?”

    4. “The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches”

    5. Video: Ee-taow, the sequel. What does reproducing in missions look like? What

    can we learn for application in our missions programs here in North America?

    6. Mobilizing for prayer: Will North America still be a force for prayer and missions? 7. Prayer cards, Operation World resource for prayer.

     O’Neill, DMin 994, LBTS, Jan. 8-12, 2007, 3


    1. “Culture, Learning and Missionary Training” Do all cultures learn like us? What

    are the differences? How will this impact our short-term missions programs?

    2. Issues: Guthrie, Part I: The Home Arena

    3. Missionary Care: How can we be more effective?

    4. How far have we come with indigenization?

    5. What to do about the theological drift in North American Christianity?

    6. Video: The Yao Project, a model in contextualization and partnership

    7. The Prayer Project


    1. Issues: Guthrie, Part II: The Strategic Arena

    2. What to do with the 10/40 Window?

    3. Short-term missions? The Essential Guide (Chapters 1-4)

    4. Video: Unreached People Group


    1. Loving the ChurchBlessing the Nations (Chapters 1-8)

    2. Serving as Senders

    3. How can we mobilize the church as an effective sending force?

    4. Conclusions

    5. Issues Project discussion


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