Never say

By Kim Reed,2014-07-03 08:59
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Never say

Never say

Never say I Love You

    If you don't really care

    Never talk of feelings

    If they aren't really there

    Never hold my hand

    If you mean to break my heart

    Never say forever

    If you ever plan to part

    Never look into my eyes

    If you are telling me a lie

    Never say hello

    If you think you'll say goodbye

    Never say that I'm THE one

    If you dream of more than me

    Never lock up my heart

    If you don't h.e the key



    when i say i love u

    coz i ensure that u was important in my life when i about feeling

    coz when i saw u my heartbeat became faster when i holding ur's hand

    coz at that time ur's hand just like my heart when i say forever

    coz needed give u sense of security to promise the future

    when i look into ur eye

    coz ur's eye can release my tried when i start to say hello to u

    coz i hope to say goodnight every night when i say u was the only one

    coz i just want to be ur g.o.d "guardian of dream"

    but now i wont lock up ur heart

    coz i just need to get the friendship from u ~~~~

mine fren say hahaha:)

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