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625 Best Avenue. Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814. (208) 664-2133. (208) 667-8775 Fax. 4101 East Broadway Spokane, WA 99202. (509) 534-5616. (509) 535-6539 Fax ...

     625 Best Avenue 4101 East Broadway Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 Spokane, WA 99202

    (208) 664-2133 (509) 534-5616

    (208) 667-8775 Fax (509) 535-6539 Fax


    Wild Ridge Estates Wastewater Treatment System

    Orenco Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex Treatment The Perfect Solution

    In the months to come, Ruen-Yeager would work

    closely with R.C. Worst & Co. as well as with

    Orenco Systems, the developer and manufacturer

    of the Commercial AdvanTex Treatment system, to

    plan, develop and install the largest Commercial

    AdvanTex project in the state of Idaho and Eastern

    Washington. The system is designed to treat a

    peak daily flow of nearly 28,000 gallons of effluent

    to ‘better than secondary’ standards. With state-of-

    the-art remote telemetry controls and high quality

    components designed to work together, the Wild

    Ridge wastewater treatment facility operates at a

    cost of less than $10.00/ month for each lot owner; an average of 65% less than for the nearby city

    residents of Rathdrum. Randy Broesch of Ruen-Yeager Associates For installation, R.C. Worst Co teamed up with one contacted Justin VanCleave of R.C. Worst & Co. of the area’s most trusted excavation contractors, regarding a wastewater system for a proposed 54 Lawrence Construction. In July of 2009 the home subdivision near Rathdrum Idaho. Test hole complete system was installed and final start-up information revealed a lack of suitable soil in the occurred in September of the same year. upper-elevation lots. There was a collaborative determination that a centralized community disposal system would be necessary for the

    development. Further, the results of an Idaho

    Department of Environmental Quality Nutrient-

    Pathogen study dictated the requirement of a

    Nitrogen reduction level of <15mg/L.

The preliminary Ruen-Yeager plan included

    provisions for a ‘big-pipe’ gravity sewer system

    and lift stations. Broesch looked to R.C. Worst &

    Co. for an alternative solution to present to the

    property developers. After a few meetings, it was

    decided that an effluent sewer system would feed a centralized Commercial AdvanTex Treatment

    facility. Initial cost saving estimates for the

    installation as well as future operation and maintenance costs were near half that of a

    traditional gravity sewer system. R.C. Worst & Company, Inc.

     625 Best Avenue 4101 East Broadway Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 Spokane, WA 99202 (208) 664-2133 (509) 534-5616 (208) 667-8775 Fax (509) 535-6539 Fax

    Project Summary

Installation Date System Engineer Operator

    June 2009 Randy Broesch, P.E. R.C. Worst Co. Inc

     John Karpenko, P.E. Water Works, Inc Description Ruen-Yeager Associates, Inc ?Advantex Treatment System

    Contractor Pressurized Trench Drainfield

     Lawrence Construction

    Design Flow

    Installer 13,500 gpd average

    28,000 gpd peak Lawrence Construction

    R.C. Worst Co. Inc.

    System Summary

Treatment System Disposal System:

    ; 40,000 gallon Xerxes recirc/ blend tank ; 20,000 gallon Xerxes dose tank

    10,000 gallon anoxic/denite chamber ; 5 - Duplex drainfield dosing pump systems ?; 8 AdvanTex AX100 Treatment Pods ; Pressurized Infiltrator Chamber drain field ; Soda Ash feeder (alkalinity) ; 14 alternating drainfield modules totaling 2.75 ; MicroC chemical feeder (carbon source) miles of pressurized dome-chamber trench

    Performance Summary

Operation & Maintenance Performance

     ; IDEQ Report Preparation and Submittal

    Constituent Permit Limits ; Treatment Facility Maintenance ; Treatment Facility Sampling BOD5 N/R ; Monitor-Well Sampling TSS N/R ; Monitor-Well Level, Data Collection TN <15 mg/L ; Level 2 Treatment Operator Retainer

Yearly Maintenance Costs

    Sampling, Inspections, Reports = $6,268.00

    Monthly per lot sewer cost = $9.70 R.C. Worst & Company, Inc.

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