Dipyridamole coated wire-type electrode selection and application of_3222

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Dipyridamole coated wire-type electrode selection and application of_3222

Dipyridamole coated wire-type electrode selection and

    application of

     Abstract This paper presents a double-dipyridamole and iodine

    molecules formed by association complex compounds for the electrical activity of dipyridamole coated PVC membrane

    selective electrode wire was measured dipyridamole tablets. Electrode linear response range of 1.0 × 10-2 ~ 4.0 × 10-

    5mol / L, differential potential of 56mV/pC, detection limit of 2.6 × 10-5mol / L. The electrode response to the rapid and

    reproducible results in line with the pharmacopoeia method.

     Key words Ion-selective electrode determination of

    dipyridamole coated wire

     Preparation and Application of Coated Wire Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane dipyridamole Selective Electrode

     Abstract In this paper, a new coated wire polyvinyl chloride membrane dipyridamole selective electrode based on dipyridamole and iodine molecular association complex is reported. The electrode showed Nernst response for dipyridamole ranges between 1.0 × 10-2 ~ 4.0 × 10-5mol / L

    with a slope of 56 mV / pC. The detection limit is 2.6 × 10-

    5mol / L. The electrode has fast respons and good reproducibility. The electrode has been used for the determination of dipyridamole in medicinal tablet by the standard curve method. The procedures of this method are simple and the reseuts obtained agree with those of pharmacopeial method.

     Key words Ion selective electrode; dipyridamole;

determination; coated wire

     Dipyridamole (dipyridamole, DPM), also known as dipyridamole, with a strong antithrombotic effect in clinical practice for the prevention and treatment of chronic coronary

    circulation insufficiency, myocardial infarction, and disseminated intravascular coagulation, improve microcirculation and enhance Heparin and oral anti-clotting

    drugs anti-clotting effect, in addition to still treat viral infectious diseases, allergic diseases, neonatal Scleroderma, chilblains, etc. a certain application [1]. Determination of its content with Chinese Pharmacopoeia method [2], liquid chromatography [3], chemiluminescence analysis [4], polarography [5], voltammetry [6], flow injection [7], coated

    carbon-ion selective electrode method [8,9] and so on. The literature [8] described the slope of the electrode is only 30mV, [9] described the slope of the electrode 48mV. In this study, dipyridamole and iodine molecules for the electrical activity of the association complex objects, the first time a film of PVC coated wire dipyridamole-selective electrode, and

    use of the electrode pairs of dipyridamole in tablets were determined results in line with the pharmacopoeia method.

     An experimental part of the

     1.1 Instrument and reagents

     PXJ IB digital ion meter (Jiangsu Electroanalytical Instrument Factory), 79-type magnetic heating stirrer.

     PVC powder for industrial goods, dipyridamole reference substance (Hohhot pharmaceutical), dipyridamole tablets

    (Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain General Pharmaceutical Factory, batch number: 0105072) and the remaining drugs for AR.

     1.2 Preparation of electro-active materials

     To 0.2mol / L potassium iodide solution of iodine in 50mL

    drops while stirring add 50mL 0.01mol / L dipyridamole in aqueous hydrochloric acid, that is generated precipitation will precipitate with the sand core funnel No. 3 leaching, deionized 6 ~ 8 times of water washing in order to desiccant drying to constant weight, that is, things get electric activity.

     1.3 Preparation of electrodes

     To take the matter said the electrical activity 4mg, adding 0.6mL dibutyl phthalate, 200mg PVC powder and 5mL tetrahydrofuran, stirring evenly, will be the coating in pre-

    treated silver electrode surface of natural evaporation, repeat 4 ~ 5 times before use in the 10-4mol / L standard

    solution of dipyridamole in the activation of 20 min, and then deionized washed with water to achieve a stable electrical potential can be used later. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2 Results and discussion

     2.1 The response curve

     Dipyridamole the electrode and saturated calomel electrode composed of the following cell to test the performance of electrodes: PVC membrane coated wire electrodes dipyridamole | analyte solution of dipyridamole SCE.

    Determination results shown in Figure 1, results showed that the electrode linear response range of 1.0 × 10-2 ~ 4.0 ×

    10-5mol / L, differential potential of 56mV/pC, detection limit of 2.6 × 10-5mol / L.

     2.2 pH value of the impact

     Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution with a certain concentration adjusted dipyridamole dilute hydrochloric acid solution and capturing the value of the corresponding potential for pH and electric potential diagram shown in Figure 2. Experimental results show that the pH in the range of 2.4 to 4.0, the electric potential changes with the pH of no more than ? 1mV. Experiments with pH 3.2 to

    0.1mol / L citric acid buffer solution, control solution pH.

     2.3 Response time and service life of

     Electrode can be used repeatedly, each time after the measurement to the gap potential wash, dry and dark save the life of the electrode at room temperature for about two months.

     2.4 auxiliary interference experiment

     Said that the proportion of the amount of prescribed tablets taken excipients starch, powdered sugar, and magnesium stearate, etc., according to "2.7" entry under the measured results show that the prescription of accessories do not interfere with the determination.

     2.5 Determination of recovery

     Take tablets on prescription volume, said appropriate accessories, a total of two groups of five copies, respectively, placed in 50mL flask, respectively, 1.0 × 10-

    3mol / L, 1.0 × 10-4mol / L solution of dipyridamole constant

    volume, so that dipyridamole and accessories meet the prescribed ratio, the above solution, shaken, put it aside. Precise volume of 10ml were taken by "2.7" was determined under the testing results listed in Table 1. Determination of recovery rates in Table 1 (omitted)

     2.6 Standard curve drawing

     Weigh 0.2523g of dipyridamole reference substance in about 20mL of the above-mentioned buffer solution, dropping

    0.1mol / L hydrochloric acid to pH 3.2 or so, and to the above-mentioned buffer in the constant volume to 50mL flask, and then 0.1mol / L The buffer solution will be diluted solution of dipyridamole reference substance into the standard solutions of different concentrations were measured the corresponding electrical potential (E), with electrical

    potential (E) for the vertical axis, the concentration of the negative logarithm (pC) for the abscissa as the standard curve The experiment proves: Dipyridamole at 1.0 × 10-2 ~ 4.0 ×

    10-5mol / L concentration range showed a good linear

    relationship between the.

     2.7 Sample Measurement

     Dipyridamole tablets take 20 to sugar-coated, precision

    that set, and get the average piece weight, small study, saying take appropriate powder (about the equivalent of dipyridamole 50mg) home 50ml beaker to about 20mL above buffer solution, dropping 0.1mol / L hydrochloric acid to pH 3.2 or so, and to the constant volume buffer to 100mL flask, using

    dipyridamole electrodes measured to calculate the amount of 25mg of the labeled content of the sample, and with the

    Chinese Pharmacopoeia method comparison, the results in Table 2. Table 2 Dipyridamole tablets tablets determination of results (omitted)


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