lifelong education

By Alexander Fisher,2014-10-30 10:55
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lifelong education

Do you know lifelong education ?

    Yes , Lifelong educating is the process of keeping your mind and body engagedat any ageby actively pursuing

    knowledge and experience

    I agree with you,And with the development of society, the lifelong education becomes more and more impotant.There are much more competition in daily life ,so we must keep on learning.

    Ah,for me,,I would like to enter for the lifelong-education to learn new things in order that I can get some diplomas. Because I think many diplomas will help me to strenghten my ability and get a better job.

    Lifelong education has various styles. On one hand, we can learn all by ourselves, and exchange frequently with others. On the other hand, we should join some evening classes to learn new contents, to improve our learning level.

    Also when we are at home ,we can learn many things by internet. especially, the distance education have developed and many network schools have found.

    Et what do you think the benefits of lifelong learning Let me think about it ,in my opinion it can keep your mind sharp ,Improves memory ,Increases self-confidence .

    Yes,and Offers an inexpensive way to try something new , helps you meet people who share your interests

    We can enjoy studying no matter how old are we!

    There is a saying goes , one is never too old to learn. so the key is motivation.

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