Diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching Experiment Teaching Model_291

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Diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching Experiment Teaching Model_291

    Diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching Experiment Teaching Model

     Abstract Chinese medicine laboratory diagnosis teaching mode of teaching in medical colleges and universities an important part of education reform. According to

    characteristics of the course of Laboratory Diagnosis, Chinese medicine subjects characteristics of the teaching presented by the teachers and students, the students and the students have mutual information between input and output and feedback such

    as "three-tier" model, instead of traditional teacher input , students process information of this "two" teaching mode. Under the existing teaching environment, how to reflect the leading role of teachers and improve student learning initiative has been studied and discussed.

     Key words Chinese medicine "3" teaching mode "2" teaching model laboratory diagnosis

     Chinese medicine diagnostics teaching is a bridge between basic and clinical courses. Laboratory Diagnostics laboratory examination from the point of view to teach the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, efficacy and prognosis, the diagnosis and interpretation of disease, the most basic laws of the theory and methods, is that Chinese medicine students must master the most basic courses1. Laboratory Diagnosis is a

    theoretical system with independent, high-tech intensive,

    adaptable, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive

    interdisciplinary. In recent years, with the medical experiments the continuous development of diagnostic techniques, experimental diagnostics in medical diagnosis is increasing. Teaching laboratory diagnosis should be based on clinical thinking ability as the core, in order to stimulate enthusiasm for learning as a means to train students to

analyze problems, problem-solving abilities and sound clinical

    thinking, promote the "student" to "doctor" role in conversion.

     Chinese students in developing the teaching process, in addition to clinical practice, most curriculum still use the traditional "two" teaching model, that teachers are the

    inculcation of knowledge, students are recipients of knowledge. Physical diagnosis teaching and learning should focus on in order to master the practical skill-based, this

    teaching model is not suitable physical diagnosis teaching and learning. Therefore, we have adopted a "three-tier approach"

    to improve the teaching effect.

     We combine the characteristics of Laboratory Diagnosis, teaching model from the previous teacher-centered, into a

    student-centered, student-led. Put forward the "three"

    teaching model and carried out in practice and exploration, improved teaching methods from the traditional teacher input, students process information of this "two" teaching mode, change for teachers and students, the students and between students there is a mutual input and output of information and feedback such as "3" teaching mode [1].

     Teacher ? Student

     A high-quality teachers, Instructors, to increase students sense of responsibility

     Teaching the teacher's words and deeds will be imperceptible influence on students of professional ethics, and life. Therefore, teachers must have lofty ideological

    moral sentiments. Teachers should have a high teaching ability, which requires teachers to master a wealth of professional knowledge; two have a higher basic skills; and they must have a wealth of clinical experience. Laboratory Diagnosis of teaching and the teaching of other subjects, different, it has a strong professional, in particular, this course is based medicine and clinical sections of the bridge between the classes, teachers should have the required teaching biochemistry, physiology, pathology professional

    knowledge and other basic courses, as well as internal medicine, surgery and other professional knowledge; should have higher basic skills and clinical experience to help

students to establish a correct outlook on life and values.

     Two flexible teaching methods, and foster student interest in learning

     Teachers must be flexible teaching methods in imparting knowledge in the process of good inspiration and induction, to fully mobilize the students of the brain pro-active thinking,

    application of heuristics to discuss the type, induction and other teaching methods, to guide students to brain, moving mouth, hands-on, overcome difficulties and creative learning. Timely use of multimedia, audio-visual education, clinical

    examples to discuss teaching methods and so on. The organization of the content should be clear, concise language should be rich, using anecdotal interesting story to enhance the interest of students. Admissions of patients with doctors in general procedure: a preliminary analysis of disease

    diagnosis ? ? diagnosis ? treatment. In the entire process

    of laboratory diagnosis of the important position and role of explanation, determine the correct method of clinical thinking. Always remember that "I am a doctor" to guide

    students to the disease symptoms, signs or abnormal results, as well as students in learning a problem for the clues to guide students to identify problems, discuss problems and improve the ability to solve problems [2]. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3 challenges the needs of society to cultivate the enthusiasm of students

     Most of today's students to learn self-awareness is not

    strong dependency on teachers seriously. Laboratory Diagnosis many test items, content, boring, class less, it will be difficult to master, students prone afraid of difficulties. Now school students, mostly one-child, shouldering the burden

    of the family and society. We are in an era of rapid economic development, economic development is primarily the competition

    for talent, and now they are in fierce competition for college students center. So, do an excellent high quality traditional Chinese medicine students, will serve the community, the family have made outstanding contributions to human health,

    contribute their life energy. In order to achieve good grades, to adapt to fierce competition in the talent market, but also to give a certain degree of pressure to appropriately increase

its operations, the establishment of examination and

    evaluation system to improve learning motivation and initiative; critical thinking and discovery and problem-

    solving capabilities, students invincible. Teaching of theoretical knowledge in order to "teach" the main teaching experimental courses in order to "study" the main, so that

    teaching enhances the feelings between teachers and students more easily face to face communication, active learning ideas for training a more excellent strong practical skills laid the foundation for Chinese medicine students [1,3].

     4 organize the students to discuss the exchange of students between

     To promote among students learn from each other knowledge, sharing knowledge and learning time, place and content. Select sections of experiment, for classroom discussion, such as the urine test, please have a stronger organizational capacity and performance of the strong desire of students to prepare separately, or group as the unit can also be quarters as a unit, and organized discussion, elected to the main spokesman for the to explain and publicize the experiment content, the steps, pay attention to issues, quality control, etc., and discussed. Appear on the urine protein and the relationship with renal tubular discussion, each student can raise questions, participate in the

    discussion the shortfalls and gaps. To understand how the experimental results obtained, and specimens from specimen note when doing so can be teacher-student interaction, both

    teaching and learning to play with the student, teacher-guided

    two-way teaching, create an atmosphere to allow students made it clear that their views , lively discussion, and actively debate; teachers, doubts and questions ? to the construction,

    from the shallow people deep Youyidaonan, layered to explain [1]. Linking theory with practice, and guide students to use what they have learned, combined with the current cases, repeatedly thinking, to improve the ability to solve practical

    problems. In quarters as the unit is also able to use their spare time together, can be discussed before going to bed after dinner to learn more conducive to teaching and have a multiplier effect [4,5].

     5 students to the podium to teach, the role of teachers as program presenters

     To create conditions and opportunities for students to work as teachers in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students to experience teaching in secondary and master the key point of the learning process to increase their self-

    learning ability for students to the podium to explain stool examination, serous effusion examination, Then organize students to discuss. Combined with clinical examples of colon cancer blood in the stool, following clinical thinking outside to the inside, seize the essence of the disease. We can all ask questions, then it will stimulate the students interest in learning, but also to enhance students in learning in memory to achieve better teaching results. The student teachers can

    speak for additions or thought-provoking questions, finally

    concluding talk. Teachers throughout the process to achieve pre-class induction, classroom guidance, after-school flow, in

    order to facilitate the desired objective [2,3].

     "3" teaching model that allows students to "fish" "fish" double income, also plenty of students to be the rational use of energy, the pursuit of new knowledge, to explore the forefront of scientific development, the aspirations are met, while both teaching and learning, teaching complement each other can be inspiration to stimulate teachers and students teaching and research to enhance the feelings of teachers and students. Develop both a wealth of knowledge, another organizational capacity, understanding, communication skills,

    creativity, ability to communicate a comprehensive talent [6].


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