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    Self-Introduction and Personal Philosophy

    Heebon Park-Finch, Ph. D.

    Part-time Lecturer

    Dept. of English Language and Literature

    Kyungpook National University, Daegu

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I was born in Daegu, where I lived for most of my life (apart from some visits abroad and

    two years in Seoul and Hong Kong), benefiting from a warm and supporting family, and a

    city which provided me with a sound education and opportunities for personal growth.

Since my earliest school days I have been interested in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, a

    search which was inspired by my parents and enhanced by my teachers. This has stayed

    with me into adult life, and I now find myself realizing the importance and beauty of such

    ideas and principles. My aim therefore is to develop this approach to life and to share it with

    others through everything I do. In terms of work, this means motivating and encouraging

    others by my own positive example, doing my best in everything, and never being afraid to

    say I dont know. Rather, I hope to inspire a creative and positive way of dealing with the

    various problems that are a part of everyones lives.


A strong sense of responsibility and a wish to perform 100% at all times resulted in my being

    elected as class chairperson from Elementary School through High School, a position that I

    valued for the opportunities and learning experiences it offered in terms of being a

    responsible leader while also helping and motivating classmates. Secondary education was

    therefore an enjoyable experience for me, especially English classes, in which I was fortunate

    to have caring and inspirational teachers. This love of studying English led to my becoming

    leader of extra-curricular English Conversation clubs, receiving various awards in English

    speech contests, participating in inter-High School English competitions, and eventually to a

    BA in English-Education (1993) and an MA in English Literature (2001), both from

    Kyungpook National University. For more advanced study, I began my Ph. D coursework in

    English Literature also here at KNU in March 2002 and received a doctorate degree in

    February 2006 with a Ph.D. dissertation titled Postmodern Aesthetics in Tom Stoppards

    Comedy of Ideas. My field of interest is the contemporary British stage drama and theatre.

Having graduated from University, I attended the ELP (English Language Program) at the

    University of Pennsylvania for 4 months (1997), returning to Daegu in order to write English

    TV program scripts for Daegu MBC and to participate in the 1998 Kyongju World Culture

    EXPO Organizing Committee (1997 to 1999) as International Coordinator and Official

    Interpreter. At this time I was in charge of organizing World Folk Performances by

    international groups of folk dancers and National Day ceremonies for various different

    countries. After that, I worked as an Assistant Manager of Foreign Investment Services in

    Daegu City Government while also being enrolled at the Graduate School of International

    Studies at Kyungpook National University. Various translation (simultaneous and

    consecutive) and MC assignments for seminars, international symposiums and international

    business meetings resulted in my being offered the post of Social Secretary to the

    Ambassador in the Embassy of Pakistan, and I moved to Seoul, where I was able to further

    my interest in culture and diplomacy an interest that had grown with my involvement in the Kyongju World Culture EXPO. I worked for the 2003 Gyeongju World Culture EXPO

    again as International Coordinator and Official Interpreter. Currently, I am helping the

    upcoming Angkor-Gyeongju World Culture EXPO 2006 Organizing Committee as a part-

    time consultant.

During my career I have been an English Instructor at various times and for various

    institutions, including LG Electronics (Business English & TOEIC), Kyongsangbuk-Do

    Provincial Government (English Conversation for Government Officials), Daegu Polytechnic

    College (Tourism English), Yeungjin Junior College, Samsung SDS (TOEIC) and ChungAng

    University (English Conversation). Having a desire for professional development in this field,

    I became active in Korea TESOL (KOTESOL), accepting the post of Daegu Chapter Secretary

    from 1995, Treasurer and Presider for the 1996 International Conference, Special Events

    Coordinator for the 1997 International Conference and National Treasurer from 1999 to

    January 2001. I moved to Hong Kong with my husband who was then invited as a Language

    Testing Consultant to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for six months, when I worked

    as Research Associate for GSLPA-English (Graduating Students Language Proficiency

    Assessment). August 2001 I came back to Korea since my husband was invited as Assistant

    Professor (currently Associate Professor with tenure) in the English-Education Department,

    Kyungpook National University, which again gave me a chance to continue my study. In

    July 2005, I was offered the position of Academic Coordinator at the KNU Language Institute

    and worked there until February 2006 when I was offered a part-time lecturer position at

    KNU English Language & Literature Department starting from March 2006. I was mainly in

    charge of facilitating and hiring all the foreign teaching staff (30 English instructors) of the

    KNU Freshman English Program and the Language Institute English Conversation Programs.

    I also wrote a weekly culture column for the YeongNam Daily Newspaper from January to

    February 2006, sharing my experience as International and Cultural Coordinator with the

    readers. Those articles can be searched and viewed at

My husband and I have been regularly attending many ELT-related International Academic

Conferences together, including the Thailand TESOL Conferences, the JALT CUE (College

    and University Educators) Conferences in Japan, regional TESOL Conferences in China,

    Russia, Singapore and in particular, the TBLT (Task-Based Language Teaching) 2005 held in

    Leuven, Belgium, in addition to Korea TESOL and KATE Annual International Conferences.

    My husband has been giving a variety of inspiring presentations and workshops on ELT,

    suggesting alternative teaching methodology and assessment methods to EFL teachers in

    Korea and around the world. We have co-authored several ELT textbooks including Its Up

    to You! (2004), Tell Me More (China, 2005), and Welcome to China (China, 2006).

I am currently enjoying teaching English-related credit courses to KNU undergraduate and

    MA students during the semesters (English Composition, Practical English, Studies on

    American Society, etc.). During the vacation, I equally enjoy giving free-lance lectures on

    How to Teach Writing for the in-service teacher-training courses, while writing my British

    Drama-related papers and presenting them at the literary associations and conferences!


Concepts of trust and responsibility have been central to my life and are, I hope, evident in

    everything that I take on, from my school-life in Daegu, to my various employments and to

    activities such as visiting European cities (including those in U.K., Dublin and Paris). In all

    these things I have come to understand the importance of respecting others. Having married

    and moved back to Korea, this awareness has been heightened and has helped me further to

    appreciate the beauty of literature and cultural diversity.

Finally, my personal motto is something that I came across when tutoring students in college.

    This phrase has stayed with me since then and sums up my approach to life:

    A good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

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