Inclined to Accelerate

By Shawn Sanders,2014-12-02 11:01
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Inclined to Accelerate

    Beat Frequency with the Xplorer GLX?


    In this demonstration, students derive the beat frequency equation.


    ; Xplorer GLX (PS-2002)

    ; Powered Computer Speakers

    ; DataStudio? Software

    ; Computer / LCD projector

Hardware Setup:

    - Connect the speakers to the Xplorer GLX as in the picture above.

    - Using a USB cable connect the Xplorer GLX to a computer with a projector.

    - Open the XplorerGLX Simulator (located in the DataStudio folder).

Software Setup:

    1. Turn the Xplorer GLX on. Press the F4 button.

    2. Press the F3 button and select the Sound Sensor as in the picture above.

    3. Press the Home button.

    4. Press the F1 button to view a graph.

5. Press the F4 button and select Scope Mode as in the picture above.

    6. Press the Home button.


    1. From the Home Screen, use the arrow and check buttons to navigate to the Output Settings .

2. Use the arrow and check buttons to navigate to the frequency setting of either the Left or Right Output Channel as in the

    picture above.

3. Change the frequency by a few Hertz.

4. Require students to write down the frequency from each channel.

5. Press the F1 and F3 buttons to turn on both channels.

6. Ask students, “How many beats do you hear each second?”

7. Have students create an equation that relates the beat frequency to the frequency emitted from each channel.

    8. Leaving both channels on, press the Home Button.

9. Press F1 to select the Graph.

    10. Press the Start Button.

    11. Press F2 in conjunction with the arrow buttons to select Scale or Move so that 1.0 s is observed in the graph as in

    the picture above.

    12. Ask students, “Does the beat frequency equation that you derived earlier correspond with the graph? Why or why not?”

    13. If necessary, repeat the previous steps with different frequencies.

Instructor Hints:

    We recommend that the instructor run through the demonstration beforehand to become familiar with toggling between the Graph display and the Output Settings tool. This toggling is necessary in order to show the results of different frequencies.

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