Instructions for questions 1 to 32 Mark the alternative which

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Instructions for questions 1 to 32 Mark the alternative which ...


    Instructions for questions 1 to 32. 8. England and France have had powerful military forces but

    the United States has _____ powerful forces of them. Mark the alternative which best answers the item. a) more 1. Jane took the book although she knew it was _____ and b) the most she left it an hour ago with a friend of ______. c) many more d) much more a) mine / hers b) my own / her c) my / his own 9. A house-breaker could easily go into that building because d) me own’s / hers own of ________ windows were broken, but he might have hurt ________ The police could see blood on the ground. They are going to find out what has happened to _______. 2. They intended to keep all the money for _______ Jack ________ gave me this information. What is going to a) his / itself / his happen to ______ now ? b) their / itself / it c) my / myself / it a) they / his own / ours d) its / himself / him b) themselves / himself / us c) theirselves / himself / we d) they own / by him / ourselves 10. Michael played the piano _________ when he was _________. Now he stopped practicing. 3. She _____ by the end of the next year, when I ____ to a) better / younger Europe. b) very well / newest c) well / more young a) will have graduating / travel d) more right / more young b) will be graduating / will be traveling c) will can be graduating / am traveling d) had been graduating / had already traveled 11. He could play tennis very well but today he doesn’t play it ________ he used to 4. _____________ you survive in that forest ? a) as often as I had a survival course three years ago so I knew how to get b) more often as food. c) more frequently d) the most frequently that a) How did b) Why didn’t c) What can 12. I like that teacher. He explains things very _______. d) Who could a) slow b) easy c) clearly 5. You _______ say such bad things about your parents. d) intelligent a) could to b) have got 13. He ___________ smoke a lot but he stopped because he c) shouldn’t was running a big risk. d) don’t ought to a) has b) loves c) hates 6. I - _____ the boys pass or they fail. d) used to II -_____ being run over many times, he became more careful. III - The dog _______ barks does not usually bite. IV - She joined a military academy _______ become an officer.

    14. Robert never had an accident though he drives very _____.

     a) Whether / Which / after / either

    a) fast b) Either / After / which / in order to

    b) slow c) After / Either / in order to / which

    c) carefully d) Which / Before / after / in order to

    d) cautious

     7. The airplane will land ______ half an hour.

    15. Cabral _________ Brazil many years ago and his discovery

    opened new gates for Portugal, __________ ? a) by off b) at here a) discovered / didn’t it c) through b) has discovered / did it d) in about


    INFANTARIA c) had discovered / didn’t him

    d) has been discovered / did they



    16. We can’t do without him, _____________ ? d) one thousand five hundred seventeen two ; three

     hundred and thirteen nine

    a) can us

    b) can we

    c) can ours

    d) can’t he

17. By the time we got to the cinema, the movie _______

    already ________ .

a) had / started

    b) has / started

    c) didn’t / started d) would / started

18. If he likes that van, he ________ buy it or he _______ never

    take that long trip.

a) will / will

    b) could / had

    c) would / would

    d) can / wouldn’t

19. If I had _____ harder, I ______ have ______ the Math test.

a) studied / would / fail

    b) study / would / passed

    c) study / wouldn’t / failed

    d) studied / wouldn’t / failed

20. The old lady looks for ____ can give her minute of attention.

a) whoever

    b) whatever

    c) wherever

    d) whichever

21. Bob’s opponent was hitting him hard but Bob didn’t

    ________ . He was sure of ________ his own record.

a) take in / get over

    b) break up / giving up

    c) give up / breaking up

    d) take back / get through

22. _____ man I don’t know has called you but didn’t leave any

    message. ______ man just told me he’d call again during

    __________ week.

a) An / A / an

    b) A / The / the

    c) The / A / the

    d) The / The / a

23. How do you write the numbers 1572 and 339 in full ?

a) one thousand and fifty two ; three thousand thirty nine

    b) one hundred thousand five hundred seventy two ; three

    and thirty nine

    c) one thousand five hundred and seventy two ; three

    hundred and thirty nine



    24. _____ he ____ studied _____ have _____ his examination. c) She should have forgotten going back home

     d) She could have phoned that she was going to be late

    a) If / hasn’t / would / pass

    b) If / had / wouldn’t / passed c) If / hadn’t / wouldn’t / passed d) When / had / wouldn’t / pass

    25. You should have called to say you’d be late. I _________ but there was nobody home.

a) did call

    b) tried call

    c) can’t call

    d) try phone

26. The victim ______ walking along the bridge with a tall man.

a) has seen

    b) was seen

    c) didn’t see

    d) wasn’t seeing

27. The sentence Joe asked what I was doing there so late.

    can be equivalent to the following direct speech:

a) Why are you here so late ?

    b) Why are you there so late ?

    c) What have you been doing?

    d) What are you doing here so late ?

28. I ________ ten days in Europe in my last vacation and I

    _______ it was wonderful.

a) spend / think

    b) spent / thought

    c) had spended / thought

    d) spended / have thought

    29. - I can’t lend you my car this weekend. - What did he say ?

    - He _________ this weekend.

a) said he can’t lend you my car

    b) said he cannot lend you his car

    c) said you he can’t lend you his car d) told us he cannot lend you my car

30. Jennifer, __________ , didn’t do a good job but the

    _______ was very well in that movie.

a) the actriss / artist

    b) the actrix / author

    c) the actress / actor

    d) the actoress / actor

31. Unknown to her parents, Daisy was at a Christmas party at

    the office last night. She hadn’t come back home until 4

    a.m. There was a telephone set in the office, so _________.

a) She can hardly phone them tonight

    b) She will probably phone them later on


    INFANTARIA camps. Nevertheless, the Khmer Rouge force was able to 32. Which sentence is correct ?

    hit it along a kilometer-long front for 40 minutes before it

    was driven off by the district’s defenders. Only two people a) Never I have heard your name. were killed, but the rebels overran the clinic and carried all Not once he did mentioned it. the medicine away. b) I have heard your name never. Did not once he mention it. The gunfight at Phnom Sruoch demonstrated the c) I have never heard your name. Khmer Rouge’s growing courage - and its increasing ability Once not he did mention it. to attack near the center of the government supported by d) Never have I heard your name. the Vietnamese. Khmer Rouge fighters - still under the Not once did he mention it. command of Pol Pot, whose government the Vietnamese extinguished in 1979 - don’t intend to take power. Yet in the 11 months since Hanoi moved the bulk of its combat forces Instructions for questions 33 to 35. and military advisers out, the Khmer Rouge has gone Read these sentences and choose the right alternative. deeper and deeper inside the country. The guerrillas have taken several thousand kilometers along the Thai border and now have two new strategically located targets: 33. I - Jane traveled to San Francisco by train last January. Kampong Spew and Kampong Thom. II - Jane traveled by train to San Franscisco last January. III - Last January Jane traveled to San Francisco by train. IV - To San Francisco Jane traveled by train last January. 36. The guerrillas have ____________ a) Only sentence II is wrong. b) Sentences I and III are correct. a) lost some battles c) Sentences II and Iv are correct. b) been losing for 11 months d) Sentences III and IV are correct. c) shown courage of its Air Force d) been having important victories 34. I - From 8 to 10 p.m. frequently Robert studies. II - Robert frequently studies from 8 to 10 p.m. III - Robert frequently from 8 to 10 p.m. studies. 37. Kampong Spew and Kampong Thom are two IV - Robert studies frequently from 8 to 10 p.m. ____________ a) Only sentence I is correct. a) guerrillas’ bases b) Only sentence II is correct. b) guerrillas’ commanders c) Only sentence III is wrong. c) towns the soldiers attacked d) Sentences III and IV are correct. d) towns the guerrillas intend to attack 35. I - My brother were sent to a new station by the commander. II - Scarlet was promised a new computer for Christmas. 38. Phnom Sruoch’s market, health clinic and military and III - All the students must be told that the new teacher is to administrative offices were __________________ arrive in an hour IV - Great ! Where the doctor has being gone all those weeks ! a) targets hit by the guerrillas b) burned one morning last month a) I and II are correct. c) Phnom Sruoch’s defense forces b) I and III are correct. d) a difficult target for the Cambodians c) I and IV are correct. d) II and III are correct. 39. Because of the two hundred and fifty soldiers’ attack, Instructions for questions 36 to 40. Phnom Sruoch’s inhabitants may have ________________ Read the text below and choose the best alternative to complete the statement. a) to run over the clinic again b) serious health assistance problems c) made the people lose their courage THE KHMER ROUGE IS MOVING DEEPER INSIDE CAMBODIA - d) more attacks by the district’s defenders BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT TO TAKE POWER You don’t have to travel far from Phnom Penh to see the war. Early one morning last month Khmer Rouge 40. We could observe that the Khmer Rouge’s men guerrillas attacked the well-defended town of Phnom ________________. Sruoch - just 70 kilometers from the Cambodian capital. Some 250 rebel soldiers opened fire with automatic a) moved the bulk of its forces weapons and B-40 rockets on the town’s market, health b) have no intention to take power clinic and military and administrative offices. Phnom Sruoch c) command the Vietnamese Forces is not an easy target: a government armored regiment is d) set fire on Cambodian automatic weapons based nearby, as is one of its key infantry and tank-training


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