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Objective. To work in an achievement-driven environment for the mutual development of the organization and myself ,to obtain a full time position in a ...

     Curriculum vitae

     Feruzbek Ahmedov

    Address: UAE, DUBAI

    Mobile : 0555 11 36 86,

    e mail:


    To work in an achievement-driven environment for the mutual development of the organization and myself ,to obtain a full time position in a progressive company to increase awareness,growth and provide high quality professionalism the best of my potential.

Summary of Qualifications

    ; Financial and Managerial accounting, auditing, supervising

    ; Exceptional planning, organizational, and management skills.

    ; Ability to write technical documents including instruction manuals, processes and

    procedures in production manufacturing.

    ; Ability to work independently and in a team setting; diverse groups and situations.

    ; Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    ; Extensive knowledge of industry trends, processes, procedures, and production

    rules and regulations.

    ; Customer service and sale.


Sep 2004 July 2008 Tashkent Financial Institute,

     Economic Account Faculty

Sep 2008 June 2010 Tashkent Financial Institute &

     Texas A&M University,USA

     (Joint Project) Master’s degree

Work Experience:

Period : July 2010 Present

    Position : Manager + PRO

    Company name : “Antalya Cafeteria JLT” Dubai, UAE

    Responsibilities : Managing the restaurant & stuff applying visa for new staff, all documentation related to DMCC, HSD, CED, Immigration Services of UAE.

Period : Feb 2010 July 2010

    Position : Senior financial analyst

    Company name : “Essential & Investment group” , Tashkent,


    Responsibilities : collecting financial information of companies, analyzing and preparing financial statements(balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, shareholder’s equity ), and entering all data to the system.

Period : June 2009 Feb 2010

    Position : Accountant

    Company name : ДП ?Faxriy-servis? , Tashkent

    Responsibilities : conducting financial & managerial accounting, preparing financial statements and submit to management. Giving consultation to enhance, increase profitability, capacity, efficiency of the company.


     Best Student Accountant, Tashkent Financial Institute Sponsored Competition .

     Certificate of CAT “Financial Accounting # 1”, March 2008, CIPAEN

     Academic IELTS certificate (score is 7.0 ) , March 2006.


    Microsoft Word, Explorer, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe PhotoShop,

    PageMaker, 1C.


     Uzbek (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent), Turkish (basic).


     Trying to communicate warm and friendly;

     Excellent communication and organizational team-working skills:

     Punctual, Helpful, Responsible, Flexible, Motivated, Ethical and Open-minded…

Personal information :

Date of birth : 28.02.1988

    Nationality : Uzbek

    Marital status : Single

    Visa type : Resident

No objection letter (NOC) is available , if required .

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