Connected Systems Accelerate Solution Delivery, Reduce IT Costs by

By Frederick Young,2014-12-02 10:57
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Connected Systems Accelerate Solution Delivery, Reduce IT Costs by

     Connected Systems Accelerate Solution

    Delivery, Reduce IT Costs by 40 Percent

     Overview ―Executive management was excited by a 40 percent

    Country or Region: United States reduction in IT costs, and even more excited about the Industry: Construction

    new business capabilities that we can deliver.‖

    Customer Profile Chris Stockley, Chief Information Officer, Skanska USA Building Parsippany, New Jerseybased Skanska USA Building is the third largest con-

    struction company in the United States, with approximately 4,100 employees. After building contractor Skanska USA Building merged its numerous wholly owned subsidiaries into a single company Business Situation

    Skanska needed to integrate its core operating under the Skanska brand, it still had more than a dozen business applications and make data core business applications. Using a service-oriented architecture, available to users when working offline.

     the company is making the information in those applications Solution available to employees, customers, and partners through an Skanska implemented a service-oriented

    architecture that extends the data in its enterprisewide portal. Skanska‘s use of Microsoft? software to many business systems for both online and connect people, systems, and processes has yielded several offline access through a single, enterprise-

    wide portal. benefits including improved collaboration and access to infor- mation, 40 percent reduction in IT costs, and rapid time-to-market Benefits

    ; Improved employee productivity and return on investment for new IT projects. Just as important, the ; Better access to information company‘s connected environment is helping bring about a change ; Improved collaboration

    ; Accelerated time-to-market and return in culture, enabling people to work more closely together toward a on investment common set of performance goals. ; 40 percent reduction in annual IT costs

    Situation Solution ―With Microsoft Skanska USA Building, a business unit of Skanska USA Building implemented a flexible, software, we can Sweden-based Skanska AB, is a leading connected solution platform through the use provider of construction services. Head-of Microsoft? .NETconnected software. With achieve a far greater quartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, the that foundation, the company is rapidly level of software reuse, company is the third largest contractor in delivering new solutions that provide the United States. Skanska USA Building information to the people who need it in the instead of building each has approximately 4,100 employees and form that makes it most useful. Employees new solution from generates approximately U.S.$4 billion in can collaborate more closely with customers annual revenues. and work more productively, and manage-scratch.‖ ment is able to better monitor company Chris Stockley, Chief Information Officer, In 2003, Skanska USA merged its numerous performance and make business decisions. Skanska USA Building wholly owned subsidiaries across the United

    States into a single company. As part of the In building its connected solution platform effort, the company consolidated more than and new solutions, Skanska used: 100 applications to just over a dozen.

    Although the 10-month project significantly ; Microsoft Windows Server? 2003 oper-

    reduced IT costs, the company‘s IT group still ating system, the foundation of Microsoft faced a challenge common to most large Windows Server System? integrated server

    companies. software, which provides a set of infra-

     structure services on which all other ―We still had more than a dozen core systems solution components rely.

    and needed a way to integrate them quickly

    and economically,‖ says Chris Stockley, Chief ; Microsoft BizTalk? Server 2004, which

    Information Officer for Skanska USA Building. facilitates integration among core business ―We prefer to buy instead of build, such as systems and orchestrates movement of we‘ve done with our core business systems, data in and out of those systems in support but there are many business-specific needs of tailored, user-centric solutions. that third-party applications can‘t meet. For

    those, we need to be able to combine the ; Microsoft SQL Server? 2000, including its data in our core systems and extend it to Reporting Services and Analysis Services users through custom solutions that support features, which Skanska uses to flexibly specific business processes.‖ and cost-effectively deliver business

     intelligence across the enterprise. Skanska also needed a way to make those

    custom solutions accessible to its distributed ; Microsoft Office SharePoint? Portal Server

    work force, 75 percent of which work at job 2003, which provides tools that facilitate locations that may not always have Internet collaboration and a single launching point access. ―We could have 2,000 active job for enterprise applications and reports. sites at any one time, 30 of which move each

    day,‖ says Stockley. ―Not only do we need ; Microsoft Office InfoPath? 2003

    connected IT solutions, but we also need a information-gathering program, which way for people to make use of them even helps Skanska rapidly deploy new end-user when connectivity isn‘t readily available.‖ applications that work in both online and

     offline modes.

    ; Microsoft Visual Studio? .NET 2003 devel-business processesagain exposed for reuse ―Business content on opment system and the .NET Framework, as Web services. For example, when an our SharePoint Portal which provide an integrated development employee updates his or her contact data environment and unified programming on the company‘s intranet site, the Web page Server site outweighs IT model for building Web sites, Web services, passes that information to BizTalk Server content by a ratio of 10 and smart client applications. through a Web service interface. BizTalk

     Server then determines which back-end to 1, which is evidence ―With Microsoft software, we can achieve a systems must be updated and calls the Web of its usefulness and far greater level of software reuse, instead of service interfaces into each of those systems. building each new solution from scratch,‖