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Date of Birth: 17 July 1978 Nationality: British

    University Address: 339 Rochester Road, Manchester M1 4GF

    Home Address: 198 Brunswick Place, Barnet, London N10 6UH



Management student, with fluent French and relevant work experience, looking to

    begin a career in Marketing or Market research with an international organisation.


1996 2000 Manchester School of Management, UMIST

     BSc (Hons) International Management with French

     Expected degree class : 2:1

1998 1999 BLP Business School, Paris

    1994 1996 St Ignatius College, Barnet

     3 ‘A’ Levels: Maths (B), Politics (C), History (D)

    1989 1994 Barnet High School. London

     8 GCSEs; grades A C including English & Maths


Summer 99 Market Research Interviewer, Roberts and Raymond

    1998 1999 English Teacher, LingoScope, Paris

    Summer 1997 Retail Assistant, W H Smith, Mill Hill, London



    ? Constructed a database in Paradox to handle the data for my final year project.

    ? Attended courses Word, Excel, Access, Paradox and Powerpoint.

    ? Assisted colleagues at Roberts and Raymond to design a new database

Market Research/Marketing

    ? Worked for 12 weeks in an international Market Research firm. Conducted

    interviews, entered data, assisted with the analysis of data and produced reports.

    ? With two colleagues, I assisted in three presentations to clients, which involved a

    formal presentation using powerpoint and a panel session.

    ? My final year project A study of the key differences between the UK and French

    markets for luxury chocolate products, involved over 30 interviews, the analysis

    of complex data and a presentation to company representatives.


Project Management

    In my twelve weeks with Rogers and Raymond I was given real responsibility.

    Fortunately I was the only student they employed that summer (two others let them

    down) so I was able to take a more critical role in the work they were doing for three

    clients. I had to schedule the series of interviews (phone, street and home) and

    check that the schedule was being kept. I also had a small role in managing part

    time interviewers. I was also responsible for putting together one of the

    presentations that we gave to a client.


    While working with LingoScope in Paris, I soon discovered how difficult it was to teach English using the textbooks that the school provided. Jaded and tired business people, learning in the evenings, needed stimulation and excitement. I therefore designed a completely new range of teaching materials using UK newspapers, television programmes and videotapes of film extracts. Although it was extra work, it was worth the effort as my classed received better evaluation and better marks than all the others.

Analytical skills

    I have always had a decent level of numeracy and my course at UMIST, in the first year, involved statistics, operational research and econometrics. I developed my numerical analysis skills during my vacation work and final year project. This was an ambitious project which resulted in a lengthy report of 12,000 words. Along the way I had to interview business people and consumers, in France and England,

    supplement these interviews with questionnaires and manipulate all the resulting data into a form that actually meant something to the firms involved.

Communication skills

    I am a natural communicator used to making presentations both inside and outside University. I was President of the Canoe Society in my second year and made it my priority to increase the membership by 50%. This I achieved by a marketing campaign amongst freshers that broke new ground in society advertising.

Business skills

    My course at UMIST provides a thorough grounding in business and management. My involvement with AIESEC too has increased my knowledge and awareness. During my year in Paris, I became very interested in European business and was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in a short shadowing programme of a French EU Official in Brussels. This opened my eyes to the opportunities available for British companies to expand into Europe if they orientate their Sales and Marketing effort effectively.


    ? Keen member of the University Canoe Society. Was President in my second

    year. Organised social and sporting events including an inter-university

    competition for over 50 competitors.

    ? Member of AIESEC, the student business society. Participated in case studies

    and simulations run by Arthur Andersen, Unilever and Mars. ? Love travelling. Have visited most European countries, South America and

    Thailand. Hope to spend two months in Quebec after graduation. ? Enjoy healthy outdoor pursuits. Currently learning rock-climbing and caving with

    the University Outdoor Society.


    ? Computer literate, having taken courses at the University Computing Centre on

    data bases, spreadsheets and word-processing. I recorded and analysed the

    data for my final year project using Paradox. I am currently learning how to use

    the WWW program in HTML and intend to construct my own home page. ? Fluent French. Some German and Spanish. Can learn languages quickly. ? Clean driving licence


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