My Life Story

By Cheryl Lewis,2014-11-04 09:25
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My Life Story

    My Life Story

    I was born in a poor family in Hebei.I grew up with my parents.

    Because my parents had no money,My mother couldn’t go to a hospital,I was born at home.

    And then my mother returned to work After 56 days.My parents were busy working everyday. They were very devoted to their country.They had no time for me.

    I was an extremely shy and introverted child.I didn’t like sport in myself at all;

    But I enjoyed reading very much.I was an excellent student.I had few friends. My mother treats me very well,So I love her very much.But she has gone.I miss her very much. She is the kindest mother in the world,Because she loves all children.

    I wanted to be good.But I just didn't how.

    I wanted to be excellent.I wanted to be successful.I wanted to do something great. I had big dreams.But I had no one to help me!No one could teach me.I was really lonely. I didn't know whom to turn to. Although my mother likes me,She was in the other world. My childhood was very happy.I felt so good about myself.

    Even now I often like to think about it.

    My life was like this for ten years.Things only started to change When I decided to learn English in 1980.I couldn’t find my own way of learning English.I didn’t know how to learn English.

    Failed English doesn’t change my life.

    In the past ten years,I've not been traveling all over China Not to promote any method of learning English.I long for some people who help me changing my live. I'm sure someone will change my life. How I wish I had been born into a different time; How I wish I was born ten years later. How I wish I had met a great teacher when I was young. How I wish I had had someone to turn to for advice When I was puzzled. That’s why I'm determined to devote all my life To real education!

    I'm going to spend the rest of my life Making sure other people don’t have to Struggle the way I

    did. I don't care about being famous. I don't care about making money. I only care about learning English. I only care about improving myself.

    I will make a difference in this world! But I know I still have a long way to go. Please help me. Improving myself, Transcending myself! Learning English well, Learning from other people! This is my goal. This is my destiny. This is my mission. This is my life. For learning English well, I must do it, I can do it, I will do it, I will succeed.

    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is EeLeen as you know. Born on the 12th of July

    1983 in Malaysia,raised in city and have been living for nearly a 22 years on earth. So you can make up your mind about where I’m from.

    I work as a graphic designer and I like designing so much. My job however is hardly telling of where my passions truly lie. My true obsession lies in the visual form. Specifically art, illustration and design, in a multitude of ways.

    I read parts of any blogs every day without fail. I say parts, because even if I don’t go through an entire blog I will look at something everyday and get inspired and be taken away from this world for those brief 20 minutes I engross myself. It’s one part of my life that I don’t think I’ll ever tire of.Here is a few bits about me, which you are most certainly dying to know:

    Name: EeLeen Nick: ~ TheAngel~

    Date of birth: July 12 City: NowhereLand, Selangor

    Country: Malaysia, Asia, Earth… Love Status: Forget About It

    Interests: Technology | Art | Cars | Chat & Forum | Humor | Nightlife | Friends | Dating | Traveling | Computers | Books | Movies | Shopping | Internet | Fashion & Beauty | Mobiles | Music Favourite holiday: Wintersports | Sun, sea and beach | Adventure | Luxury | Cruise Occupation: Graphic Designer

    Design skills: Usability & accessibility Adobe Photoshop, Illustrotor, Indesign, Macromedia Flash, Freehand, Dreamweaver & Corel Draw

    Flower: Water lilies & other white flowers, especially lilies & roses

    Birthstone: Pearl

    Colours: White, Pink, opal, silver, sea-green & blue

    Element: Water Starsigns: Cancer

    I’m a sensitive & caring person but when I feel something is important, I’ll get my own way, especially to do with family! I’m a limewire with friends & family but reserved and shy with strangers.

    I’m impossible because my mood swings are scary & while I give a lot, being a bit of a victim, I expect a lot back. I loath feeling like someone is taking advantage of me but to make matters worse, I’m more likely to seethe than be straight with them…

    I’m evil, sarcastic, annoying, talkative, straight forward, materialistic! But has got an angel’s heart. Love me or not, its up to you. Sick of me? Then kindly buzz off ! is a personal weblog owned and operated by EeLeen. While it is being registered around July of 2006. Why does this site have such a funny name with so many “e”?

    Well, EeLeen is my real life name which is often a source of inspiration for me. The layout of the site was done before I came up with the name, so I thought it will fit the girlish look of me. The entries are mostly the results of tireless web browsing with my best buddy,Opera & Mozilla Firefox

    This site is my therapy. It’s one of my forms of expression. Started off as a method to update my daily life, it evolved into so much more.

    This site didn’t always start with that name. I originally had it under and then I came up with the name My Life Story. That name stayed in my header for past 6 month before I bought the domain name.

    The site has been through two blogging systems, Blogger and now currently running on Wordpress 2.1.3 (Updated @ 6 April 07)

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