My favorite season

By Jeremy Bryant,2014-11-04 09:24
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My favorite season

    My favorite season

    There are four seasons in a year.Each season has peculiar features of its own.My favorite season is winter.

    I have enjoyed snowing since I was a child.I am always excited whenever winter is coming.Its a great pleasure to see a white world when you wake up in the

    morning.Everything turns into white.How beautiful the world looks!

    When it snowed, I would like to go out with some of my friends.Most of children were interested in playing with snow.We piled up a great deal of snow to make a snowman.And we could play the snowball game.We divided ourselves into two groups and threw these snowballs at each other.We were so happy that never felt cold although our hands became quite red.

    In winter more and more people will go skiing.I like skiing too.I went skiing with my old brothers on the winter holidays every year in Anbo Town.I think it is really a excite sport, and it makes me strong.

    Another reason I enjoy winter is that the Spring Festival is during these days.We Chinese consider it as the important festival of a year.To celebrate it,everyone would try his best to go back home.Each family prepares delicious food.People would like to visit some relatives and old friends.They also send their best wishes to them. I think spring is too warm for me,in summer I am very afraid of the heat, and I usually have a cold in autumn.In winter the days are pleasant.Winter is my favorite season.

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