Unit 2 book 2

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Unit 2 book 2

Unit 2 book 2

    1,In the presence of countless passionate fans, the whole team appeared more than vigorous and brave.

    2, By no means will the wise miss the good chance to display their talents.

    3The Chinese should never forget to count on their own efforts and work

    hard for the prosperity of the country.

    It is wise of one, successful or otherwise, to know the limitations of one’s own.

     In the current time of fierce competition, most companies set higher and

    higher standards for staff recruitment.

     In their combat with the earthquake, people came upon a truth that, just

    as great disaster occurred, so arose great love.

     As a man rich with love, he is never indifferent to others’ sufferings.

     He seems indifferent to the world around, but in effect he saves too much passion for his pursuits.

    To avoid the future shock, one must keep rhythm with the times by

    renewing one’s knowledge.

     Whatever decision needs making in life or in work, it is advisable for us

    to reflect on it before making it.

    To the freshmen’s surprise, college life was not half as relaxing or

    romantic as they had imagined it would be.

     To be sure, there are always sessions amiss with your mind in life, and you are in low spirits then, but everything will turn for the better as long as you hang on.

     Intentionally and otherwise, he has said something tactless, which has

    aroused public anger.

     He never asked this of me again, nor did he take much notice of my


    shocked look on the facesense of humorto sit next to sbto cut 1-1/2 minutes off

    on one occasion

    consistent good humor

    to reach for

    to feel quite fatiguedto stride into the cold breezeto be rebellious on the matterto make quick work

    to swear at sb. not to take much notice of

    to be thankful for sth. to have the courage to persist after each pass to work without rest

    in a … tone

    a fourth-place national ranking

    to miss the cut for the Olympics

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