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    Unit 3 Computers

    thThe 4 period: Listening & Speaking


    1. To practise listening comprehension.

    2.To practise making decisions and reasoning


    Step1. revision

    1. check the homework exercises.

    1). It has been reported that children will be offered free education

    It has been reported that free education will be offered to children

    2). It has been said that we will be offered the latest computer science course book

    It has been planned that the latest computer science course book will be offered to us

    3). I have been told by Peter that I will be lent his notebook computer for a week

    I have been told by Peter that his notebook computer will be lent to me for a week

    2. Question: What can computers be used as?

    Step2. Lead-in

    As we know, science and technology is developing very fast and computers have become stsmaller and smaller. They have been used in many fields. So, the 21 century is the century of

    information technology What does it mean? Does information technology/ IT only mean things like computers? Of cause not. Actually, it means more than computers. Computers are just one kind of IT. What else do you know is part of IT?

    (TV, radio, CD-ROM, DVD, books……)

    Step3. Listening (SB)

    1. Pre-listening: What are the changes brought by different forms of IT ?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of them ?

    2. While-listening:

    Go through the chart and make sure the students look at the chart before they listen to the tape. (This is to sharpen their attention and listen for the answers. This will also help them get the gist

    of the text.) Then Listen to the tape and finish filling in the chart. (If necessary, play the tape for

    several times.)

    Say: After listening to their talk, we know all kinds of IT have both disadvantages and advantagesLets check the answers together.

    Type of IT Advantages Disadvantages

    TV You can both listen and watch You cannot write to friends

    Web You can find information It is very expensive

    Radio You can listen to English You cannot watch a film

    Book You can get information Sometimes it is out of date

    3. Post-listening:

    1) (pair work): decide which type of IT is best for you to use right now. Make your choice and give your reasons by using the following expressions.

     I think that.

     In my opinion, .

     I believe that.

     I agree because.

     I disagree because.

     Ive decided that.

    2) (group work): Discussion :

    Computers are useful and have brought us lots of good things, but they also cause bad effects.

    What attitude should we have towards the computer? (Make good use of it but never get

    trapped by it.)

    Step4. Speaking

    1. Pre-speaking

    Say: From what we have learn, we should admit that computers and the web have a great influence on the school education as well as peoples life. It has come into peoples everyday life

    and many families hold computers in their homes. Now there is a task for you. 2. While-speaking

    1) Situation: You have been asked by your parents to help choose computers for your home. You and your friend have looked at several computers. Talk about the special things each computer can do. Make a decision about which kind of computer to buy and explain why.

    Information input: Show students some pictures of different computers (desktop computer & laptop computer & )

    Language input: Useful expressions (Repeat it to strengthen students ability of use it.)

    Supporting an opinion Challenging an opinion

    I think that , because Perhaps, but what if / about ?

    First, Have you thought about ?

    One reason is that What makes you think that ?

    I think it is better because I dont like it because.

    (Pair work )Use the expressions to support your opinion or challenging others opinions.

    2) Oral report: (individual work )

    Do an oral report to your father and start your report like this: I looked at many different computers. The one I have chosen is the PEP personal computer. One of the main reasons is that it is suitable for homes. I found that

    3. Post-speaking

    ConclusionWhat useful expression do we use to make a decision and reason?

    (In this way, they can review and use the words and phrases again.)

    Step5. Homework

    Page 22. writing: Write a report about your choice and try to use the present perfect passive voice as well as the useful words and expressions that have been mentioned above. in your report.

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