Current Situation and Prospects of Chinese medicine aerosol products_893

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Current Situation and Prospects of Chinese medicine aerosol products_893

    Current Situation and Prospects of Chinese medicine aerosol products

     Abstract Objective To review the status of traditional Chinese medicine and the latest varieties of spray progress, the future of traditional Chinese medicine sprays development

    and application support. Method to retrieve the relevant scientific and technological journals at home and abroad to track the latest trends in Chinese medicine sprays. The results of traditional Chinese medicine spray varieties, small

    scale and wide-ranging and quality of rough indication.

    Conclusion spray difficulties and opportunities of Chinese medicine, research focus emerged, showing great potential and broad prospects.

     Key words aerosol species status of the prospects for traditional Chinese medicine

     Spray is unique to Chinese medicine formulations, can play the advantages of Chinese medicine group of parties, but also show the characteristics of fine droplets drug delivery, clinical application of convenience, the exact effect, be

    universally accepted. Spray the current development of Chinese medicine What is the status? Product distribution and application What are the characteristics? What are the opportunities and challenges? What future prospects? In this paper, product registration, indications, specifications, formulas, standards, etc. point of view are reviewed.

     Status of a TCM aerosol products

     Aerosol (Aerosol), spray (Spray) and powders (Dry powder inhaler) is a close and there are huge differences in three

    kinds of formulations. By propellant-driven aerosols, powders

    depends on the human breath as a driving force, inhalation of the main spray is a unique dosage form, both the

    characteristics and advantages of aerosol delivery, but also avoid the use of propellant; both safe and reliable,

    especially for the skin, mucous membranes, joint physical surface, cavity and other parts of administration. In recent years, as the aerosol propellant Freon disabled, many aerosol spray products are also looking for craft ideas, sprays have

    developed rapidly, which concern the trend of Chinese medicine sprays. According to statistics, as of the end of 2007 02,

    the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) issued 43 traditional Chinese medicine sprays registration form, which

    burn spray 3, stomatitis sprays 4, is the same species, reported Most of the remaining species are each corresponding to an approval. Involving a total of 38 species. Variety of names, manufacturers, specifications and functional indications in Table 1. Table 1 Summary of Chinese medicine aerosol products (omitted)

     Among them, swelling and pain Shu sprays, wound sprays Kolding, bones and muscles hurt sprays, nasal sprays and mouth and nose-ching Ning sprays from the Guizhou Miao traditional

    medicine formula, while the compound artemisinin spray for Yunnan Yi and medical drugs. As can be seen from Table 1, from the species point of view, types of Traditional Chinese Medicine sprays are more varieties of a wider coverage, and chemical aerosol products comparable [1], but the practical application point of view, reflecting the following Features: ? the indications are widespread. Spray all the varieties of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of oral and throat up, 11: promoting blood circulation and pain relief,

    treatment of bruises, 7 of the treatment of angina 3, burns of the four, rhinitis in 4, gynecological medicine 3, cold medicine 4, hemorrhoids 1, skin 1. Basically reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and expertise.

    Usage, use and the main cavity. ? formula rough, quality

    standards is not high. Mostly because of spray solution, suspension, emulsion and other forms of delivery, formula is relatively simple, broad and rough indicator of quality control, "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2005 edition included a traditional Chinese medicine without setting spray. ? variety

    of small-scale, no Big Mac products. 38 species distributed in 35 pharmaceutical production, production value and low profits, in the enterprise, in general insignificant in

comparison with other species, and many products are cut-off

    or semi-cut-off state, woeful.

     Spray two prospects for the development of Chinese medicine

     2.1 The difficulties and challenges in traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine and sprays sprays include the dual nature face three major challenges:

     2.1.1 Quality of Chinese medicine quality standards and composition of aerosols due to the complexity, difficulty [2]. Quality and product quality standards are the benchmark, there

    is no strict quality standards high is difficult to talk about the great development of Chinese medicine sprays.

     2.1.2 Absorption and mechanism such as nasal spray for the nasal cavity and nasal ciliary motility in toxicity,

    topical sprays and other percutaneous procedure [3].

     2.1.3 Formulation and process medicinal formulations involving rational and scientific finds; process involved the active ingredients of the enrichment, protection and delivery, but also by the container, valve, delivery pump, materials, multiple factors. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.2 Opportunities and Prospects

     2.2.1 Opportunities of Chinese medicine is also facing the opportunities Spray: ? aerosol administration in the form of unique and irreplaceable, the craft is relatively simple [4]; ? aerosol propellant substitution due to difficulties encountered; ? powders in the powder technology, stability, delivery reliability are difficult to overcome the obstacles; ? with the chemical ratio: a safe and formulations wide variety of sources.

     2.2.2 prospect of a good opportunity to make traditional Chinese medicine research and development in recent years, spray a hot research are many. Prospects of its development, with broad prospect: ? medicine sprays the next few years

    there will be a huge development, and aerosol spray delivery system will become dominant. ? suitable for spray active

    ingredients and natural extracts to emerge in batches. The rapid development of plant chemistry to explore the many active ingredients or extracts, could be considered to play a

    unique aerosol delivery of results. Such as the podophyllotoxin spray [5]. ? famous special sprays medicine

    into a shortcut. Some people use propolis film forming fast and strong sterilization and the promotion of the role of new mucosa, combined with other ingredients, made from spray means the treatment of oral ulcers [6]. Compound Achyranthes aspera oral spray [7], Qing Kai Ling spray [8] are being developed examples. ? traditional Chinese medicine will be the first in the oral spray pharyngitis, rhinitis, burns, colds and other therapeutic areas have been a breakthrough.


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