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By Ashley Parker,2014-01-11 12:56
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Target audience

    Harness the power of nature with Ecover’s new hard surface cleaning range

    Ecover, the world-leading pioneers of ecological cleaning are packing their most powerful punch yet with a brand new range of hard surface cleaning products that put their competitors to shame. While they‟re even tougher than petrochemical products on household grime, they‟re brilliantly

    gentle on both the environment and your skin.

    Guaranteed to leave your home sparkling clean, this hard-working range harnesses the power of

    1nature through pioneering ingredients called Eco-Surfactants. Developed exclusively by Ecover‟s

    ecological innovators, these new ingredients mean the new range is proven to clean as well as

    2or better than - the UK‟s leading conventional brands.

    The range consists of two new products: Ecover Power Cleaner and Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner; as well as two new formulations of household favourites, Ecover All Purpose Cleaner (previously known as Ecover Multi-Surface Cleaner) and Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner (previously known as SquirtEco).

    ; Ecover Power Cleaner RRP ?3.99 (500ml) this new power degreaser is great for

    tackling grimy ovens, bbqs, cooker hobs, extractor hoods and grills and consumers have

    found it to be as effective as Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Degreaser when it comes to

    ovens and pots and pans.

    ; Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner RRP ?2.84 (500ml) twice as powerful as

    3Ecover‟s previous spray surface cleaner, SquirtEco thanks to Ecover‟s Eco-Surfactants,

    this versatile spray cleaner is safe around food. It cleans as efficiently as Flash Multi

    Purpose Spray, leaving all washable surfaces sparkling clean.

    ; Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner RRP ?2.69 (500ml) - this brand new product can be

    used on windows, mirrors, glass and chrome. Up against Mr Muscle Window Cleaner, it

    took victory on performance and finish, and was described as „efficient‟, „very effective‟

    and „easy to use‟ in consumer research.

    ; Ecover All Purpose Cleaner RRP ?1.59 (500ml) - the concentrated form of this new

    formulation is over 70% more powerful than the old one. It naturally and hygienically

    cleans all hard washable surfaces just as well as Flash All Purpose Dilutable and was

    found to „remove stubborn marks‟, be „good in the bathroom‟ and „make taps sparkle‟ in

    consumer research.

    The pioneering Eco-Surfactants make the hard surface cleaning range unique. Not only are these pioneering new ingredients made with fully renewable plant-based ingredients (rapeseed oil, yeast and glucose), they are also produced using a totally biochemical process similar to the

    process of brewing beer as opposed to a chemical one as many of Ecover‟s competitors use.

    What‟s more, because Ecover only uses sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients, you don‟t have to worry about leaving behind residues of nasty (and unnecessary) chemicals when

    you clean. And thanks to its pH neutral formula, it won‟t irritate skin like some other products can so feel free to forget the rubber gloves.

Clare Allman, marketing manager, Ecover UK says: “Historically, the assumption has been that

    green cleaning products aren‟t as effective as conventional petrochemical-based products but at

    Ecover we have always challenged this perception by creating effective ecological cleaning solutions. Thanks to our pioneering new Eco-Surfactants, our new range is supremely ecological, and cleans even better than before.

    “The new range has even better ecological credentials than ever: excellent biodegradability and

    5lower aquatic toxicity as well as reduced transportation As the ingredients Ecover use to make

    Eco-Surfactants are sourced in Europe, much closer to our ecological factories, they take half the CO2 to transport than the previous ingredients. We‟re really excited about the range as it offers a

    truly effective ecological solution to the cleaning needs of people across the UK.”

    The new hard surface cleaning range is available in health food stores, with a limited range available in major supermarkets. For a full list of stockists visit our „Where to Buy‟ page on

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Notes to Editors

    1. Ecover has spent seven years developing a new ecological surfactant for use in its hard surface cleaning products: the Eco-Surfactant. Surfactants are a key ingredient in cleaning

    products as they help lower the surface tension of water which in turn allows dirt to be removed from the surface it is on. Most conventional cleaning products use petrochemical-based surfactants rather than the renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients favoured by Ecover.

2. Ecover‟s new products were rated as good as or better than the named market leaders in a

    variety of standard industry performance tests carried out by Ecover‟s R&D laboratory.

    3. Please note that SquirtEco has been replaced by Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner.

    4. Ecover‟s Eco-Surfactants are made using a biochemical - and completely ecological - production process: fermentation. Similar to the process of brewing beer, the new ingredients are made by transforming natural sustainable ingredients sourced from Europe: rapeseed oil and glucose into Eco-Surfactants via a fermentation process using yeast. This is done using a bioreactor and is an extremely low energy production process.

    5. Ecover‟s ecological factories in France and Belgium are just 200 and 250 miles from London respectively. This is approximately the same distance as Manchester is from London, so although Ecover is not based in the UK, the transportation miles involved in distributing their products are comparable to those of UK based cleaning companies.

About Ecover

    ; Ecover operates from its world famous ecological factories in Belgium and France and is globally respected as an organisation, which is forging the way for ethical companies of the future. The company's guidelines for environmental criteria, the selection of ingredients and manufacturing processes are far stricter that those required by EU legislation. Ecover sets the standards for others to follow and has been recognised by the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) for their outstanding practical achievements for the protection and improvement of our environment

    ; Ecover‟s Belgium factory has been chosen as the Most Sustainable Enterprise in Flanders, awarded by the Flemish Public Waste Association and judged by several companies. This prize is awarded to a company that distinguishes itself through operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

    ; All of Ecover‟s plastic bottles are made from polyethylene and polypropylene, which are both

    100% recyclable and can be recycled together

    ; The product range is not only kinder to the environment, but also kinder to the skin as Ecover products are based on natural plant-based and mineral ingredients and do not contain optical brighteners. For more information on Ecover see

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