Curcuma powder extract the essential oil of Technology_264

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Curcuma powder extract the essential oil of Technology_264

Curcuma powder extract the essential oil of Technology

     Abstract Objective To study the degree of crushing herbs, add water, extraction time on the volatile oil from Curcuma proposed rate of study proposed by the rate of volatile oil

    factor. Approach to single-factor comparative experiments to

    study water addition on the volatile oil with the crushed degree of the impact of proposed rate; in order to raise the rate of volatile oil as an indicator, with L9 (34) orthogonal test to optimize extraction conditions to study medicine crushing degrees, add water, extraction time raised the rate on the impact of volatile oil; to single-factor comparative

    experiments to explore the impact of volatile oil raised the speed factor. Results herbs crushed degrees, add water,

    extraction time on the volatile oil were significantly raised the rate effects, the best extraction conditions were: Curcuma crushed degrees 40 ~ 80 mesh, medicine: water 1:40, extraction time of 2 h. Conclusion With the degree of crushing herbs, add

    water, extraction time increased, the volatile oil proposed rate increase; out of the oil crushing degree of speed and herbs, add water were positively correlated.

     Key words volatile oil by steam distillation oil yield filling rate

     The Process of Extracting Volatile Oil from the Micro

    powder of Rhizoma Curcumea

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo study the effect of grinding degree of material, quantity of water and distillation time upon volatile oil yield. To sutdy experimental parameters on

    extraction rate.MethodsThe experiment was carried out with L9

    (34) orthogonal design, by determining the volatile oil yield , to study the effect of grinding degree of material, quantity of water and distillation time upon volatile oil yield. Experimental parameters on extraction rate was studied with contrast test.ResultsGrinding degree of material, quantity of water and extraction time had remarkable effect upon volatile oil yield.The optimum parameters were as follows: grinding degree of Rhizoma Curcumea trumeric was 40 ~

    80 mesh powder, ratio of material and water was 1:40, distillation time was 2 h.ConclusionVolatile oil yield increases as the grinding degree of material, quantity of water for distillation time increase.Grinding degree of material and quantity of water has positive effect upon extraction rate.

     Key words: Steam distillation; Volatile oil; Oil yield; Extraction rate

     Volatile oil extraction methods are mainly steam distillation and supercritical extraction, because the latter

    high cost of production is currently often used in traditional Chinese medicine steam distillation. Extracted by steam distillation generally longer. Studies have shown that extraction time is too long, can occur a number of chemical constituents of isomerization [1 ~ 3], thus affecting the extraction of volatile oil. Hence, we propose to ensure the rate of volatile oil out of oil but also improve the speed of the main method is to increase the degree of crushing and processing medicinal water. In this experiment, Curcuma

    essential oil as an indicator of the proposed rates, respectively, meal and powder of herbs plus different amounts of water extracted by steam distillation of volatile oil, to compare their proposed rate, degree of crush, add water to the

    proposed rate impact; the use of orthogonal design experiments, pairs of fine powder Curcuma essential oil extracted by steam distillation process conditions optimization; with different degrees Curcuma smash single factor comparative experiments carried out to explore the

    impact of volatile oil raised the speed factor.

     1 Equipment

     Wen Curcuma (purchased from Yasukuni herbal medicine market, by the Beijing Health School Professor Jin Shiyuan,

and Ke-Rong Wang a teacher identification, product is Wen Yu

    Jin Curcuma wenyujin YHChen et C. Ling dry roots), volatile oil extractor (according to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" in 2005 ? Department of Appendix XD, Determination of volatile oil in the device), electric sets, grinder (RT-34 desktop

    grinding type), drug screen and so on.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 4 ~ 20 mesh and 80 ~ 120 mesh powder Curcuma extract volatile oil from Curcuma wenyujin comparative experiment will smash, respectively, to take 4 ~ 20 mesh sieve Curcuma meal

    and 80 ~ 120 mesh powder, respectively, plus 8 times, 20 times of water, in accordance with " Chinese Pharmacopoeia "in 2005 edition of the Ministry of Appendix ? XD volatile oil

    determination under French law the determination of volatile oil distilled to no more read the volatile oil, and calculate oil yield. The results in Table 1. Table 1 Curcuma powder Volatile oil extraction rate (abbreviated)

     2.2 The orthogonal design Curcuma essential oil

    extraction results in Table 2. By L9 (34) orthogonal design of experiments, such as the 2.1 method of experiment, read out the oil, and calculate oil yield, the results shown in Table 3 ~ 4. Table 2 Experimental factors, levels (a little) Table 3

    orthogonal experiment results (a little) Table 4 Analysis of variance table (omitted)

     2.3 Different degrees zedoary crush the oil out of the speed study would be crushed Zedoary, respectively, with 20 ~ 40 mesh sieve, 40 ~ 80 mesh, 80 ~ 120 mesh, 120 mesh powder below, plus a certain amount of water, according to experiments 2.1 methods, distillation to no further increase in out of fuel to calculate the rate of oil. The results shown in Table 5 ~ 8. Table 5 20 ~ 40 mesh powder Curcuma essential

    oil extraction rate (slightly) Table 640 ~ 80 Curcuma powder Volatile oil extraction rate (slightly) Table 780 ~ 120 Curcuma powder Volatile oil extraction rate (abbreviated) Table 8 for more than 120 mesh powder Curcuma essential oil

    extraction rate (omitted)

     3 Discussion

     3.1 Table 1 The results showed that 4 to 20 mesh, 80 ~

    120 mesh Zedoary powder, add water, are eight times, 80 ~ 120 the purpose flour out of oil faster, but the oil yield was significantly lower than 4 to 20 mesh powder; as 80 ~ 120 The purpose flour plus water, 20 times, his speed out of oil, the oil rate was significantly higher than the purpose flour 4 to 20. The preliminary figures for Canada and the crush of water there is some correlation between the degree.

     Some studies have reported that the increased degree of herbs crushed, volatile oils of the proposed rates have decreased [5 ~ 8], an analysis I believe that the design of these experiments, medicinal herbs crushed pieces of a larger

    degree, plus a relatively small amount of water increases. Herbs crushed too small, pasting, or generate too much foam [9] are not the main reason. In theory, in that the medicinal herbs crushed degree of the surface area increases, the adsorption capacity increases [10]. When the water content does not increase or increase less, because of medicine through increased adsorption capacity of the proposed rate. At this point if the increase in water content, so that the concentration of volatile oil in water reduction can reduce

    the medicine on the adsorption of volatile oil is conducive to extraction. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3.2 The orthogonal design experiments showed that grinding degree, plus water and distillation time on both the

    high oil yield significant effects that the size of the order of fineness "add water" distillation time. The optimum extraction conditions A3B3C2, which crushed degrees 40 ~ 80 mesh, plus 40 times the amount of water, distillation time of

    2 h.

     Some relevant conclusions of previous studies on the proposed rate increase for water, no significant effects [7,11 ~ 12], comparative analysis, the experimental design plus water increased considerably, and extract a substantial increase in speed.

     3.3 Table 5 ~ 8 The results showed that the speed out of the oil within a certain range is proportional to the relationship between oil yield, and degree of processing of water smashing relevance. When a certain degree of herbs crushed out the oil velocity increases with the amount of

    water added to speed up; plus a certain amount of water when crushed out the oil velocity increase in the number quickly. It is therefore proposed to increase the production of medicinal herbs can be crushed by an appropriate degree, while

    increasing the amount of water can increase the rate of out of the oil out of oil while increasing speed, and help to improve the quality of volatile oil.

     3.4 In view of extraction time is too long may affect the quality of volatile oil is recommended for volatile oil extraction process of the study, study oil yield, we must also consider the speed out of oil in order to guarantee and improve the quality of volatile oil.

     Acknowledgment: Professor Jin Shiyuan, and Ke-Rong Wang

    teachers to help identify experimental medicine, I would like to thank the table!


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