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Name of Product

    LEED 1.0 Name of Product Name of Company Green Information In Base Bid Cost of Category or Process or Provider or Greening

    Addendum Change


     Sustainable Site


     “white-cap” roofing Sarnafil, US Donald Bren Hall upgraded from built-up-roofing to single-No $24,083

     ply thermoplastic roof membrane labeled as a G410 at 4.8-

     millimeter thickness. It has a solar reflectivity of 83%.

     landscaping and Valley Crest Tree Nineteen California sycamore trees were placed around Yes

    planting Company Donald Bren Hall to shade the building and reduce “heat

    island” effect. The landscape around Bren Hall features

    native and drought-tolerant plants.



     day-lighting The Watt Stopper The day-lighting controls detect the amount of natural No $81,626

    controls daylight entering the room and adjust the level of lighting


     operable Wausau Windows Operable windows enable load-free climate control by No $26,901

    windows/HVAC and taking advantage of on-site ocean breezes. HVAC

    interlock Johnson Controls, interlock uses a sensor that turns heaters off while windows

    Inc. are open, preventing unnecessary heat loss.

     automatic control Johnson Controls, Automatic controls on heating and airflow based on Yes

    sequences Inc. permanent CO and air monitors ensure maximum indoor 2 environmental quality with minimal energy use.

     photovoltaic panels PowerLight The 42-kilowatt system of photovoltaic panels generate No $11,964

     seven to ten percent of Donald Bren Hall’s energy needs. plus

     The panels lie flat, requiring no roof penetrations. donation

     renewable energy University of Donald Bren Hall is supplied with 31% renewable energy

    California/Arizona from waste gas from the Arizona Power Authority (APS).

    Power Authority This purchased energy, plus the photovoltaic energy

    produced on site, enable Donald Bren Hall to use over 40%

    renewable energy.

     condensing boiler Parker Boiler The boiler was upgraded to an 85%-efficient, low-emission Yes

     unit that generates all the heating for Donald Bren Hall.

     cooling tower Marley This unit maximizes the efficiency of the chilled water No $18,624

    system, including the cooling tower, chiller, and associated


    water chiller Trane Donald Bren Hall’s chiller is connected to the campus No $4,704

    chilled water loop. The shared load reduces the Bren

    chiller’s run time to approximately 15%.

     full commissioning EASI Consulting Donald Bren Hall is the first building at UCSB to be fully Not part of

    commissioned, which occurs when a third party evaluates construction

    all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to ensure a budget

    building is operating to specifications.

     measurement and EASI Consulting The Measurement and Verification Plan used during the Yes $0

    verification commissioning process was developed by EASI Consulting

    protocol to ensure the building operates as designed.


    Materials and


     construction waste Donald Bren Hall The goal of the plan was to recycle 75% of the waste Yes

    management plan generated during the construction of Donald Bren Hall.

    Ultimately, 100 % of the demolition waste and 93% of

    construction waste was diverted from a landfill.

     cccupant recycling Donald Bren School The goal of the Donald Bren School was to recycle 75% of Yes

     its office waste. A waste audit performed in February 2002

    revealed that the Bren School recycles 89% of its waste.

     fly ash in concrete Vulcan Materials Fly ash replaces part of the cement used in the concrete mix Yes $87,887

    Company in Donald Bren Hall. Derived from head impurities in coal,

    it increases resistance to sulfate and seawater and makes a

    stronger structure. Fly ash is also cheaper than cement and

    does not off-gas CO, which is a greenhouse gas. Concrete 2

    on first and second floors is composed of approximately

    20% fly ash; concrete on the third and fourth floors of

    approximately 15% fly ash.

     2 porous paving Grasspave Turf block is a porous paving technology that is made from Yes

    100% recycled plastic. It is used in place of asphalt and

    improves the environment by recharging water tables,

    absorbing CO, creating oxygen, and reducing “heat island” 2

    effect. Donald Bren Hall used these porous turf blocks for

    the fire road that runs on the north, east, and south sides of

    the building.

     steel and rebar Nucor, Vista Steel, All steel and rebar used in Donald Bren Hall has 95-100% Yes

    Tulsa Steel, TAMCO recycled content.

     exterior building Thermafiber Thermafiber consists of spun mineral fibers and has a Yes

    insulation recycled content of 60%. It is noncombustible, asbestos-

    free, moisture-resistant, non-corrosive, and mildew- and

    vermin-proof. It is exceptionally durable, and resistant to

    temperatures up to 2,000 ;F.

     interior building John Mansville The Sound Shield fiberglass used for interior insulation has Yes

    insulation Fiberglass an R-11 value. It contains 18% post-consumer re-melted

    glass and 7% pre-consumer recycled glass for a total of

    25% recycled content.

     roof insulation John Mansville Thermal Shield SSK25 with a R-19 value and 25% Yes

    Fiberglass recycled content was used for the roof insulation.

     fireproofing Monokote MK6 The fireproofing in Donald Bren Hall has 20% recycled Yes

    content and covers all the structural steel throughout the

    building. It is made from gypsum, polystyrene, common

    cellulose, and recycled newsprint and contains no asbestos

    or mineral fibers. It is also HCFC-, HFC-, and CFC-free.

     tree grates Neenah Foundry The tree grates, located in the courtyard, are made from Yes

    Company 100% recycled metals.

     wood benches Sylvania Certified, The benches in the courtyard of Donald Bren Hall are Yes

     LLC Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified Ipe

    (pronounced ee-pay) wood. Ipe wood is an extremely

    dense, tight-grained wood that has a high natural durability.

    The planter box benches are FSC-certified teak hardwood.

     glass mulch Glass Garden Recycled glass was mixed into the concrete in the courtyard Yes

    area and also used as mulch in the courtyard planter box.

     gypsum board USG The gypsum board used for dry wall is made from 27% Yes

    recycled content of corn/wheat starch, waste paper,

    recaptured gypsum, and natural gypsum.

     ceiling tiles USG The ceiling tiles contain 74% recycled content, which Yes

    includes slag, cornstarch, waste paper, recaptured gypsum,

    and damaged ceiling tiles.

     ceiling suspension USG The ceiling grid, which holds all the ceiling tiles in Donald Yes

    system Bren Hall, contains 25% recycled aluminum.

     “renewed” carpet Milliken The 10-year-old carpet tiles selected for use were “super

    cleaned,” re-dyed, and then placed in Donald Bren Hall.

    The carpet is PVC-free and has already off-gassed, thus

    improving air quality. By installing re-used carpet, Donald

    Bren Hall kept 14 tons of carpet out of landfill.

     linoleum Armstrong World Linoleum is a renewable product that has been available for No (-$66,909

    Industries hundreds of years. It is made from all-natural products, for deletion

    including jute, rosin, linseed oil, and natural pigments. of vinyl

    When light hits the linseed oil, it oxidizes and produces a composition

    natural antibiotic, which inhibits any bacterial growth. tile)

    Linoleum also does not off-gas any VOCs . Linoleum is

    used in the laboratories and hallways of Donald Bren Hall. $140,889

     rubber flooring To Market The rubber flooring is made from 100% post-consumer Yes

     recycled tires. It is very durable, ergonomically friendly,

     and stain-resistant. It also has low to no VOCs and does

     not promote microbial or fungal growth.

     cork flooring To Market Cork flooring is a renewable and natural product made of Yes

     100% cork. A cork tree sheds its cork every seven to ten

     years, so there is no need to destroy trees in order to use

    this product. It is resistant to mold and mildew,

    hypoallergenic, very durable, and an excellent thermal


     laboratory doors Weyerhaeuser The laboratory doors in Donald Bren Hall are made from Yes

    certified sustainably harvested maple wood.

     lab casework Fisher Hamilton Sixty million tons of wheat straw waste are produced in the Yes

     U.S. each year. Instead of burning it, manufacturers are

     using it to make wheat board as a substitute for particle

     board, which contains formaldehyde. The lab casework in

    Bren Hall is made from 95% recycled hulled wheat husks.

    This wheatboard is an emissions-free board (EFB).

     ceramic tiles DalTile The floor tiles in the bathrooms have 10% recycled content Yes

    of broken tiles and glass.

     toilet stall partitions Santana The stall partitions in the bathrooms are made of up to 90% Yes

    recycled plastic. This plastic is very durable.

     recycled glass Counter Production The counter tops in the bathrooms and kitchen areas are No $29,452

    counter tops composed of 80% post-consumer recycled glass.

     recycled and re-Steelcase The furniture in Donald Bren Hall has 60% recycled Yes

    used furniture content and is recyclable. The painted furniture has a

    powder-coat finish that eliminates as many VOCs as

    possible when produced. The upholstered furniture uses

    CFC-free foam and fabrics made from plastic bottles. Re-

    used furniture came from areas the Donald Bren School

    previously occupied on campus.

     biodegradable Designtex The fabrics used in Donald Bren Hall are 100% No $6,814

    fabrics biodegradable, and some contain recycled content. The

     fabrics are produced with no ozone-depleting chemicals or

     carcinogens, and are some of the most environmentally

    friendly fabrics made today.



     automatic Sloan Infrared-activated water faucet and single-flush valves were No $51,704

    faucet/flush valves installed in the bathrooms of Donald Bren Hall to minimize

    water waste. Each flush uses only 1.6 gallons of water.

     waterless urinals Waterless, LLC Based on campus usage statistics, waterless urinals will Yes

     save about 40,000 gallons of water per year, per urinal.

     Ten urinals are installed in Donald Bren Hall.

     cooling towers Baltimore Air Coil Drift eliminators attached to the cooling towers prevent Yes

    Company evaporation and allow water conservation.

     reclaimed water Goleta Sanitary Donald Bren Hall uses reclaimed water for landscape No $65,784

    District irrigation and in the first floor toilets.




     system filters Donald Bren School Filters used during construction were changed out prior to No $5,852

    tenant occupancy of Donald Bren Hall. Another set is

    stored in the building for a future change-out.

     air monitoring Johnson Controls, Throughout Donald Bren Hall there are permanent air No $95,627

    systems Inc. monitors for CO, CO. VOCs , and particulates. 2

     paint ICI Dulux The paint used in Donald Bren Hall has zero to low VOCs. Yes

    It meets EPA standards and surpasses the 2005 air-quality

    lead-free standards.

     indoor mats Milliken Floor mats are placed in the entrances to the laboratory Yes

    wing in order to extract 60-70% of the particles from foot

    traffic, thus reducing the amount of foreign particles

    entering the building. This enhances the indoor air quality

    of Donald Bren Hall and gives the users a healthier and

    cleaner environment to work in.



    EX01 Credit 1 LEED-certified Zimmer, Gunsal, A certified LEED designer from ZGF oversaw the Donald Not in

    design Frasca Bren Hall project at all times. construction


    EX02 Innovation innovation credit Flack + Kurtz There are three lab exhaust stacks on the roof of the No $87,392 Credit 2 building, sized in three levelssmall, medium, and large

    to meet the amount of the lab exhaust produced. This

    staging upon demand reduces energy consumption.

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