LED LAMPS - Product Promotion

By Edna Cunningham,2014-12-28 11:09
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LED LAMPS - Product Promotion

    Product Promotion

    --- A first in South Africa: Surface mount LED Technology ---

    Uses approximately 7% of the energy

    of a conventional lightbulb!!!

    Uses approximately 50% of the

    energy of an energy saver!!!!!!

productName:SMD21-LEDMR16LEDBULB productName:SMD21-LEDMR16LEDBULB

    PartNumber:IL-MR16-GL21-W-12 PartNumber:IL-MR16-GL21-W-12



    voltage:12V voltage:12V

    current:120mA current:120mA


    LuminousFlux:95LM LuminousFlux:95LM

    ColorTemperature:5700-6300K ColorTemperature:5700-6300K


    Life:50000h Life:50000h

    IP:IP50 IP:IP50

Also available in B22 (Bayonet Fitting)

Product Features

An astonishing efficiency of 85 Lumens per Watt

    Outperforms any other light bulb in terms of it's 50 000 hour lifetime.

    Can easily last for 22 years with an average usage of 6 hours

    per day.

    Has a more natural light source than conventional bulbs or

    even energy saving lamps.

    Unlike energy saving lamps, this product contains no

    hazardous chemicals like mercury. With a beam angle of 120 degrees it has a lot more uniform lighting than conventional LED lamps at approx.

    25 degrees.

Here is a comparison chart based on the facts at hand.

    Characteristics of Common Light Sources?

    Light Source Efficiency Average Lamp Life Color

    (Lumens/Watt) (Hours) Rendering Index Standard Incandescent 750-1000 100 5-20

    Tungsten-Halogen 15-25 2000-4000 100 Compact Fluorescent 20-55 10,000 80 Tubular Fluorescent 60-100 15,000-24,000 50-90 Mercury Vapor 25-50 Up to 24,000 15-30 Metal Halide 45-100 10,000-20,000 60-90 Pressure Sodium 45-110 Up to 24,000 9-70 GU10-21-SMD 85 - 91 50,000 - 100,000 5700-6300K

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    Savant Technologies

    Cel: 083-66-111-69

    Fax: 086-548-2684

    Website: e-mail: The leader in alternative energy solutions

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