the big green market

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the big green market

A Street Market with a conscience comes to Reading


A street market with a conscience will visit Reading in October. The Big

    Green Market will be part of an International Food & Crafts Fair which will thvisit the newly renovated Butter Market in the town centre from Thursday 25 thOctober until Saturday 27 October.

The event is being organised by Paul Kennedy, an experienced street

    market operator and Jane Redfern. The Autumn Food & Crafts Fair will

    feature a wide range of food and crafts from around the world as well as The

    Big Green market, which is a new themed market through which Paul and

    Jane aim to bring green/eco products, locally produced and ethically traded goods into our town centres.

    Paul Kennedy, says: “One of the most interesting aspects of the Autumn Food and Craft Fair is the diverse backgrounds of the stallholders themselves. Some are full time market traders, some have shops, and others have jobs that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with trading on a market. World Foods featured include Polish bread, Teas from around the world, French cheese, Swedish cider as well as a seafood grill and German bratwurst sausages”

Jane Redfern, from the The Big Green Market says:

    “The Big Green Market, is visiting Reading for the first time in October. We have some fantastic stalls from organic t-shirts from Freedom clothing to beautiful organic home furnishings. “

“There is a fantastic range of fairtrade and ethical stalls including Green

    Threads who sell ethical clothing and sustainable shoes mad by trendy ethical company Terra-plana and Cascada who import fairtrade South

    American Clothing and crafts from Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru. In addition there will also be an innovative range of products made from recycled inner tubes such as shoes and sandals from Jambo-Jambo.”

“We are also appealing for people to bring along their unwanted shoes to

    recycle there will be a shoe recycling point at the Market throughout the event. By recycling shoes people will not only reduce the amount of waste going to local landfill sites but also support charities and people in developing countries.”

    thThe market will be open from Thursday 25 9pm to 8pm, Friday 26th &

    Saturday 27th from 9am to 6pm and is free a great opportunity to start

    buying one off Christmas gifts early! This will be the first event in the newly renovated Butter Market.

A special Christmas Big Green Market will visit Reading again in December

    (Thurs 13 to Sunday 15) hoping to provide people with a range ethically and environmentally responsible gift ideas we are looking for local ethical,

    organic or handmade businesses who want to promote their businesses by taking out a stall or sponsoring us. Please contact The Big Green Market on 01845 526720 or visit, alternatively please email for more info.

    The Big Green Market is visiting towns throughout England over the next few months, to find out more please contact The Big Green Market on 01845 5256720, visit or email: There is a range of sponsorship opportunities available for events in 2008.



    For more press info please contact Jane Redfern 01845 526720 / 07724 131179

Images attached more available on request

Jane Redfern and Paul Kennedy from the Big Green Market

General market shot

    Product shots available

Editor’s notes

    The Big Green market will visit the following venues throughout 2007

Thursday 4/5/6/7 October 2007

    Croydon North End

Thursday 25/26/27 October 2007

    Reading Butter Market

2/3/4 November 2007

    York Parliament Street and St Sampson Square

Friday 16/17 November 2007

    Nantwich Market Square plus food market

Thursday 6/7/8/9 December

    Croydon North End 4 days

Thursday 13/14/15 December 2007

    Reading Market Place 3 days

Thursday 20/21/22/23 December 2007

    Oxford Gloucester Green 4 days

More information on Big Green Market Stall holders

Jambo-jambo /

    Sell a range of fantastic products from Africa, which are predominantly made by the women and men who live in the Kibera Slum. The workshops where the artisans work provide people with a sustainable income but, more importantly, the pride to earn a living to support themselves and their family.

Owner Philippa Charlesworth says: “Imagine living in one square mile and

    sharing that small space with one million other people - that's like the entire population of Liverpool times two living within the old walled City of London. And, on top of that, having virtually no water, electricity, sanitation or any kind of policing. These are the conditions faced by the people of the Kibera Slum - a forgotten wasteland outside Nairobi in Kenya.”

“What's more, our products are all hand-made from natural or recycled

    products. As well as being eco-friendly, this means they are all individual and unique.”

Freedom clothing /

    Sell T-shirts made in Palestine using organic Turkish Cotton as well as cotton bags made in Egypt by Sudanese refugees

    Freedom Clothing Project is a co-operative set up to source excellent quality ethically produced products for customers. They can source products made using FLO certified fairtrade cotton, certified organic cotton, European (industrial) hemp, linen, and bamboo fabric amongst other materials.

    They work with small producers giving work to people where they really need it, and larger producers where conditions are good. They are a completely open source brand.

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