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    Catalog #155 - Winter-spring 2010 AN ILLUSTRATED CATALOG OF HISTORIC AND UNUSUAL



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    The Pacific island nation of Niue issued this five coin set in October 2009. The 32mm brass-colored 1 Dollar pictures a sword fish. The 28mm nickel-plated bronze 50 Cents features a native outrigger canoe. A pair of scuba divers exploring Niue's famed coral atolls is on the 25mm nickel-plated bronze 20 Cents. It is one of the few coins ever to feature scuba divers. The 22mm copper 10 cents features a crab. A pair of humpback whales is on the 19mm copper 5 Cents. Queen Elizabeth is on the obverse of each coin. The Brilliant Uncirculated coins have a mintage of only 20,000 each and were struck by the New Zealand mint.

    Item NU-SET5 NIUE 2009 FIVE COIN SET 5 CENTS - 1 DOLLAR, BU ................. $19.95


    In 2009 the British Antarctic Territory issued this 39mm

    copper-nickel 2 Pound coin honoring the 50th anniversary of

    the Antarctic Treaty. The coin features a map of the continent

    along with some of its native wildlife, including an Albatross,

    Blue Whale, Emperor Penguin and an Elephant Seal. The

    British Antarctic Territory lies south of latitude 60?S and

    between longitudes 20? and 80?W and includes the Antarctic

    Peninsula, all adjacent islands, the South Orkney and South

    Shetland Islands and the Weddell Sea, as well as the landmass

    extending to the South Pole. It is administered by the

    Governor of the Falkland Islands. We also have available the

    2008 2 Pound coin which features the arms of the territory. The obverse of the coins picture Queen Elizabeth.


    Item BAT-08 BRITISH ANTARCTIC TERR. 2 POUNDS 2008, ARMS BU ............ $14.00