My friend and I

By Francisco Green,2014-07-02 11:07
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My friend and I

My friend and I

    Xiao Ming is my best friend. We go to school together, play football together, do our homework together, and we want to go to the same university(大学) in the future(未来). People say we are

    like brothers, but we ourselves know that we are very different in many ways. For example, he seems happy with everything while I always see the dark side of things. Last Sunday morning when we were going out to play football, it started to rain. I got very upset because Sunday morning was the only time we could play our favourite sport, and the bad weather spoiled(破坏)

    our plans. But Xiao Ming didnt seem to care much; he suggested that instead we watch Star

    Wars(星球大战) at home. While we were watching the movie, he tried to cheer me up, and soon I forgot about our bad luck that morning. Nevertheless(不过), there is one thing that he cares a lot

    about but I dont. He always wants to get the highest test score in our class. If he fails, he gets so angry that he dont talk to anyone, not even to me. But I, on the other hand, dont mind a score of

    70, or even 60. As long as I can pass the test, my parents wouldnt get upset, I guess I’m not as

    smart as Xiao Ming is, so I dont expect to do better than him. When he gets angry, I simply leave him alone for a day or two. I know he will come to talk to me when he feels better. After all, we are best friends.

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