Unusual road signs

By Catherine Stewart,2014-11-29 17:21
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Unusual road signs


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    If you’ve taken your driving test, you’ve probably studied pages of road signs in the Highway Code, but new signs are added all the time and if you ever hire a car when on holiday you’ll

    know just how different some International signs can be. In the first of its driving tips series highlights some of the stranger road signs you could come across on your travels:

    Seismic Retrofit, California, USA. Not one you’re likely to see outside of the

    USA, this sign indicates repair of buildings or structures such as bridges,

    following damage by earthquakes or explosions.

     Environmental study area, USA. This sign indicates an area that is

    undergoing environmental research for various reasons. The aim is to inform

    visitors not to damage the area.

     Obligatory snow chain, Europe. This sign is found around the World in

    various forms, in areas of severe frost or heavy snow. It informs drivers that

    they must fit snow chains for their own safety.

     Traffic Calming Zone, Europe. This sign is common throughout Europe

    and indicates that traffic calming measures have been put in place, which

    could mean a lower speed limit than usual, or physical measures such as

    speed humps.

     No Push-Carts, France. An unusual sign found in France, this informs all

    those people with push-carts that they are not allowed to use them in specific


     No vehicles with explosives, Europe. Found in various parts of Europe,

    including the UK, this sign indicates that vehicles carrying explosives are

    prohibited in specific areas - causing all drivers to panic about being in an

    area where cars are allowed to carry explosives!

     Mechanic ahead, Brazil. Not a particularly self-explanatory sign, indicating a

    car mechanic is ahead and usually accompanied by a sign showing the

    distance in miles or kilometres.

     No hitching, USA. Only found in the US, this sign shows areas where hitch-

    hiking is prohibited.

    Disclaimer - These tips are not exhaustive and are for information only. can not be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of acting on any information contained herein.

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