Create a model analysis of the effects of general high schools_1981

By Curtis Black,2014-10-30 14:25
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Create a model analysis of the effects of general high schools_1981

Create a model analysis of the effects of general high schools

     Key words:示范性高中; effect; Analysis

     So far 43 provincial province model high school, and hundreds of municipal-level model of high school. Create示范

    性高中What is the significance? Create示范性高中how to

    assess the gains and losses; as a participant in the creation of provincial示范性高中, I have a few remarks on these


     First, create a demonstration effect and significance of high school

     1. To promote the school's own development. What kind of school is a good school? What kind of school behavior and in line with national regulatory requirements? Provincial Department of Education to develop the "assessment acceptance criteria" given a clear answer. "Assessment of acceptance

    criteria," the state's general high schools covering all aspects of policy requirements, reflecting the state of the high school high school requirements for the development of the school pointed out the direction.

     Create activities not only within the various aspects of the school mobilized the enthusiasm, its influence is far beyond the school. Effectively promote the school's sustainable development.

     School infrastructure, school material foundation for sustainable development, creating activities to improve school infrastructure, provide a golden opportunity. The school to seize this opportunity and take a variety of ways, sharing of resources in infrastructure construction to achieve a leap-

    forward development.

     Provincial示范性高中creation process, for students,

    teachers build a new development "platform." This platform to build an initial change in the "knowledge-based" school

    curriculum and classroom teaching, so that curriculum and classroom teaching highlighted the "quality of the development of students-oriented" features. On the one hand, teachers in learning, reflection, cooperation, communication, research, practice, professional ethics has been to enhance professional standards has been improved. On the other hand, the provincial

    示范性高中overall quality and academic performance of

    students always keep a steady increase.

     2. To mobilize the government's educational initiative. In any one school to achieve the educational standards of the provincial示范性高中, must receive government support. Some local governments to create a provincial示范性高中to the

    community as the people of what they have done, do solid work of the major issue, from the increased capital investment, expansion of the campus area, to strengthen school leadership-

    building, increasing teacher preparation, to improve the treatment of many teachers, to be inclined to formulate preferential policies to address the worries of teachers to make education a strategic priority development status of the

    real implementation.

     3. Has played an effective role in helping.

     Co-operation with ordinary schools, exchange,示范性高中

    advanced educational concepts in their own influence and lead

    ordinary school leaders and teachers of the ideological transformation of ordinary schools and teachers to recognize

    the leadership of the advanced educational philosophy of the school development guide, recognizing the educational goals and development plans to guide development in the role of schools to promote the concept of ordinary schools, school


     示范性高中is a regional high school quality education resource center and base, on the whole, whether it is the quality of management personnel, or the overall quality of teachers and teaching have higher levels. Therefore, as a provincial示范性高中, in the "counterpart helping" support in

    ordinary schools, not only be able to output excellent management personnel, more in accordance with the actual needs in ordinary schools, in whatever conditions, sending the best school teachers, through teaching, lectures, classes on the

    open, cooperative teaching and research in a variety of ways such as cooperation and exchange, "helping" to close this gap as quickly as possible to help these schools improve their educational level;

     The provincial model schools will be part of the idle

    books and materials, sports and arts equipment, laboratory equipment, information technology equipment donated to the ordinary schools, or to the provincial model schools built in this region of the Resource Center, free of charge for

    teachers and students in ordinary schools open, give full play to Resource Center, and improve the utilization of the facility.

     Most of the traffic at the provincial model schools developed cities and towns, participating in teaching and research activities, exchanging information, etc. account for a large advantage, education, teaching and scientific research is also relatively abundant: By helping, demonstration schools, these results will be provided free of charge to the general school to promote the results, and information

resources sharing.

     4. High-quality resources down, to a certain extent, promote the balanced development of basic education in the province. In the past, the province is only 24 provincial key high schools, most are concentrated in Lanzhou City and other municipal (prefecture) located, only a small number of high quality resources, distributed unevenly. Since the foundation activities carried out since the number of high-quality

    resources, not only increased, but also more widely

    distributed. The province's 43 provincial示范性高中, there

    are 19 county and district under the jurisdiction of the school, accounting for 44.2% of the provincial示范性高中.

    With high-quality educational resources down, not only reduced the county, district outflow of high-quality new students, but

    also attract students of Lanzhou and other cities located in counties to the provincial model schools movement, basic education is not a balanced development of the situation is With the creation of provincial示范性高中gradually changed.

    This phenomenon shows that education can be achieved only in the development of a true balanced development, there is no development of education, there is no education in the true sense of balance.

     5. In a certain extent, meet the parents, the pursuit of

    quality education resources. The pursuit of quality educational resources to the demonstration school for each student's aspirations, is the current employment difficulties students bring an objective demand. Fewer high-quality

    resources, selecting school of competition more intense. Provincial示范性高中creation, not only did not increase the occurrence of the phenomenon of school choice, but to ease the intensity of School Choice, to a certain extent, meet the parents needs to pursue high-quality educational resources to

    enhance the prestige of the government to alleviate the social contradictions . Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Second, the creation of provincial示范性高中the

    difficulties existing in the process, problems and


     Everything has two sides, and the provincial示范性高中

    creation is no exception. In the process of the creation of provincial示范性高中, because in some areas and schools on the creation of model schools, cognitive bias, so that the

    work of creating some difficulties, problems and deficiencies, and fully reflected in the following areas.

     1. "Emphasis on hardware over software." Attention to the improvement of school conditions, neglect of education function of educating people, ignoring human development, resulting in uncoordinated development of the schools. Objectively speaking, campus construction, laboratories, multimedia classrooms, laboratory equipment, school facilities and other visual indicators of teaching conditions and,

    obviously, as long as greater investment, it is not difficult to compliance. The educational philosophy of the formulation and development planning, implementation, control, improvement, school organization and management of the implementation of rules and regulations, school behavior standards, curriculum building, school culture-building, the

    contingent of teachers, school-based education and scientific

    research, education and teaching standards to improve school supervision and evaluation mechanism for self-development and

    the establishment of such indicators is difficult to bear fruit in a short time. Thus, at the provincial level示范性高

    creation process, prone to "heavy hard light, soft," the tendency to seek quick results, resulting in the development

    of school infrastructure and teacher-student uncoordinated


     2. "Emphasis on the information light process." Individual school self-evaluation work is not realistic, the

lack of good faith. Some schools teaching conditions and

    obviously immature, but in order to fulfill the government issued a "standard" task, or to put on the provincial model schools "hat" and not the actual level of development in accordance with the school objective, and accurate self-

    assessment, but resorted to fraud , take a chance participate in the evaluation of psychological acceptance, total disregard of this approach to teachers, students, parents, the negative impact, regardless of the social impact and reputation of the school. Create示范性高so, not only deviated from the

    activities initiated to create "development principles", "the principle of the process," "comprehensive principle" and "exemplary principle", not conducive to raising the level of the school sponsoring the contrary, teachers and students

    create a great negative impact on the reputation of the school caused serious damage.

     3. A model of individual schools, "misplaced", leading to the vicious competition between schools. Provincial示范性高中

    should have been fully implemented at the local quality of

    education, the implementation of basic education, building school culture, school behavior and improve the teaching quality and efficiency and unique and so make a demonstration, in order to raise the level of education within the region,

    balanced development of education to contribute. However, very few schools in order to improve the transition rates, and the race winning rate, income-generating rate, with the same grade school, and weak school cut-throat competition, the students

    dug, dug teachers, competing facilities, competition information. This vicious competition, hindering the improvement of educational levels within the region, so that a balanced development of education is being challenged.

     4.示范性高中provincial uneven development between the

    problem still exists. Due to geographical, financial, conditions, teachers, new students a variety of factors, each示范性高中uneven development, though each character and each of shortage. Some Schooling is too vague and lack of guidance

    in schools; some schools, school size and class sizes too large; some poor schools in the implementation of management

    responsibility; some schools, college entrance examination quality, the quality of examinations to be enhanced; some school teachers in the preparation of too tight, teachers, overload and so on. The existence of these problems, so that at the provincial level there is a certain gap between the


     Third, strengthen guidance and strict requirements for the construction of in-depth development示范性高中

     The above problems and deficiencies Although this is only the phenomenon of individual schools, but enough to cause educational administrative departments of construction and management of示范性高中reflection, serious improvements. To

    this end, we propose the following recommendations.

     1. To further amend, "the provincial示范性高中evaluation

    acceptance criteria", will supervise, evaluate and acceptance truly shift the focus to improve school management level, improve teaching quality and efficiency, as well as hold a characteristic aspect. With the new high school curriculum reform step by step, the current implementation of the "high school in Gansu Province assessment model acceptance criteria (for trial implementation)" (hereinafter referred to as the

    "standard") urgent need to amend. One needs to be repeated, do not meet some of the new curriculum ideas to re-integrate them

    more effectively evaluate, motivate, guide. "Standard" should be more prominent in school management, teacher development,

    student development, and concern about the overall quality of students in senior secondary academic development and improvement of the situation, concerned about the different regions and the differences between the different types of schools.

     2. We must strengthen the supervision of the provincial示范性高中re-evaluation. The supervisory re-evaluation, it is

    necessary to "promote school reflection, development and progress" for the purpose of adherence to the "principle of development", "the principle of the process," "comprehensive principle" and "exemplary principle." Be the basis of compliance with equal emphasis on school characteristics, in compliance, based on the outstanding school characteristics; results and the process of equal importance, at the same time

    concerned about the results, highlighting the development and improvement of processes; hardware construction and software construction of equal importance, in the basic infrastructure to meet the teaching under the premise of the need to

    highlight the software built in to enhance the role of the school grade. Quantitative score and qualitative evaluation to a combination of methods, the strength of the school's comprehensive school to make realistic judgments. Re-

    evaluation of the steering failed at the provincial level示范

    性高中to a deadline for rectification, the rectification is still unqualified rid of the label at the provincial level


     3. To strengthen the pre-assessment survey; guidance for

    schools to conduct rectification direction. School development and change process is an integral part of the content of assessment. Research and formal evaluation and acceptance should be an appropriate interval, the rectification of the school set aside enough time to avoid or reduce the individual

    schools to do superficial, falsification of the phenomenon. City, State supervisory departments should strengthen the overall supervision of the school declared the best in the school 1-2 years before the official declaration of the

    conduct of supervision and evaluation, to the school set aside time for improvement. Try to avoid inspection carried out to assess the phenomenon of supervision, so that the development of school supervisors truly achieve the "Governor" and "lead"

    role. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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