olympic games

By Antonio Sims,2014-07-01 12:45
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olympic games

    The Grand Events; The Great Olympics

     Conveying the beautiful and harmonious Olympics , China, the land of wonder renders the world a spectacular event and inspires people of the world to exert every effort for more brilliant future with her amazing action.

     The legendary countryChina has the honor of hosting the

    great olympics, for her marvelous history and booming present. The opening ceremony and the gold medals reaped by Chinese athletes indeed cast a sense that China, a developing country is qualified to host the great olympic games. All Chinese athletes, ranging from veteran masters, like Du Li, Wang Hao to novices, like Pang Wei, Guo Wenjun make comtributions to our motherland and get gold medals. While acknowledging some fields are alien to our Chinese athletes, like fence-play and equestrianism, they still exhibit their elegance. They win honors from our motherland. They leave impressions and get applause all round from the masses in China.

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